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This article merges, in the form of summary with some updating information, two of my articles of May 2006 and September 2009, with titles, Meles Must be Removed by Any Decisive Means, and, Election the Instrument of Struggle, respectively.

From what the regime in Ethiopia clearly stated in its political program, the revolutionary democracy:

“…. and only by winning the elections successively and holding power without let up can we securely establish the hegemony or Revolutionary Democracy. If we lose in the elections even once, we will encounter a great danger. So, in order to permanently establish this hegemony, we should win in the initial elections. …. In the subsequent elections, too, we should be able to win without interruption.”

And from the response Meles Zenawi gave to the press group with precooked questions, that he will not form a coalition government with the existing opposition competing parties, one should be able to easily conclude what the regime is intending to do, come election of May 23, 2010. It will STEAL the votes and boldly declare that it is the winner as it exactly did with the election results of May 15, 2005.

“No pragmatic strategy can justify the United States backing a regime that STOLE the last election and has brutalized their own people and will, at some point, disintegrate from its own corruption and incompetent ways.” Honorable Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) March 14, 2006.

Here, the defining question is then, a) given the inevitability of winning this coming election by the people of Ethiopia, and, b) taking the determination of the regime to reject the result of the coming election of May 23, 2010 into consideration, are the competing opposition parties prepared and determined to challenge it until the regime accepts its lose and submit to the democratic reality?

The opposition parties particularly those who are participating in the election have to come in grips with stark reality that the regime is bent to eat Ethiopia to its bone and further more destroy it. The opposition forces are dealing with the out-and-out enemy of Ethiopia. Therefore it has to be removed from power by any means necessary. It is common sense that the longer it is left to rule the stronger the eroding effect on the unity and territorial integrity of the nation. Stability is the precursor for economic and social development.

Is the regime the enemy of Ethiopia?

The answer is yes. Here are the two major actions taken by the regime that show its true identity.

1. It is an invading power.

It does it under the cover of ethnic identity. Hiding behind the people of Tigry, it has been doing untold historic damages to the unity, to the economy, and to the educational system of the nation there by deliberately impeding what is to be invested in the social, the cultural, and the technological development of the society.

1.1 What are the actions it took that establish it is an invading power?

1) It literally emptied the Development Bank of Ethiopia. It is a deliberate act on the part of the regime to ruthlessly erase the multifaceted developmental activities, such as in agriculture, health, education and other social services that depend on the bank, the only source of investment.

2) Stealing gold from a bank. The gold belongs to the people of Ethiopia. A ruling party of the people, by the people, and for the people, mind you as a party, not as one corrupt individual, will not steal the gold. Only an invading power, say, such as Italy, would have done this type of systematic and professional robbery and load it to Italy. Where did Meles and his regime loaded the gold to?

3) Using construction, a professionally calculated scheme, to fill their pockets with millions of dollars that has already found its home somewhere in the Western countries. Here, I will discuss three methods the regime has used and still using to steal money, using construction as a cover.

Building Colleges

The colleges were built without considering the long term qualitative needs for the production of well skilled labor force the country desperately needs. The major interest for the regime to build so many utterly ill-equipped colleges all over the country is, the raw materials that goes into building the walls and the floors and the materials to furnish the floors, for those are the parts that help them dig up enormous profits.

It organized its business institutions with specific assignment to facilitate this money making machine for squeezing out profits to the last drop. The source of the finance that would be maneuvered into all the schemes of the squeezing out profits is the Economic Development Aid and loans to Ethiopia from the Western countries.

The business institutions organized to be used in the construction schemes:

1) It owns the banks, namely, Wegagen bank, Africa Insurance and Guna Trading to maneuver and facilitate the finance needed.

2) It owns the cement factory that would supply cement for the construction. Any construction and construction related activities would be out lets for the regimes cement factory. Here too, the cement factory is built by the money obtained through the Economic Aid or loans to Ethiopia. The people do not own it. It is owned by the ruling party, TPLF.

3) It fully controls the import-export offices to facilitate importing materials and equipments to be used in the construction schemes free of taxes.

4) It owns Mesob Building Materials Construction, SUR Construction, and then Mesfin Industrial Engineering to provide any needed inputs.

All these clearly demonstrate how the invading power is meticulously organized, mind you, not to provide the needed services to the community, but, to directly and indirectly suck the blood of the people of Ethiopia. This is exactly what have been taking place and still taking place in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is being run by invading power.

Fully equipped laboratories for biological sciences, for chemistry and physics; computer equipped laboratories to facilitate instruction for those who are interested to pursue computer technology; well equipped and well organized teaching and administrative staffs; and well organized libraries that meet the needs of the teachers as well as student community, are not the interests of the leadership of the regime. Absolutely not. Their main interest is how, and how much, to squeeze out from the process of building these ill-equipped more or less useless colleges.

Building Roads

The second example in the scheme is building roads. The type of intensive road building being pursued aggressively by TPLF leadership should have implied that, particularly agricultural production in the provinces have passed the level of satisfying local consumption therefore the excess produce have to be transported somewhere else where it is needed justifying the road building. But that is not the case. The economic situation in Ethiopia is registering a different story. Over 15 million people, all over Ethiopia, are famine threatened, including the Tigry province. It is quite obvious then, road building is simply money making scheme not economy needs driven. As long as the sources to finance it are there, that is the Economic Development Aid, the business institutions organized for this purpose will maneuver it to fit their schemes, and build more roads. Here are what the regime is planning now: Authority Sets in Motion Road Dev’t
Programme IV, Addis Fortune, Oct. 18, 2009. Roads to Link 18,000 Kebeles. Addis Fortune, Oct. 18, 2009. Go figure.

The planned railways construction to Afar and Bedele should fall under the above argument I provided. Is there an economic need that support the building of railways now? What is it that the railways do that the existing highways do not do? Or, is there economic development plan that required building the railways that is simultaneously being put into operation? Go figure.

The Hospital Built in Tigray

The third example is the multi-story hospital elaborately built in Tigry. This 600-bed hospital built by TPLF leadership, lacks sufficient doctors, nurses, diagnostic instruments and tools to identify the cause of the diseases and prescribe the appropriate remedy. Had the regime’s interest at heart been to help the Tigryan community it would have started it with a well equipped and staffed hospital of just 100-bed in one story building and then replicate it as needed.

No, since the mission of the regime from the outset was to make money at every which way possible, at the expense of the society, it does not care whether the Tgry people are served truly or not. Let us not forget the genocide it did in Housin market in Tigry province, as well as, the selling of dead and dying Tigryan people, perhaps to the highest bidder, during the 1974 famine that struck the Tigry people. Another point to note is that during the red terror 80% of young and old killed in Tigry province was done by TPLF. So, to say these ruthless thugs are for Tigry people does not hold water.

2. It is a treasonous regime

Treason against a state is punishable by law. What is unique about Ethiopia is that the treason is done by the ruling party, TPLF, a regime not governed by rule of law. A treasonous act on a state almost always is done by an individual or organized groups of individuals randomly not the head of the state and the regime. In Ethiopia it is done by Meles the prime minister and his regime. It is unbelievable.

2.1 What are the actions it took that prove it is a treasonous regime.

a) It divided the country into ethnic and language regions with the motive to instigate division and strife among the neighboring ethnic groups that interacted and co-existed in peace for hundreds of years if not thousands.

b) It constructed article “39” and made it part of the so called constitution. Unnecessarily
added “up to and including cessation” with deliberate intent thereby building a triggering mechanism into the system to flare up contradictions among the peacefully co-existing neighboring ethnic groups.

c) It put “a” and “b” above into full motion to facilitate and hasten the destruction of Ethiopia by dividing the country into nine regions, with a malicious cover of self-rule. This elf-rule would have been a democratic move in Ethiopia with over eighty ethnic groups had it not been with a malicious intent to divide and destroy Ethiopia. The bottom line is, fortunately the people of Ethiopia totally denied Meles and his regime the pleasure of the implementation of this divisive scheme. The concrete proof for rejecting this divisive scheme by the people of Ethiopia is the result of May 15, 2005 election. Contrary to the regime’s repeated lies regarding the unity of Ethiopian people, one can boldly state that the level of national development in Ethiopia is well manifested in the election of May 15. 2005.

d) It gave the land owned by Ethiopia to Sudan, a commitment plan in the making since 1974. A pay-back to the Sudan government for the assistance it provided to TPLF, which was an act on the part of Sudanese government, against the interests of the Ethiopian people.

e) It illegally and undemocratically assisted and encouraged, to the extent of writing a-go-ahead letter to UN, the separation of the Eritrea people from the rest of the Ethiopian people. It was illegal because unelected, non-representative groups of individuals did it. It was undemocratic because the people of Ethiopia did not participate in it.

f) It is selling fertile lands to foreign governments under the cover of leasing. A very lucrative money making business. The so called investors were not required to share what they produced even to the immediate communities. They are robbing the country in collaboration with the ruling regime.

3. The Solution

To state right from the outset, the solution is rebel followed by revolution.

Right now, the opposition parties hence the people of Ethiopia are facing this formidable enemy of Ethiopia. It is an invading power and it is treasonous regime. The reality in Ethiopia is exactly this. I hope I have provided strong argument to prove that this is the reality today in Ethiopia.

The solution is to remove the regime. It aught to be removed. This is, almost once in a life time chance, for the opposition parties hence the people of Ethiopia, specifically the people of Addis Ababa and its surroundings, to remove the cancer that is slowly but surely killing the country and its people morally and economically.

The opportunity is when and if Meles Zenawi refuses to accept the result of the election of May 23, 2010. Then the people have no choice but to rebel and take the matter into its own hands. It is absolutely critical that once the people started to rebel, the rebelliousness has to continue and change into a revolution until Meles Zenawi and his regime accept its lose and submit to the democratic reality on the ground.

Would There be Sacrifices?

The answer is, yes. It is a-hand-to-hand battle with a formidable enemy. Fortunately given the political struggle experience of the Ethiopian society, the power of the people is more formidable than this isolated thugs, if channeled efficiently and effectively by the opposition leaders. Once one is engaged in a battle field sacrifice becomes secondary. In a battle one does not think about it. Once the engagement begins what occupies ones mind is the destruction of the enemy. Currently, one good example is Bangkok, Thailand. Why should Ethiopia be different? Without sacrifices the situation in Ethiopia cannot be redeemed. A bitter pill to swallow.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the leadership of the opposition parties that participated in the election to see to it that the right of the people of Ethiopia is fully respected. If not respected then it is up to the opposition parties to deal with it, and deal with it aggressively and effectively. Abandoning the people as it was done immediately after the election of May 15, 2005, in my opinion, would be a crime committed against the people of Ethiopia.

May 19, 2010

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