Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of July 14, 2007

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July 14, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program (more…)

July 14, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. habesha2
    | #1

    Kinijit wetatoch ligue is the next thing forward…if you guys fail…Meles succeeds!!!

  2. | #2

    progeramachehue betam asdesache new pls ketelubet egziabhier yerdacheue btechalacheue atakartue amsegenalehue

  3. zed
    | #3

    i am so happey by youth kinigit innagural , but to privail war on weyane, wetau kinigit should not be tracked by shabia like kil( afd),

  4. meron
    | #4

    i am

  5. for Ethiopian
    | #5

    about 60 member of the ethiopian king family including the King has been killed by the former Dictator Mengestu hilmariam , how ever this time all the Kinjet members are free who come they are not killd if we think this government is as bad as the last one when is the last time any politician been freed in Ethiopian
    what is this say about this government?

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