Chris Flaherty suspends Hunger Strike for Health Reasons –

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Washington DC, May 10, 2010: Chris Flaherty, analyst-campaigner for the “Article-19” group and the producer of the acclaimed movie Migration of Beauty, has marked his efforts for the release of world prisoner of conscience Ethiopian “Birtukan Mideksa” by ending a week-long hunger strike. Chris Flaherty, an American human rights activist, started his hunger strike on Monday May 3rd, 2010 demanding that the Obama administration acknowledge Ms Birtukan Mideksa as a prisoner of conscience.

After a week-long hunger strike, family members and organizers of the hunger strike advised Mr. Flaherty to temporarily suspend his campaign and allow others to monitor his condition. It is expected that Mr. Chris Flaherty will resume his hunger strike in the near future barring unforeseen health complications.

Mr. Flaherty thanks everyone for the outpouring of support and encouragement received during his hunger strike; he would like to commend those brave Ethiopians who joined him in the strike, including Mr. Kebadu Belachew.

It is to be noted that Ms. Birtukan was thrown back to prison with her original life sentence unjustly reinstated on December 29, 2008. Her crimes were nothing more than exercising her freedom of speech and speaking publicly about the negotiations preceding her first release from prison; reinvigorating her opposition party, the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party, and refusing to bend to tyranny in the tradition of Rosa Parks. Amnesty International and the US State Department consider her a political prisoner – while her arbitrary detention is recognized by the UN Human Rights Council.

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