Chris Flaherty suspends Hunger Strike for Health Reasons –

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Washington DC, May 10, 2010: Chris Flaherty, analyst-campaigner for the “Article-19” group and the producer of the acclaimed movie Migration of Beauty, has marked his efforts for the release of world prisoner of conscience Ethiopian “Birtukan Mideksa” by ending a week-long hunger strike. Chris Flaherty, an American human rights activist, started his hunger strike on Monday May 3rd, 2010 demanding that the Obama administration acknowledge Ms Birtukan Mideksa as a prisoner of conscience.

After a week-long hunger strike, family members and organizers of the hunger strike advised Mr. Flaherty to temporarily suspend his campaign and allow others to monitor his condition. It is expected that Mr. Chris Flaherty will resume his hunger strike in the near future barring unforeseen health complications.

Mr. Flaherty thanks everyone for the outpouring of support and encouragement received during his hunger strike; he would like to commend those brave Ethiopians who joined him in the strike, including Mr. Kebadu Belachew.

It is to be noted that Ms. Birtukan was thrown back to prison with her original life sentence unjustly reinstated on December 29, 2008. Her crimes were nothing more than exercising her freedom of speech and speaking publicly about the negotiations preceding her first release from prison; reinvigorating her opposition party, the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party, and refusing to bend to tyranny in the tradition of Rosa Parks. Amnesty International and the US State Department consider her a political prisoner – while her arbitrary detention is recognized by the UN Human Rights Council.

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  1. Tulu Oda
    | #1

    Thank you very much Mr. Chris Flaherty.

  2. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #2

    Mr. Chris Flaherty was one dedicated man. Right? Unfortunately, his voice meant nothing at the end. It was just an echo. It is not that Congress men and women did not recognize his existence there. They knew. So why would they not do something? We wait and see how an administration led by an African American President will handle the democratic issues of one of the most influencial, if not the most important country of the whole Africa. Blind eye? Make us feel like we are not that important? Pleeeeeeeeeease. The US knows every move the oppositions, the Government of Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian people are doing. What they have for Ethiopia is what you call plan as you go & what we need to tell them is that we are not garbages to be picked up as they move. We need to “Get up, Stand up, for our Rights”. They have to stand with our people and be firm with the support. They need not worry who the leader is as long as the voices come out of the ballad clean and fair. We have to tell them they can work better with our people than they can with a dictator. Blind eye to AEUP or Birtukan is not the way out. The US has no idea how the Ethiopian people would accept them if they choose to go with the voice of the people. Tell Mr. Obama that we have heard him say that he would have talked with Ahmedinejad of Iran after the elections if Iran was an ally to the US. Well, Ethiopia is. What is he gonna do? We wait and see.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    One thing I haven’t been able to get an answer is that: Are the few Ethiopians who work in the Obama administration Woyanee supporters? We all know what that evil genius monkey is capable of; after all the Ethiopian Treasury Department is on his hands and able to pay anybody to help his people to get to the White House. Just a thought: may be the few Ethiopians who are working at the White House are putting a spin for Meles.

  4. Zenabu wakgera
    | #4

    May 11,2010

  5. Tesfanesh
    | #5

    If it wasnot for the concern on the safety of the close families and associates I have in Ethiopia I would definately join Mr. Flaherty.Mr. Flaherty would have gotten more visible support including joining the strike and letting his light shine by many individuals even while he was away for health reasons if it wasnot for the illegal harrasment it may cause by weyane secret agents.. The tryth is if we Ethiopians residing around DC area stand next to Mr. Flaherty Weyane will hunt our loved ones within Ethiopia . For that reason I like to say ,Mr. Flaherty May G*D PROTERCT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT INCLUDING JUDGE BIRTUKAN MIDEKSSA!!!

  6. Mezgebe Wedi-Hadush Berhe
    | #6

    I have been dismayed of Mr. Obama! He proved to be the same pig as Bush and Clinton are. His skin does not mean anything to us Africans. He is Bush in the inside although he looks like us from the outside.

    We should free ourselves and not depend on outsiders. Freedom is not wheat and barley.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    እኒ ኦባማን እንደማልደግፍ ነው የምነግራችሁ ክዚ በዋላ::ዐናንትስ?

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