Attacks plague Somali capital ahead of peace meeting – Source: Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)

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Mogadishu_(dpa) _ Mortar attacks and grenades pounded the volatile Somali capital Mogadishu on Thursday, just days ahead of a peace conference seen as the last hope for the battle-torn country. (more…)

Mogadishu_(dpa) _ Mortar attacks and grenades pounded the volatile Somali capital Mogadishu on Thursday, just days ahead of a peace conference seen as the last hope for the battle-torn country.

Unknown gunmen launched seven grenades at Woyanne-backed government troops, killing at least three people, while overnight mortar shelling and gun battles left at least four people dead.

“Minutes after the first bomb blasted, another grenade was thrown at the Somali soldiers who were coming towards the first site of the blast. We could not know the casualties because we had to run for our lives,” a journalist named only as Hirabe told Somali news agency Shabelle.

Somali officials did not comment on the violence but residents said it was the worst they had seen since the government slapped down an indefinite dusk-to-dawn curfew last month which has failed to ebb the attacks.

“We found three dead young men in the street junction near our home,” Qali Ali, a resident in Bar-Ubah junction told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

The barrage of mortars came after a five-day government-led operation in Bakara market, one of the world’s largest open-air arms dealerships, where troops had been trying to purge the area of insurgents it blames for the daily violence.

The insecurity has raised fears that a much-awaited reconciliation conference slated for Sunday, seen as the best hope for peace in the anarchic Horn of Africa nation, may be postponed for a third time.

“An old man was killed in his home by shrapnel from the mortar round in our neighbourhood,” said Yahya Omar, a resident of Abdel-Aziz district, where the peace conference is set to be held.

Despite the brutal violence, Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf insisted Thursday the peace meeting would take place.

“Even if a nuclear bomb explodes in Mogadishu, the conference will happen as scheduled,” he said. Yusuf’s hilltop presidential palace was also targeted in Wednesday night’s attacks, with three mortars striking the residence’s walls.

An EU delegation visited the restive capital Wednesday and promised to return for Sunday’s conference, which, if it takes place, is set to draw over 1,000 delegates.

“We were invited to attend the conference and we will be present,” said Mario Raffaelli, Italy’s special envoy for Somalia, before returning to his base in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Several key opposition groups have vowed to boycott the meeting, and observers have said the conference could lose all legitimacy if they do.

Mogadishu has not known peace since the 1991 toppling of dictator Mohammed Siad Barre by warlords, except for a six-month period last year when a popular Islamist group brought some stability to the bullet-scarred capital.

The transitional government – the international community’s 14th attempt at cementing central rule in the lawless land – has been unable to assert its authority over Mogadishu. dpa mi tg mga gma

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  1. sera
    | #1

    Now Somalia is weidly freed from Jihadist.
    This is only the the last tango of this extrimst elements and ofcourse Isayas´s last fart.
    The brave Woyane´s next job will be to redemm the promisses which is made for the beloved Eritrian ppl..
    Eritrian ppl. diserve it to be freed once and for all.After all the Eritrian brothers are the cream del cream of the Ethiopian ppl.and i am prity sure this can be only done by Woyane( the pride and vison of the the horn africa).

    long live the Ethiopian Federalism
    Viva la diffe´rance

  2. habesha2
    | #2

    Woyanne will never live in peace unless its existance comes to end or changes its leadership from the Eritrean wing (Meles, Bereket, Sibhat) to the Ethiopian wing (siye and others…) That’s for sure!!!

  3. Debrelibanos
    | #3

    Death to The Ethiopian troops who are fighting
    in the Somalia for nothing & getting their price from our Somalian people.

    The leaders of Ethiopia are an illigimate government & sacrificing the innocents for cash
    from the US & made devasteted situation in the horn & made the US to be an enemy as well.

    Free our CUD leaders who are in prison & death to Woyanes & collaboraters.

  4. | #4

    sera i think u and ur families are some of agames which the blood saker of innocent ethiopian ppl.but nobody can’t stop u from dreaming about eritrea .eritrea and ethiopian ppl are the same ppl which they can live for ever with out TPLF (WEYANES)so keep dreaming it is not far the time u gone pay it back or ur families if u are abroad.time is ruuning out .

  5. | #5

    I hope seye abreham soon will be in eritrea to join his brother and sisters freedom fighters to bury wewyanes.they are almost finished

  6. tilahun
    | #6

    Dr.Brihanu, to the bewilderment of most, has been tagging along Hailu Shawil to disaster at the cost of his party and CUD in general and the effort of democratization (not to mention personal). Keste Demena people must have decided it is time to draw the line to challenge to challenge Hailu Shawil’s All Ethiopia Party in the name of collective. Andargechews openly defiant stand brings the ungluing of CUD member organizations, which has been window dressed in bravado of claim of unity and “sprit” for the consumption of believers, out in the public. Ledetu must be secretly laughing out loud in his parliament seat where he is making tangible difference to his constituency, is party and democratization in Ethiopia

  7. tilahun
    | #7

    Dear sera:

    Why do you care so much about the Italian dish washers. Let them suffer for the rest of their life. They do worship their masters,Italians. I think they got spanked so good which made to live by the Italian salvage both in cluture and language.

    We have a lot of things in back home to take care ,so forget the dish washers.

  8. tilahun
    | #8

    Tigray has petoleum guys so you better watch out. Read for mor info,please:

    Ethiopia is one of the oil-importing developing countries. Geological studies, however, show that natural gas reserves exist in around five areas in the country, namely the Ogaden basin, Gambella basin, Nile and Rift Valley basin, Omo valley, and Tigray basin. About 76 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves has been discovered in Kalub, an area in the Ogaden basin. And to utilize this potential, a company called Kalub Share Company was established, in which the government is the major shareholder. About 40 billion cubic meter of natural gas is also discovered in a place known as Hilala in Ogaden. Though oil exploration efforts have been made since the 1940s, the endeavors made were small and often unsuccessful because of the poor infrastructure development, political instability, and inappropriate policies, which have made it difficult to attract foreign investors.

  9. zalalm
    | #9

    this is what thay call paec and feedam in somali stars today
    15/7/2007/ at 2.30 pm

    good jub
    ethiopian armi

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