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We thank all Ethiopian Americans, Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia for their extraordinary work in getting co-sponsors for H.R. 2003.


We thank all Ethiopian Americans, Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia for their extraordinary work in getting co-sponsors for H.R. 2003.


E-mail: passhr2003@hr2003.org
Tel: 323-988-5688 Fax: 323-924-5563
For Immediate Release
July 14, 2007




We thank all Ethiopian Americans, Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia for their extraordinary work in getting co-sponsors for H.R. 2003.

We are especially thankful to Congressman Donald Payne and his staff for the marvelous job they did in getting members to co-sponsor H.R. 2003.

We owe Congressman Payne a great debt of gratitude for introducing and sustaining this bill; and without his personal support and attention, his unflagging commitment to freedom, democracy, human rights and accountability in Ethiopia, our efforts would NOT have generated the excitement and anticipation that has now surrounded H.R. 2003 in the U.S. Congress.


We have to continue to Call, Fax and visit our congressional representatives to enlist more co-sponsors for H.R. 2003, and to guarantee its ultimate passage once it is presented to the floor for final action.

See: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

(prior to contacting your representative and request that she/he co-sponsor the bill, make sure the representative is not on the list below as a co-sponsors).



  1. Tigist
    | #1

    That is great! I noticed that my Rep. is not on the list. I have already faxed him the latter, and I will call him on Monday. It is time to work, and thank you Prof. Al for work and goal oriented leadership.

  2. yichalal
    | #2


    Let us keep up the good work untill justice, freedom, human rights and achieved in our motherland.

  3. sholla
    | #3

    Havethe aigaforum thugs seen this.Aiga will be burned like the mountain which was burned by our heroic youngsters who died to save badme.

    Aiga the king of misinformation will be crushed by the prof.Almariam THE TRUTH ARMY!!!!

  4. Kirubeal Bekele
    | #4

    Dear Freedom fighters,

    I am concerned some of the diaspora has started prematurely rejoicing and congratulating each other about the progress HR-2003 is making right now. Stop and remember about the possible release of Kinijit leaders. If we can’t learn from this, I don’t know what will.

    HR-2003 is surely on a roll. This is great news. But, I think we should put a little brake on our excitement or joy for the moment and focus what the enemy is doing right now at this minute to stop HR-2003. Does any body has a good and solid information about the current situation in the weyane corner?

    They may succeed in pulling out a stunt using our resources ( our people’s money) at the last minute. Don’t forget the possible role of Al Amudi. By the way, Al Amoudi has played a critical role in securing the economic assistance from the World Bank through the president of the African branch of the world Bank. I am imagining how many million dollars Al Amoudi gave to this person at this critical position.

    Last time, Weyane has done the same thing. They managed to essentially bribe through their law firm the previous speaker of the house to kill the bill. And now I don’t know who their critical person is to kill HR-2003? Does any body know? This is a critical information that we must and must and absolutely must know early on to break the backbone of the Weyanes. I don’t want another stunt. At this point, I can’t see anybody except president Bush vetoing HR-2003 if it passes congress and the Senate.

    Can the Weyanes have any avenues left to pull a stunt again on us to stop HR-2003? Let every body focus to investigate and find information about this before rejoicing about the satisfactory progress HR-2003 is making right now. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. But I will add this to this saying. Even if they hatched, make sure they survive well at least for 4-5 months before you start rejoicing and enjoying. Rejoicing now prematurely will disarm our reslove and indirectly helps the enemy. The only chance Weyane has now is to find a critical element in the congress that will help them to kill HR-2003 using silly technical reasons. Find who that individual may be. It is naive for us to think that Weyane is just sitting there as lame duck to be blown away by HR-2003. My suspicion is that they may have a critical individual in their pocket that may sabotage HR-2003 from going quickly to a vote. Does the opposition know how to infliltrate the enemy and get critical information? I know the opposition has a habit of easily being infiltrated. Knowing what the enemy has in store is a very critical element for the success of HR-2003 in additon to mobilizing co-sponsors for the bill. Who do the Weyanes have as a joker this time to pull another stunt on us other than Bush and the State Department? This should be our number #1 assignment along with mobilzing congress members to sponsor HR-2003. This is where the role of leadership in the diaspora comes in. Ato Mesfin Mekonen, Ato Endargachew, Berhane Mewa, Dr. Taye weldesemayat, Professor Al Mariam etc. should be able to dig this critical information from the enemy quarters.

    K. Bekele

  5. yikerbelen
    | #5

    Thank to almighty God and God bless prof Alemayehu , w/ro meron ahadu and all great ethiopians for their great job. Our voiceless pp,and our beloved and anncient motherland need our joint effort to pass this HR 2003.Hr 2003 is beyond the releasment of our herice leaders. WE need to contact MR mandella , he can make a big difference especially to lobby usa’s officials. Melese’s and his thugs from one village must end and ethiopia should belong to all ethiopians not only for one narrow minded ppl from one village[adwa]. ethiopia is under adwa’s repressive and shameless thugs. God bless ethiopia and it’s ppl. amen

  6. B. Wase
    | #6

    My rep is not listed – It is a pay back time
    and I will contact Nick Lampson’s office to do just that. I’ve accumulated a lot capital during his campaign and I intended to spend it now.

  7. cherinet
    | #7

    I am agrre with you.

  8. ka
    | #8

    life in jail have been sentenced by the dectator melese zenawee party thanks for america and urope that they are sentenced this inocent poletical leaders tahnks ww jorge bushe

  9. | #9

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