Beyond Ethiopian election 2010 – Robele Ababya

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Tyrant Meles has been on the driving seat of a political doctrine devoid of morality, compassion and principles. (more…)

Tyrant Meles has been on the driving seat of a political doctrine devoid of morality, compassion and principles. His principle is to have none at all in the normal sense the word is understood. It is one of expediency swinging between the two extreme poles of capitalism and communism. It is a nasty blend of intrigues, chronic lies, and robbery of votes in broad daylight, subversion of vital national interests of Ethiopia. He is ready to sell everything and anything that is good for Ethiopia which he hates down deep in his heart.

We have seen so much of the horrendous destruction perpetrated by the parochial ruling regime for the last 19 years. Opposition forces have forgone chances for a united front to stem the meltdown of their motherland. The copycat of the obsolete theory of Revolutionary Democracy has in the mean time woven together all the communist compatriots and opportunists who had assumed the pinnacle of absolute power in the top TPLF hierarchy. Like all other dictators Comrade Meles keeps stupid confidants very close to him. Bereket is his number one stooge among the blind followers of his political doctrine.

2010 is a decisive year for Ethiopia. The struggle will continue, if anything intensified. There are myriads of problems to address regardless which way the election would go.

The brutal TPLF/EPRDF party will cross the finishing line in the race for election 2010 carrying the whole bag of heinous crimes including genocide all too well known at home and in the global community. Civilized dialogue with tyrant Meles who has categorized political opposition forces vying for peaceful change as his enemies is unlikely. This is consistent with the agenda of the tyrant to build a single party nation-state. Nonetheless burning issues such as the following will continue to take center-stage in the political struggle beyond the Ethiopian election 2010;

* Release of Birtukan Mideksa and all political prisoners thus setting the precedence that there shall be no more prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia.

* Respect for fundamental human rights and the rule of law in accordance with the constitution which has sadly so far been a victim of rampant breach by Meles and his cronies

* Justice for victims of heinous crimes including genocide

* Free access to the Red Sea, which is and economic line and security barrier for Ethiopia

* Private landownership in the spirit of land to the tiller which was one issue leading to the sudden breakout of the Ethiopian Revolution of 1974

* Leasing of fertile farmlands to foreigners given that Ethiopian farmers have shown their acumen in large scale farming drawing international acclaim before 1974

* Overhauling school system so that learning institutions are not monopolized by the ideology of the obsolete Revolutionary Democracy to brain-wash our children.

* Installing all pillars of democracy: Independent Judiciary, Independent Electoral Board, Free press, neutral security and army; independent civic organizations

* Making best use of the Virginia Declaration of the Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference

* Pervasive corruption in government institutions and the interminable bond between donors and the repressive regime

* Ethiopian-Eritrean relations

* Relations with other neighboring countries

Yes EPRDF will cross the line badly bruised and having lost in the debate on every issue. The opposition democratic forces will also cross the line with their conscience blaming them for not doing enough to unite.

There will be re-alignment of opposition forces in the aftermath of the election 2010. The nature of the realignment will depend on the outcome of the election. There can be an exchange of blame games between pro-boycotting and ant-boycotting advocates of the election. There will be argument for or against entering parliament by winners of the opposition side; some entities have already spoken against entering.

One would hope that the aftermath would not turn to a market place for self-seekers. It is my fervent prayer that the spirit of putting Ethiopia first would prevail as a result of lessons learnt so far.

We cannot count on effective support from outside. President Obama has in his brilliant speech in Accra, Ghana, has told African leaders to build democracy and prosperity by themselves. It was a realistic speech to heed. The onus is on us Ethiopians to keep our house in order. In the absence of interference by vestiges of imperialism and the emerging powers hungry for the resources of Africa, our struggle will bear fruit sooner than later.

We should count on our blessings and belief that the Almighty God is on our side. Historical enemies of Ethiopia such as Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia Sudan, Eritrea et al in the Middle East were digging the grave in which to burry Ethiopia. They are now embroiled in political quagmire of their own making. I see a bright future for Ethiopia. Opposition democratic forces should seize the moment for constructive dialogue beyond election 2010.

God shall always keep His covenant with Ethiopia.

I say adieu to my readers until after the Ethiopian election 2010

Release Birtukan Mideksa and all political prisoners in Ethiopia!


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