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Ethiopian Americans Denounce the Recent Sham Elections in Ethiopia (more…)

Ethiopian Americans Denounce the Recent Sham Elections in Ethiopia and Call on the US to Change its Foreign Policy towards the Tyrannical Rulers Ethiopian Americans held a successful demonstration across the street from the State Department in Washington and the White House on June 14, 2010 expressing their outrage at the sham national elections in Ethiopia which saw the ruling party and its allied parties seize 99.6% of all parliamentary seats in the federal parliament, and fully control all regional parliaments.

A large number of Ethiopian Americans marchers started the protest in front of the State Department and walked to the World Bank and to the White House carrying signs, banners and flags of the United States and Ethiopia, requesting the US law makers to re-evaluate their relationship with Ethiopia’s dictatorial rulers who are destabilizing Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. Several numbers of protesters traveled from New York, Boston, Atlanta and North Carolina to be a part of the successful demonstration in Washington.

Representatives of the protesters delivered a letter addressed to the Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton that demands the USA uses various avenues of leverage and diplomatic pressure to bear heavily on the Ethiopian repressive regime so as to help usher in a peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy. The letter also emphasized that true, lasting and robust security in the country and the region emerges when one stands on the side of the Ethiopian people, not on the side of an authoritarian regime which oppresses the people.

Organizers of the March want to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants of the protest, in particular those freedom riders who come all the way from NY, NC, GA and MA to participate in the demonstration for their effort in promoting human rights, democracy, justice, freedom in Ethiopia and protecting the USA’s national security interest.

The June 14, 2010 demonstration was organized by several civic and political Ethiopian and American organizations.
Protest Organizers,
Washington, DC








  1. Kiros Girmay
    | #1

    I was there and it was great. Good number of people and energetic we went to World Bank and White House after the initial Protest at the State Department.

    One day for Ethiopia is not much. All Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia should spend at least one hour a week for the cause. Freedom isn’t free, you know!

  2. Robele Ababya
    | #2

    Thank you Ethiopians for making me proud. Thank you for lifting my spirit.

  3. Mezgebe Berhe
    | #3

    God bless Ethiopia! Thank you very much for your dedication to Ethiopia and its people. May God bless each one of you for representing us! Keep up the good work! Continue exposing the “yekorojo leba” and the hodams of Tigray! Shame on you my fellow Tigrayans for supporting the banda!

    Mezgebe Berhe of Chicago!

  4. T-Araya
    | #4

    I Applaude all courageous Ethiopians who choose to be a voice for the Millions of Voiceless Ethiopians .Now more than Ever not only just Ethiopians ,The Whole World knows TPLF’s vicious and brutal rule.It Should bond together all freedom loving and pro-democracy Ethiopians Inspite of their method to unseat TPLF whether by bullet or ballot MUST AND SHOULD UNITE TO MAKE SURE ETHIOPIAN MUST BE RULED BY THE LEADERS THEY VOTED FOR ,ALSO IF THEY FAILED TO UNITE THEMSELVES THEY MUST KNOW THAT THEY ARE HELPING TPLF TO STAY IN POWER FOR MANY YEARS TO COME,ITS THS DIVISIONS OF THE PRO-DEMOCRACY OPPOSITIONS WHICH MAINLY HELPING THE WEAK AND UNWANTED TPLF SO FAR ….OUR FREEDOM IS ON OUR HAND NOT ON TPLF’s.ONLY WE’RE RESPONSIBLE TO OUR FREEDOM

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    May God bless each one of you for representing us! Keep up the good work! Continue exposing

  6. Abeba selomone
    | #6

    Thank you very much for your dedication to Ethiopia and its people. May God bless each one of you for representing us!!!!!!

  7. Abeba Daniel
    | #7

    Thank you very much for your dedication to ethiopia people. god bless each one of you for representing us !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Abeba Daniel
    | #8

    God bless each one of you for representing us! Keep up the good work! Continue exposing!!!!

  9. tewbel
    | #9

    God bless you !!!!

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Here is my two cents: I am very pleased and thankful that millions of Ethiopians around the world who care about their mother land are doing what they can to bring awareness of what and who the real dictator Melese is all about. However, we need to come to terms that Melese has many greedy powerful people on his side who benefit from the poorest people in the world and who do not care if Ethiopians live or die as long as the aid money and the money coming from the poorest people trickled down in their pockets. If it weren’t for the powerful corrupted evil people at home and around the world, countries like Ethiopia wouldn’t be controlled and abused by the likes of dictator Melese. The Ethiopian opposition parties must and should hire a PR firm so our important matters gets the attentions it needs and the crimes of Melese gets exposed around the world.

  11. Abrhamtsquare/ Facebook
    | #11

    Tiru enkisikase new.. honom Gin… Lemetekemia bich endayehon yehon Wutet megegnet alebet Ena degmo hizib bemiredaw melku wutetu metawek alebet zim bilo selif kalewutet dikam new.. God blesses Etiopia… Egziabher yeridachihu…

  12. Solomon Abraham
    | #12

    From this point on To try to educate Ethiopians or non-Ethiopians about Criminal and dictatorial nature of TPLF/EPRDF is not needed,Since its own 2010 Election result Speaks for it self.
    Now the ball is on the divided pro-democracy Ethiopian Opposition groups who so far Helping TPLF/EPRDF by dividing themselves as well as their Supporters for their Personal ego or Personal vendatta which ever it might be ,Its Wrong and its as crime as TPLF/EPRDF crimes against Ethiopia and its People.
    Now what we need is A visionary leaderships Who United All pro-democracy Ethiopians who wish to See a Democratic and equal for all Ethiopia.Ethiopian people deserve to be Administred by the Leaders they voted for, and we see it time and again TPLF/EPRDF is not up to that goal they rather narrowed their chain on Ethiopian Peoples neck even tighter and tighter day by day .

  13. Teklu
    | #13

    “There is no peace with out freedom, there is no freedom with out a fight”
    I think G7 is right. For how many more years do we have to protest? Ethiopia is dieing in front of our eyes.

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    It is very crucial that the oppositions should workout their differences and come together as one party in order to defeat Dictator Melese and stop the sufferings of poor Ethiopians. We need to accept the fact that, it is difficult to fight a man that has been arming himself to the teeth for the last 20 to 30 years… Melese has been using the Aid money, Ethiopian Tax Payers money and Ethiopian natural resources to train his army, his Woyane Air Force Pilots, and his personal Agazi Army for 20 years. After the fall of communism, Marxist Melese started to kiss US A’s butt to accomplish what he wanted, and he wouldn’t be where he is without the help of the Super Power of the world. The oppositions need to work with a help of PR firm to introduce themselves to US and the rest of the world to know who they are and what their intentions are for their country and their people and that they are against terrorism that believe in real Democracy…with the help of PR firm, Human Rights Workers, Amnesty International and other International Agencies, they should be able to expose the real Melese, the human rights abuser and a terrorist that has been terrorizing and dividing Ethiopian people for the last 30 years.
    It is essential for the oppositions to drop their arrogance at the back door and come and work together as one party to be able to overthrow dictator Melese. The evidence is clear that for more than 30 years Melese has order of battle for a psychological war against Ethiopia to divide Ethiopians by ethnic groups and religion…at least, the oppositions should be able to win the psychological war by becoming ONE PARTY and UNITE ETHIOPIANS AS ONE PEOPLE.

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