US unease over Zenawi’s Style of Robbery

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Statement by National Security Council Spokesman Mike Hammer on Ethiopian Elections (more…)

Statement by National Security Council Spokesman Mike Hammer on Ethiopian Elections

We acknowledge the conclusion of Ethiopia’s parliamentary elections on May 23, 2010. We commend the people of Ethiopia for their civic participation and note that the voting proceeded peacefully.

We are concerned that international observers found that the elections fell short of international commitments. We are disappointed that U.S. Embassy officials were denied accreditation and the opportunity to travel outside of the capital on Election Day to observe the voting. The limitation of independent observation and the harassment of independent media representatives are deeply troubling.

An environment conducive to free and fair elections was not in place even before Election Day. In recent years, the Ethiopian government has taken steps to restrict political space for the opposition through intimidation and harassment, tighten its control over civil society, and curtail the activities of independent media. We are concerned that these actions have restricted freedom of expression and association and are inconsistent with the Ethiopian government’s human rights obligations.

As voting concludes and the results are announced, we call on all parties to reject violence. We await the final assessments of the electoral process from independent observers, and encourage the government to address in good faith and impartially any concerns and disputes that are raised.

Ethiopia and the United States have a multifaceted relationship and share a number of important interests. We urge the Ethiopian government to ensure that its citizens are able to enjoy their fundamental rights. We will work diligently with Ethiopia to ensure that strengthened democratic institutions and open political dialogue become a reality for the Ethiopian people.

  1. Stop relaying on US
    | #1

    I sometimes think it is our own fault that TPLF is still on power. Here for example the White House’s main point is “strengthening” its ties with TPLF. But reading the title, one has the false view that infact the White House was against the obviously choreographed “election” if it ever can be called that.
    Trust me, if Eritrea did the same thing as what TPLF did, they will be called all kinds of names. Same with Zimbabwe. I say let us stop giving people false hope. It is much better to deal with realty than fiction.
    IMF and WORLD BANK will soon give TPLF Billions of Dollars and turn around the TYRANT was responsible for economic growth that was the result of this aid. Then they tell us infact it was because the TYRANT is growing the economy of Ethiopia that they will tolerate him. It is convoluted but nonetheless that is their opinion and stand.
    It is very cruel and stupid to pick words just to keep the people sedated. There is a reason that God has created the emotion called “Anger.” Let it build. Don’t sedate the people by giving them false hope.

  2. Victim of Harasment
    | #2

    How u Americans work diligently with Ethiopia to ensure strength of democratic institution? by stating ur ‘concern’ for thousand time? by smooth Deplomatic propoganda which can’t change the Idea of Dictaters even to the bit….Boring….

  3. Zenabu wakgera
    | #3

    Shame to Melese and all His supporters.It was not an election,it was a broad day light robbery.True democratic, and free countries have responsibilities as well as accountabilities not to ignore gross human rights abuse and election frode in Ethiopia. For the last twenty years,this man turned our country in to tribalism and regionalism.It’s time for Ethiopians to be united to find out about stolen election and rally behind all oppsition parties to find out about the truth.This man must be stopped iligal and unlawful behavior. ETHIOPIA FIRST UNITY IS POWER.

  4. Sham election.
    | #4

    President for 25 year and by force. How sad.

    If the US and the so called donors stop giving money to this criminal, Ethiopians today would have been living in freedom.

  5. atuba dolla
    | #5

    The robbery committed by Zinawians is rare in its nature in the history of mankind;ture.When Zinawian robbers came into Ethiopia,they robbed the lives of little children and the elderlies;and with the seed money in millions of dollar stolen from the dying mouthes of the innocents,the robbers purchased guns and bullets and invaded Ethiopia;they then broke into homes and vandalised the lives of familites.This,history has recorded;it won’t either be altered or concealed.

    Well,Zinawi and his regime have currently faced crisis chiefly because they robbed voters’ vote;simple and clear.US adminstration policy is also to be blamed for having not taken a decisive measures against Zinawi’s policy and the most dispecable treatment of the people of Ethiopia for the last 19 years.If the US and other donor countries work together in good faith towards for the democratic betterment of Ethiopia,it is true,what is good for Ethiopia will be better for all donor countries.

    The victory that Ziawi delcared onver Ethiopians is invalid,invalid,and invalid.No matter how often Zinawi tells the world community and Ethiopians that it won the election;agin, it will never be accepted by all Ethiopians who have fighting these robbers for the last 19 years.We,Ethiopians shall never be put down by Zinawi’s filthy words that come out of his dirty mouth.We mean it.Victory for all Ethiopians.

  6. Usless
    | #6

    It is useless to see the drama of fake election in Ethiopia. As an Ethiopian American if the US current administration support dectotr, then I will use my vote in 2012. I will wait and see.

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