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A ‘Smart’ Copycat in the 21st Century

Note: This blurb here is not new, nor do I pretend it to be original, but only decent observations and reflections.

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  1. observer
    | #1

    I don’t think that external forces jammed the ESAT TV. Arabsat has removed intentionally ESAT from its list. I think Al amoudi has something to do with it.

  2. Kocha
    | #2

    I feel very angry!
    I read the comments given on how to jam satellite broadcast …And it seems very difficult to take seriously the jam is done by ethio gov. Even if i didn’t go through the links given.
    In my opinion service providers fail to keep their mission for gaining some extra money. They don’t care about freedom of speech and democracy.
    The most annoying thing is waiting or being dependent on somebody to do something good for us…How long we r waiting?!
    I hope the “technical failure” ESAT faced will be resolved by the providers and we will have it soon.

  3. Tazabi
    | #3

    Actually it is not that difficult to jam satellite broadcast. In the US amtuers have jammed commercial broadcasts until harsher laws were passed for the offense. Now in a tit for tat fashion ETV Ethiopian government satellite broadcast is jammed too.

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