Medrek Conducts Successful Campaign in North America

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These days, in Ethiopian communities around the world, the upcoming Ethiopian elections are hot news; and Medrek has all the headlines. (more…)

These days, in Ethiopian communities around the world, the upcoming Ethiopian elections are hot news; and Medrek has all the headlines. If what Medrek has achieved so far is any indication, it threatens to be a permanent fixture there for some time to come.

Medrek, the biggest coalition of opposition parties in Ethiopia, has been steadily gaining momentum and has now recharged the Ethiopian public both inside and outside of the country as the Ethiopian elections draw near.

Just this week, Medrek party leaders, Ato Gebru Asrat, Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw, Dr. Negasso Gidada, and Ato Seeye Abraha concluded a successful two-week campaign in North America. The Medrek delegation spent its two-weeks crisscrossing the United States and conducting lively discussions with the Ethiopian Diaspora. It also held consultations with United States government officials and members of congress on wide ranging issues that have both domestic and regional implications.

The tour, which started in Seattle on the 11th of April, was marked by a spirit of national unity and renewed hope for democratic change in Ethiopia. This optimism and a new vision of a unified and democratic Ethiopia continued as the delegation made its stops in San Jose on April 12, Las Vegas on April 14, Atlanta on April 17, Washington DC on April 18, Los Angeles on April 24, and finally in Boston on April 25. The discussions, deliberations, and debates hit a crescendo at the meeting in Washington DC, home to the largest concentration of Ethiopians outside of Ethiopia. There, a diverse gathering of Ethiopians gave an enthusiastic support to Medrek and acknowledged what has been achieved so far in such a short time in transforming the political landscape of the nation.

During the tour, the delegation held discussions with Ethiopians on the upcoming national elections, the dire socio-economic situation, and the narrowing political space in the country. The success of the town hall meetings was amply reflected in the diverse group of Ethiopians the discussions attracted and how, for the first time in Ethiopian political dialogue, the leadership dealt with the substantive issues surrounding ethnic and religious tensions, viability of peaceful political change, party leadership accountability, and the strength of the Medrek coalition to stay united in the face of tremendous pressure from the ruling regime. The question and answer sessions were lively but always civil and educational. The meetings were exemplary lessons in the practice of democracy rarely seen in Ethiopian politics.

Diplomatic Progress

The Medrek delegation spent a significant amount of its time consulting with US administration officials, Senate staffers, and US House members in the capital. On April 19th, the delegation briefed Mr. David Ramseur, the Chief of Staff and Mr. Matt Payne-Funk, the Administrative Director to Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) on regional security, democratization, and economic assistance to Ethiopia.

Mr. Seeye Abraha led the discussion by giving an overview of the overall political atmosphere in Ethiopia and the narrowing political space in the country. During the meeting, Senate staffers acknowledged the predicament of the opposition in Ethiopia and solicited guidance on how to better align US actions with the reality on the ground. The Medrek leaders urged the Senate to take a strong and unequivocal stance on human rights, the rule of law, freedom of the press, and denounce, in the strongest of terms, Zenawi’s dictatorial rule. The Medrek delegation also called on the United States to closely observe the upcoming elections.

Later that day, the delegation met with Mr. Donald Yamamoto who is currently serving as the Principal Assistant Secretary for African Affairs at the US State Department. Also present was Mr. Joel R Weigert who is the Ethiopian Desk Officer at the Office of East African Affairs in the State Department. The delegation highlighted the continuing imprisonment of Birtukan Mideksa and other political prisoners as its primary concern. Discussion also included the severe restrictions on the few remaining independent media, the jamming of the VOA broadcasts to Ethiopia, the lack of strong repudiations of human rights violations by the Ethiopian government, and the continuing and troubling vacancy of a permanent American Ambassador to Ethiopia. The lack of accountability of the estimated One Billion dollar in monetary aid to Ethiopia was also raised. The delegation pointed out that most of the money was misappropriated and used to prolong the regime’s repressive rule. Mr. Yamamoto acknowledged past missteps but assured the delegation that the United States will take corrective steps including closely scrutinizing future aid to Ethiopia to ensure accountability and transparency. Mr. Yamamoto promised swift action on most of the matters raised by the delegation.

The diplomatic offensive continued the next day with a meeting with Congressman Donald Payne (D – NJ) at 9 AM, Ms Sarah Margon, the Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator Russ Feingold (D – WI) at 11:30 AM, and finally with congressman Mike Honda (D – CA) at 2:00 PM.

In addition to raising political, security, and human rights concerns, the Medrek officials detailed the major obstacles to establishing regional stability and security in East Africa. Quoting President Obama, Medrek leaders underscored that securing lasting peace in the region can only be achieved by building stable and democratic institutions and governments that are subservient to the will of the people.

The Medrek delegation further stressed that U.S. and International security interests will incur irreparable damage if the US falls victim to short-term gains promised by the divide and conquer policies the Zenawi regime.

Congressmen Payne and Honda renewed their support for democratic reforms in Ethiopia. Responding to the reports of the misuse of US aid money by the Ethiopian government, both congressmen pledged to investigate and finally put an end to this practice. Ms Margon reiterated Senator Feingold’s concerns about the intimidation of the opposition in Ethiopia, as expressed in his recent letter to the Obama Administration where he identified the Zenawi regime as “intent on preventing a repeat of the relatively open 2005 elections … [and that] there is no way that elections can be fair, let alone credible, with opposition leaders in jail or unable to campaign freely.” Ms Margon also promised to quiz, on these very issues, the Ethiopian Health Minister, Mr. Tewodros Adhanom, during his upcoming scheduled meeting with the Senator.

Having successfully concluded both its consultations with constituents and its diplomatic campaign, the Medrek delegation now heads back to Ethiopia to continue its celebrated fight to bring all Ethiopians under one democratic umbrella and defeat Zenawi’s regime at the ballot.
  1. Anti-woyane
    | #1

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccee!!! Goooooooooooood Job MEDREK!!!!

    God is hearing our prayer!!

    Death to woyanne and their messengers-Pro.Mesfin and his followers!

    Victory for Ethiopia People!!!

  2. atuba dolla
    | #2

    The goal we set in persue of our shared dream will inevitably come ture.It is also amazing Ethiopians in diaspora are pulling their power towards freeing their people and country from fascist and nazi regime that currently holding hostages since invasion.

    However,Ethiopians both inside and outside the country has strengthened the unity needed to oust the current Zinawian regime from the surface of Ethiopia so that all Ethiopians will share what Ethiopia has and build the country for current and future generation.

  3. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #3

    What? Are we supposed to think this is cool? What is the story of the white man in this? Business? MEDREK is a political organization and should not allow white people to medle around with Internal Ethiopian Politics. This is unpatriotic and disgusting. Are they planning to give Ethiopia to Ferenj Lebaw? Anyway MEDREK is just a drama. There is no support for them in Ethiopia.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    We are the better alternative on the war on terror, by bringinging Ethiopians under one democratic umbrella with ethnic agenda and seccessionist agenda in place, which is respect of ethnic boundries, respect of ethnic right and human rights, superceeding individual rights and upholding the ethnic federalism and seccessionism and bringing the Ethiopians under democracy. Is ethnocracy or democracy at work? Is this deceptive politics or what, since this party has been out of the picture with respect to putting pressure on the administration and the congress, soon after the K-5 tour and the formation of UDJP? It is only a coalition of parties with ethnic agenda, much in the same structure as TPLF/eprdf. That must be clear to the elites in the Diaspora, that these factions do not serve the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The only solution to Ethiopia is individual liberty/liberal ideology, where the the people are empowered to form their own democratic institutions, not to be put under a fake umbrella of democracy, with no chance of replacing the current regime, with out them abandoning the partitioning of the country into ethnic boundries, uphoding ethnic right above individual rights, and the lingering problem of seccionist rights to break up the country of its organic entity and imposing democracy, when democracy is a rule by the people for the people and of the people from the perspective of ethnic-based agenda.

  5. Tesfaye Biru
    | #5

    Go Medrek,the time has come.Unity is always power.Regardless of what Mr. Melese does in his attempts to silence the mass, sooner or later he will pay lrge price in his life time for the crimes he commited to the people of Ethiopia.GOD BLESS EVERY ONE OF YOU AND THE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    Corrigendum: the last phrase should read from the perspective of those parties with national agenda.

  7. Binyam
    | #7

    Good luck to you Medrek although I don’t see any difference between Zenawi and Seye. I really don’t understand why UDJ changed it fundamental program to satisfy former TPLF officials. By doing so, Medrek has compromised the very foundation of its program, the unity of Ethiopia.

  8. Ferenj lebaw
    | #8

    I can’t believe the Abugida website denies my freedom to comment on MEDREK and White people. I personally know you Mr. Abugida. I am disappoited.

  9. Elohie
    | #9

    Oh a sweet news continue your struggle for our unity and liberty;discuss it on the different part of our country.God always hears our sound of ‘Elohie’.I think the time will not be long for the death of Meles and its ‘Buchilas’ LONG LIVE 4 BIRTUKAN……

  10. Tazabi
    | #10

    silu semta doro tanka moteche Alu !!! ahun whitehouse wust gebeto foto
    menesatu sira eyeseran new lemalet new weys Diasporawun lematalele
    Gud eko new . Megemerya ye Ethiopia’n Hizb digaf magenegt yasefelagal
    Medrek endehone UDJ’n hejacked siladerge Hizbu digafun mesetet Akumawal le Mederk ke zhim belay demo Seye yetebale Seyetan Dirgutn eyaferarese new tadeya min yadergal yehenin waga bis dirgit medegef ??????
    bicha betam yasazinal yemiseraw sira

  11. Tulu
    | #11

    Irrespective of the challenges from Woyane MEDREK should go forward since Ethiopians are with MEDREK. The Crooked Meles tries everything he can to silence Ethiopians and MEDREK but he can’t. it is the real time to be stepped down the anti Ethiopian Eritrean guy. Zenawi should know that all innocent killing by his arrogant cadres will have an impact that zenawi will pay in later.

  12. mateos
    | #12

    Any party is better than the aiga jungle products: Mathza/Abebe/Leggesse?Meles and his boss Bereket. I hope and pray they will never bleed Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people ever again. Let the true enemy of Ethiopia, other than Mathza/Meles/Abebe/Legesse and his boss Bereket, the hunger, the humiliation, the ignorance, the backwardness be eradicated from the face of Ethiopia ones the so called EPRDF herds are out of Ethiopia!!

  13. melese
    | #13

    Good job.God bless Ethiopia.Woyane must go.Go Medrk the time has come.Yes Unity is power. Prof.Messfin please enough is enough you’re 80 years you want to be like Haileselasse.KareguAybeju,stop stop please your followers are anti unity…

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Those who are sorry ass KILLERS…THIEVES…

  15. Rorisa Geldo ,Jr
    | #15


  16. atuba dolla
    | #16

    During the past 20 years Zinawians received 25 billion dollar as ongoing full fund and aid from the west and elsewhere in the name of 80 million Ethiopians and out of wich only less than a quarter of the total amount was discrimantorly used for public works;the rest went to the regime’s bankaccount.

    The survival of Ethiopia is absolutely critical because as a tool of freedom,as a tool of emanicipation for our people,we must make individual and collective extra efforts to achieve our goals.It is good voters took a step in the right direction because Ethiopians have presented MEDREK as a choice to achieve our golas and objectives.Nice!

    Ethiopians and voters are contuning to build synergy with the aim of crushing Zinawians and the suppressive and oppressive regime;yes,indeed;simple is better and effective.MEDREK is simple and good because it is composed of ingriedents that are good and healthy for the current and future generation.Ethiopians,Enjoy now and the future.

    Zinawian robbers did not come into Ethiopia as entrepreuners and neither would like to leave Ethiopia.Ethiopians,do we know this,Zinawian robbers are catching up Italian Mafia because killing and looting what they have been doing since theire inception in the wild and since they came into Ethiopia with millions of dollar in seed money took away from the mouth of the dying children and the elederlies and bought weapons and armaments and guns and bullets from blackmarketers and invaded Ethiopia in collaboration with historically known the enemies of Ethiopia.Today,these robbers are wealthy and very,very rich.These robbers have themselves tax-exempted and have amassed and acquired enormous wealth and properties both inside and outside Ethiopia.

    To us,Ethiopians,this is wicked and weired crime and criminals that we must stop and catch the robbers dead or alive.Yes,we do.We will.

  17. Embi Bel
    | #17

    Meles and his dummies at every post of his mafia enterprise TPLF are bantustan, ethinocratic and facist. No one likes them. God will punish him for the distruction he caused to the country which is even greater than Gragn.

  18. aha!
    | #18

    They came to the USA to complete the last round of K-5 and UDJP tour by Medrek to collect funds, similar to the last one they collected in the name of Kinijit and for a photo op infront of the white house as if there is a sign up occasion of SR-2457 and has nothing to to do with putting pressure on the Senate to pass SR-3457, which long overdue.

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Correction: SR-3457, instead SR-2457.

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