Protest in Torronto

June 11th, 2010 Print Print Email Email


  1. ነብሮ
    | #1

    ወያኒ በሃግራችን ላይ እየፈጽመ ያለዉን ደባ ለማስቆም በአንድነት እንነሳ

  2. yitsak
    | #2

    why African killers leaders are supported by West secretly? I think they are set to reduce our population so the West will continue to dominate the world for generations to come. My quetion is, when is these stupid AFRICAN leaders like Meles are going to wake up and think far.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Meles is the enemy of Ethiopian people so he need to be avoided from G8 membershib to discourage meles and others leaders like meles

  4. chachu
    | #4

    do not be deaf and blind, hear and listen everything what is happening in Ethiopia.

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