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Humans are suffering; I shall speak for the humanity I share! (more…)

Humans are suffering; I shall speak for the humanity I share!

Societies express events, beauty and personalities in variety of ways. I borrowed the expression “scrotum lifter” from Pakistani people. Sorry, you might blush, as I did, when you hear this expression for the fist time. However, the message it carries strongly counteracts the flushing and sweating you may experience from blushing. The Pakistani people apply this phrase to those who empower the heinous dictators. Literally, scrotum lifting asserts the existence of a plunged scrotum that necessarily requires the hands of opportunistic or symbiotic creatures for support. According to Pakistanis’ culture, a plunged scrotum describes the nature of cowards as the phrase scrotum lifters expresses supporters of the cowards.

For scrotum lifters, individuals with deeply plunged scrotum are heroes. In other words, scrotum lifters perceive heroism in conjunction with brutality or barbarism. On the other hand for most humane societies and for the philosopher Andrew Bernstein [1], heroism is a universal concept which is deeply embedded on moral values, intellect, spirituality, truthfulness and humble steadfastness. Therefore, heroism has nothing do to do with killing, robbing, cheating and lying. Heroism is not rooted in muscles or bizarre emotions. Modern heroism streams from a pen point (not a barrel of gun), decency (not incivility), intellect (not emotions), reason (not insanity), loyalty (not treachery), and dignity (not shamelessness).

Heroism goes with mental and spiritual wealth not with material fantasy. The stories about Socrates of Greece, Indira Gandhi of India, His holiness Abune Petros of Ethiopia, Martin Luther King of America, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Rosa Parks of America, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Bertukan Mideksa of Ethiopian and many other heroes and heroines are prototype heroic histories.

Cowards or bullies inadvertly create fertile environment for the birth, growth and development of heroism. Cowards in Africa has delivered numerous heroes and heroines. Unfortunately, however, these transformers of societies in Africa are still suffering from coordinated- barbaric actions of bullies and their scrotum lifters. It is sad even in this very 21st century Africa is inundated with rulers with plunged scrotums and their scrotum lifters. I compared the cowards (African dictators) with Portia spiders that consume their own species in a previous article. [2]. The scrotum lifters who guzzle their coward masters’ leftovers can be categorized in to two groups.

A. Habitual-Scrotum Lifters: These are groups of people who never remove their fingers from their masters’ scrotums. Ya! They do not get tired of lifting the fallen scrotums no matter how extensively they have swollen or how deep they have fallen down. In fact, in most of the cases, you may see these dedicated lifters competing each other to lift the fallen scrotum as their compensation depends on the quality and quantity of lifting services. The habitual scrotum lifters always try to justify murders, imprisonments, torcherings, harassments, embezzlements and many other atrocities committed by their coward masters. They serve their masters in the name of advisors, ministers, judges, intelligent agents, ambassadors, religious leaders, university presidents, journalists, businessmen, singers, mediators, and other “professions”.

B. Seasonal-Scrotum Lifters: These are groups of people who serve as a backup for the habitual- scrotum lifters. The seasonal-scrotum lifters elevate the sunken scrotums of cowards on certain occasions such as international criminal courts’ proceedings, human rights organizations’ criticisms and, of course, pseudo-elections. The seasonal-scrotum lifters are summoned when the habitual-scrotum lifters fail to haul up the plunged scrotums to a required level.

The May pseudo-election in Ethiopia may elaborate the nature of scrotum lifters further. The cowards dreadfully suffer from famine of moral values, intellect, reason, truthfulness and many other conscientious human attributes to debate openly with their opponents and conduct fair and valid election. Instead they utilized cruelty, treachery, theft, and other immoral and illegal measures as tools to snatch more than 99% of the sits. Mind you! If God with his all angles and apostles run for public offices he may not win more than 65% of the sits. Because people who do not like God’s mission exist. How on earth, then, the bullies and their scrotum lifters could win 99% of the chairs? Should one kill, imprison, harass; continuously lie, cheat, and commit other human atrocities to be liked and chosen?

Are not citizens who lost their loved ones (as results of the cowards’ and their scrotum lifters’ inhuman actions) still in deep mourning and dark clothes? Aren’t millions’ family members, relatives, neighbors, friends and coworkers still anguishing in prisons? Aren’t tens of millions of citizens completely forbidden from exercising their God given freedom of expression? Aren’t thousands of women and young men forced to leave their country as a result of intimidation and lack of economic opportunities? Aren’t millions of children dying from starvation and preventable communicable diseases although the bullies and their scrotum lifters continuously receive baloney in the name of these victims? Would any member of humane society like to be neighbor or even to see these kinds of cowards let alone elect them as leaders? Would any individual with sane mind trust the outcome of this pseudo-election?

The story does not end there! After the truth about the pseudo-election was revealed by the very observers they invited (their longtime baby sitters and usual donors) [3], the cowards instructed their habitual- scrotum lifters to hold their sunken scrotums up and tight. These scrotum lifters tried to cover up all the immoral and illegal acts the cowards committed before, during and after the election. Their tightly controlled television barked, their radio shouted, their bulky (but barren) news papers and websites spit. That was not enough to lift the scrotums up. Then, they summoned the seasonal- scrotum lifters, members of “The African Union”. You know what I am talking about, don’t you? You are right! “The gang hippos (as Professor George Ayitte calls them). [4] Not surprisingly, the seasonal-scrotum lifters (“the African Union Observers”) assured the world that the bullies not only acted like saints but attained more than what God could achieve in this election.[5] (Emphasis mine).

In conclusion Africa will never prosper until it freed itself from tyrants with plunged scrotums and their scrotum lifters. Therefore, the African people should react steadfastly, not only against the bullies but also against their scrotum lifters. Thank you!

End notes:
Andrew Bernstein, The Philosophical Foundation of Heroism: by
African Dictators Portia Spiders
European Union Election Observation Mission, Ethiopian 2010
George Ayittey; Obama’s vicory shames Africa:
AU Observers say Ethiopian Elections meet African standards.

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  1. Tulu Oda
    | #1

    Thank you very much for this enlightening piece

  2. aster
    | #2

    thank you very mutch artist

  3. Buna
    | #3

    Long live Ethiopia. Mote lewoyanne

  4. Buna
    | #4

    ሞት ለወያኒ

  5. Joseph
    | #5

    Folks throught the Globe,

    The cartoon above and another one, with Meles forcing the citizens to the ballot box tovote for him, say much about this Dictator of the 21st century. Let us use at rallies please.

    Let us organise a protest rally in condemination of the whole tactic/process of this fake election and also to show our solidarity to those oppositions parties whom Zenawi has been holding at gun point.

    As we have seen Zenawi at the press conferences, he was barking in attempt to warn them that they have to accept the results of this election. Zenawi’s miscalculations is clear that he is going to send them to prison to make them heroes, like he made Judge Birtukan a heroine by throwing her into Kaliti jail.

    Anyway, one has to give credit to these oppositions groups and show them solidarity, to boost their morale and help them be prepared for the next phase of the stuggle.

    So, let us organise a world wide condemination rally folks with no delay which has to have wide media coverage!!!

  6. Dinq cartoon
    | #6

    I hope, the author of this article would come back and say some points on the following: “… Therefore, the African people should react steadfastly, not only against the bullies but also against their scrotum lifters….” All the isms were used in Africa. None of them brought the ecpected results. Would the nonviolent struggle succeed? Or is there any other method of struggle?
    Last but not least, I would like to appreciate the cartoonist. I hope in the next cartton he/she would include the role of bereket.
    One more thing. I have very much difficulty in viewing the amharic version. Don’t tell me to download the fonts. I have done it several times But it didn’t help me. Is it (only) happening to me or…?

  7. ክፋኝ
    | #7

    ሞት ለወያኒ እና ጠምዶ ለሚያርሳቸው ምድረ በረዎች

  8. ህሜተናው
    | #8

    ወያኒ የመጀመሪያው መቸረሳ ነው

  9. Election nafekegn
    | #9

    Wow, I hope those people at Aigaforum who I believe are intellegent people but who who made it their job to defend the indefencable!!!
    “Ya! They do not get tired of lifting the fallen scrotums no matter how extensively they have swollen or how deep they have fallen down. In fact, in most of the cases, you may see these dedicated lifters competing each other to lift the fallen scrotum as their compensation depends on the quality and quantity of lifting services read this piece” Here in Washington DC we have that person in the name of “Dr.what ever his name is with “Hager Feker Radio”. I know those guys at Aiga at least are capable of writing. Stationed at the heart of DC, the so called Dr. calls the oppossition “netche(ferenje),Amlaki; as if he is here on a diplomatic mission”. I never heard him speaking in the english language, but his amharic speech is close to crying almost nonsensical. i remember at some point after the 1997 election while on the “hager fiker radio” even negussie use to show some discomfort when the “Dr.” start opening his mouth.
    One thing the Melese has not done yet is to provide his retierement for Dr. Tebeyew since he has been an ardent support of his regime.I relly don’t care much for these kinds of people, but I now some people can be fooled by their name or title and could take them seriously.It is sad to see a lot of such people who believe that no one knows what they are upto. History never stops recording. During the Italian invasion we had quite a few of those who joined the enmy camp and try to propagate to our people that Italy is for progress, for road construction,& Development, for christianity and for educating our people.These were people who have a better exposure to the world, but the gallant mass of ethiopian and their children were never persuaded by Good talk and “Tegaminoor Saltata!! They stand with the ir leader and chose freedom than “scramble Egg” for breakfast

    The samething happens during the regime of mengisstu H/mariam. The pundits try to tell us the science of equality, fraternity and the wisdom of communism. We had people who were very fluent explaining the reson detere of the derge and “Ethiopian Socialism”. Some genuine Ethiopians told them otherwise and of course they were named traitors, terrorists etc. We now know who is terorist. The people of Ethiopia lives in tyranny and knows one when he/she see it. No one needs a neulcear science to explain what happened during the May 15th. election. The people of Ethiopian know verywell, but of they say they will imprisoomed. @Tulu Oda

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