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The election ended a week ago Sunday. Many citizens are still in shock by the outcome, as if there had not been anticipation, sound analysis that had almost predicted this outcome. Moreover, it was clear that the divided opposition was not ready to capture power, wrapped up as it has been in its internal struggles and hounding by the regime. However, in spite of that it was expected that it would increase its seats in parliament. That is why it is difficult to make any sense out of 99.6 percent electoral victory for the ruling party.

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  1. Assta B. Gettu
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    Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi)—The Father of Lies and the symbol of Ugliness

    The ugliness of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his family has tarnished the beauty of Ethiopia since 1991 when he came to power and enslaved the Ethiopians for almost twenty years, and his land slide victory on May 23, 2010 is the quintessence of that ugliness always visible on his face, in his heart, in his leadership, and in the words that come out of his mouth full of lies, deceit, treachery, and dishonesty, the weapons of Hitler and Mussolini.

    Most people are not, and I am with them, bothered by the external and offensive look of a person, but they are deeply troubled by the internal ugliness of that person; however, Meles is externally and internally ugly, and he is not qualified to lead Ethiopia despite the May 23, 2010 fake election.

    The result of the May 23 election, more than anything else, more than the blood Meles shed on May 7, 2005, more than the jailing of Birtukan Mideksa with other Ethiopian politicians, and more than the theft he has committed so far, exposes Meles Seitanawi as one of the ugliest and the most deceptive person ever existed on this planet earth of ours, and, like an unfortunate mother who has given birth to a deformed baby, Ethiopia is to bear the disgrace for producing a physically and spiritually deformed Meles, ugly to our eyes to look upon, to live under his leadership, and ugly to our ears to hear the everyday lies he fabricates in front of world leaders, the media and the Ethiopian people.

    The ጫት (a stimulant leaf) he consumes may not defile him, but the lies that come out of his mouth or heart hurt him and the Ethiopian people, his subjects. Jesus has rightly said so: “What goes into a person’s mouth doesn’t make him unclean. It is what comes out of his mouth that makes a person unclean.” (Matthew 15:11)

    ወተት ጠ ጅ እንቁላል ሥጋ የደሮ ወጥ – all these Ethiopian delicious food – have been going freely into Meles’ mouth, and non of them are offensive either to him or to the Ethiopian people, but the most disgusting things are the lies that come out of his mouth or heart. He told us long time ago that he would retire after his term is over, and now he is ready to govern Ethiopia for another five years. Therefore, the lies that come out of his mouth make him the filthiest person in the whole world. So, who wants to be governed by a filthy, unclean, and dirty person for five more years except the most indulgent people of Ethiopia?

    Once there was a king in Ethiopia who went to church every Sunday morning to hear one of the debteras sing. This particular debtera had the sweetest voice, but there was a problem with this especial debtera; he had the ugliest face that the king would not like to see his face. Therefore, when the king came to church, this debtera had to cover his face and sing for the king.

    Even though this debtera had a bad-looking face, he had a special gift from God; he had the sweetest voice that the king enjoyed every Sunday morning, but what do we enjoy out of Meles Seitanawi, his good looking face, his voice, or his leadership? There is nothing we can enjoy either from looking at his face or hearing his voice or watching him lead 80 million Ethiopians in the right direction, but he has one quality the west always enjoys, and that quality of his is telling a lie, telling a lie to the west, telling a lie to his people, and telling a lie, perhaps, to his own wife, Jezebel (Azeb). He lied to the west by telling them that there is a new terrorist threat in the Horn of Africa; he lied to the Ethiopian people that there will be economic prosperity in Ethiopia, but what they get is endless poverty, and he lied to his wife that he does not have a jala (another woman), but how come Azeb one day called him “ሸርሙጣ” (adulterous) if the only woman he has had is Jezebel (Azeb) only?

    He is a toy made in China for the west to play with, but we know almost everything made in China has a defect, so is with Meles full of defect, and because of the defect he suffers from the beginning, he got an abnormal win during the election – 99.6% of the electoral votes. This kind of win is not normal; it is rather abnormal, defective, and goitrous.

    He won the election by giving to every Ethiopian a party membership card ahead of the election, and any person who holds this card is obliged to vote for the ruling party; otherwise he would not get the benefits the government gives to his members; he would not buy any thing from the government, and he would not sell anything to the government.

    The card he distributed to every Ethiopian before the election to vote for him is like the mark of the beast in Revelation 13:17. Those who do not have the mark of the beast cannot buy or sell any thing. In the same way, those Ethiopians who do not have the card that shows they are members of the ruling party are suspected as criminals and get rounded up to go to jail. It is this type of evil scheme that gave Meles Seitanawi another five more years, but he will not be able to finish those five years in peace.

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