Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – May 14, 2010 Part II

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Siye part 2 from Abugida Info on Vimeo.

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  2. Chikun Wedi Hzbi
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    It is a pleasure for me to thank all the members of MEDREK(Forum)and you for your wonderful enthusiastic speech you delivered everywhere. It is really the only way to set free our people free from this cruel repressive regime. Though it was we (Tegaru) who put this criminal body in to power, it is time for all Ethiopians to cooperate and collaborate once again to set free our country from unprecedented catastrophic destruction. I believe we (the young generation) has directly or indirectly contributed for the Meles regime to continue in power by becoming seasonal in our political participation. By doing so, we were not able to create any significant pressure on the government. This is time once again to coordinate and collaborate our efforts and exert the maximum pressure that we can, and this pressure should be always in place or continuous that it can have an effect.
    I thank you for all the members of MEDREK for being creating such a motivational spirit among most Ethiopians.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  3. kebede
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    EPRDF is not a democratic government

  4. ተግራይ
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    ሰየ .ሰየ..ሰየ……ተጋዳላየ ተጋዳላየ ተጋዳላየ
    ትማለ ንሰላም ..
    ንደርግ ን ህግደፍ ዋይ .ዋየ
    ሎሜ ንሃድነት ..
    ንፍትሂ ን ዴሞክራስ ተወርዋራየ!!

  5. Hailu
    | #5

    A response to the discussion with Ato Siye,
    To be frank I like you and Meles equally. I can not tell you how much I was sick during the divide in TPLF. But I think it was for goodness because it has helped for the democratization of the country. My frustration was PM would be sucked within others. Now I do not want EPRDF to loose leading the country because in the one hand the people in the power would not be relaxed when they loose their power because things as usual may work. On the other hand the mind-set of the other opponent parties are in a grudge against EPRDF.
    Now I see you are very wonderful man like what we know you in the army. I was very happy when I hear your discussion in Boston. You have a very good strategic thinking about Ethiopian politics. You are not the man who thinks near to your nose but beyond borders. Thinking to sweeping the political seats in the election and loose it without strategizing the political heat is useless like the 1997 E.C. That was a mistake to loose Addis Ababa because it would be one way to improve the political process of the country. Many people think that you are an arrogant person goes for skirmish and disturbance. But I appreciate what you said changing the mind-set of the army and the security force first. Changing the mid-set of the electoral board and internal observes are also other strategic thinking. It help that they run by their schedule and rules and regulation equally for the ruling part and others. This is a dream that can be applicable than the bubble dreams, which bursts in seconds. You are telling us how we can change the future of the country. Now God bless you that I feel you will go strategically looking for the future and make things smoother than rushing to drop Meles not for his mistakes but for his being Tigriyan. Because many people think like that than the bigger Ethiopia.
    I want the political process to go forward throughout the whole period than during the election.
    Love-Ethiopia; Peace-Ethiopia
    Hailu – Germany

  6. ጉድ ነው
    | #6

    ወይ ጉድ

  7. Gemeches
    | #7

    Regional nationality is backwardness in the 20th century. It only benefits governments not the people. Ethiopian people appreciate unity but those leaders Dr.Merara Gudina and Ato Bulcha Demeksas party may be dangerous to all Ethiopian people because they used to practice ethnicity based politics like TPLF and they have many differences with UDJ, which represents all Ethiopian people. They form MEDREC for only their benefit to get acceptance by Ethiopian people.

  8. በላይ ተክሉ
    | #8

    ስዬ አንድ ወንጀለጋ በመሆኑ እራሱን ለፍርድ ማቅረብ አለበት የሰው ደም በእጁ አለበት በምንም ምክንያት ማመን የለብንም
    ነብሰ በላ ለ ፍርድ መቅረብ አለበት አሁንም ድብቅ አጀንዳ ይዞ ነው ወይም እዛ ስላልተስማማ ነው

  9. BK
    | #9

    I have a lot to say about Ehiopian Democracy/Poletics;.We don’t need a party who has ehnic mentality,we need a part that can unit our country people. Please all pray for our country freedom.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    ሊባ ነው

  11. kidus
    | #11

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  12. Tee
    | #12

    Hailu from Germany,
    Your response is interesting, even laughable!
    You have made your ethno-centric view abundantly clear!
    What part of Meles’s tyrany do you not understand?

    I don’t mind your liking Meles…that is your choice. But the question is: Is he the right leader for the country? Of course not!
    He is adroitely stealing elections, stifling dissent, tilting electoral playing field; in effect destroying multiparty system in the country.

    The contradiction you have is that, you think you can be ethnically motivated and still be democratic and all-inclusive. Wrong!

    Meles knows that if he chooses ethnic based philosophy and division, he loses because he is from the minority (6%) ethnic group; his clear alternative is dictatorship – and that is exactly what he is pusuing. But this won’t take him very far.

    The answer is not to put a minority group on top of the majority(according to your approach). The resolution to this serious problem is, civil liberty and equality to every individual regardless of ethnic group.
    That is closer to the solution, not the current dictatorship, meles style.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    Ato sye sound articulated and somehow intellegent. But he neither naive nor is coutious. Meles and his gangs are here to play the game. They have spread there wealth and power. It is naive to think they will go away or surrender their power without a fight. Just playing by their rule will do nothing but let them stay in power for years to come. The only way they will be willing to negotiate is if they face strong force that will threaten their power. They never have a strong group that challenge them. If their had even one third of the challenge the derg had they would easily collapse. So people need to wakeup and start to organize and start to challenge them militarily then they would listen.

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