Dangerous Mix: Ethnicity, Arrogance, and Absolute Domination – Ephrem Madebo

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There is absolutely no shame in loosing elections; and certainly there is no shame, in itself, in losing to the EPRDF party. (more…)

There is absolutely no shame in loosing elections; and certainly there is no shame, in itself, in losing to the EPRDF party. In fact, in the 2010 election, the shame was not even in losing the election at all; it was in “winning” – winning in the way that the EPRDF did.

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  1. Kotu
    | #1

    This man called Ephrem used to write very good articles before he joined G7. now i see him on abugida with a very good and deep work. The article uses numbers from the election to show how TPLF controls power. This very strong article. Ephrem please write many articles like before

  2. Mebrate M
    | #2

    I think Ephrem’s article,on the whole,fine.His exposure of the real nature of TPLF regime that rules under the guise EPRDF,I think,is particularly strong.As Ephrem rightly points out,the Meles regime,
    although surrounded by a few hand picked sycophantic ethnic
    ‘representatives’ a minority regime of small Tigrayan clique whose political practice,protected by its ethnic army is,Tigrayan hegemony attended by the appropriation and amassing of the wealth of the nation for the ostensible benefit of Tigray which,we are told by the fraudulent historians of the regime,was subjected to past Amhara exploitation and subjugation.Therefore Meles’s and Meles’s group historic mission is to stay in power until such time that this historic ‘wrong’ is corrected and then Tigray eventually comes to proudly stand on its own two feet.Ethnic federalism,its pretensions of bringing equality to the various ethnic groups in the country aside,is designed to serve lengthening the age of the rule through dividing and ruling these disenfranchised ethnic groups so that they never come together to challenge the minority rule as a united force.Ever since 1991 and the formation of TGE,The TPLF,while keen to form a coalition(albeit short lived)of only ethnic groups comprising such entities as OLF,it has systematically and with a good deal of determination shunned multinational or multi-ethnic groups only to call itself later EPRDF and preside over a multi-ethnic nation.
    TPLF knows that it has no mandate to rule the country and that is why it hides behind EPRDF although the mono-ethnic constitution of its army,its virtual monopoly of the national economy,its skewed policy of employment and educational opportunities in favour of mainly Tigrayans etc all betray its true ethnic colours.Periodic soviet-style elections where EPRDF(read TPLF)tells the world that it has won them by 90-99.6% do not hide the truth.
    Violence,highlighted by the massacre of more than 200 innocent people in MAY 2005 and the killings of many more since then along with the incarceration of tens of thousands including the currently jailed leader of the opposition Bertukan Mideksa,meted out by this minority regime rather tells the truth loud and clear.

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