Ethiopian Opposition Figure Appeals for Unity in Future Elections – Peter Clottey (VOA)

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Seye Abreha calls on other opposition parties to bury their differences, form coalition to challenge PM Zenawi’s ruling party (more…)

Seye Abreha calls on other opposition parties to bury their differences, form coalition to challenge PM Zenawi’s ruling party

The Vice Chairman of Ethiopia’s opposition Unity for Democracy and Justice has called on other opposition parties to bury their differences and form a coalition to challenge Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling party in future elections.

Seye Abreha said Ethiopia’s Electoral Board was an accomplice in rigging the May 23 poll in which it declared the ruling Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) winner with a landslide victory.

“I think the Electoral Board was itself an accomplice in what was going on with regards to this election in our country and that is why they did not care to look into our complaints and the declaration they gave today [Monday] is not unexpected,” he said.

Abreha’s comments come after the electoral board confirmed Monday the electoral victory of the ruling EPRDF winning 545 seats in Ethiopia’s 547-member parliament.

Several opposition groups rejected the results of the election claiming it was fraught with voter irregularities and demanded a re-run. The opposition also said their supporters were being intimidated and harassed by the agents of the government ahead of the vote, a charge the ruling party denies.

Both Washington and the European Union accused Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government of narrowing Ethiopia’s political space. In a statement, the Obama administration accused the Ethiopian government of repression, harassment and intimidation. It criticized the election process, saying an environment conducive to free and fair elections was not in place.

Vice Chairman Abreha said the government has wiped out any democratic gains Ethiopia has made over the years.

“It’s unfortunate that we are going back to where we were 20 years ago after a 19 years experiment with multi-party democracy,” Abreha said.

Local media quoted Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as saying that Ethiopia’s law allows for parties to demand a new vote, if they can prove in court that the ballot was fraudulent. But, he says the election was successful and voters were able to freely choose candidates without intimidation or coercion.

Abreha said there is need for the opposition parties to regroup.

“It requires pausing, thinking and re-thinking and re-inventing the opposition of this country again. Whatever policy differences there might be among the opposition, I think we have to come together on the minimum issues of democracy and rule of law. There is no way we can proceed to other issues unless these fundamentals are tackled jointly,” Abreha said.

  1. habtamu
    | #1

    ke-ke-ke keeeeeeeeeeee, “called on other opposition parties to bury their differences and form a coalition to challenge Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling party in future elections”. Late is Better than Never. When are the future election? 5 years or 10 years from now?. The regime want to stay power because it has unfinshed business. It will complete the unfinshed business less than 3-5 years so I like to know when are next election after the regime complete its hiden business? Now Mr Seye calling all opposition to form a coalition for future elections, he also said that ethiopia pulled back 20 years to be a democratic country. Calling for opposition to form a coalition to do what? for peacefull stragle? Was it a peacfull stragle 20 years a go?

  2. Tesema
    | #2

    “It requires pausing, thinking and re-thinking and re-inventing the opposition of this country again.” incredible statement from some one who claimed to know how to lead. No need to think or pause, the issue is standing up for basic principle. You lost because you agreed to participate in a non democratic setting, no mater how the opposition comes together, as long as the playing field is not level the out come will be the same. The conclusion I think we reach is that without fundamental change in the composition of the so called election board, without free access to the media nothing will change. I suggest Ato Seye quit politics and stop confusing our people pretending to be an opposition. Enough!

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    He has raised a key issue. But they should start in YEAR 1 not 4 as they did last time. In addition, they have to create mechanisms to maintain communication lines with their members abd supporters.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    ato Seye, do you think we ethiopian wait melese to distroy our country untill the next electioin? i like you to join UDj but know you play agame the name of election evry 5 years.

  5. ethio first
    | #5

    ato Seye, I don;t understood to talk about the next woyane election at this time? when you join Udj, i agree but now i have to see what going on. with out Democratice institution, you are waiting fair and free election , you are maybe foolish or you make us foolish.

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    Mind you, this man is one of the founder of Tigrae People Liberation Front that fought along side Eritrea to separate from Ethiopia…the political party he has found have been enslaving Ethiopians for the last 20 years. It is hate and racism against Ethiopians that led people like him and Meles to fight to separate from Ethiopians. People with deep-rooted hate towards Ethiopians, will never fight for the good of all Ethiopians. He is just extremely angry at his own TPLF mafia buddies for betraying him, and somehow, he wants to get back at them by betraying them or he might be one of many high paid Woyane agents. The opposition shouldn’t take this man at face value and they need to be aware of snakes in the grass. HE NEVER FOUGHT FOR ALL ETHIOPIANS AND HE NEVER WILL.

  7. David Findlay
    | #7

    How will you ever make progress against a government who expects intelligent people to believe that they win an election with in excess of 99% support.

    The opposition will have to unite and be prepared to compromise then gain the confidence of the military (difficult when the ruling party are payiong them well) before any kind of change can take place.

  8. shabia yasaznal
    | #8

    Look this idiot shabia, how foolish are these people to think some one will believe them just b/c they comment with Ethiopian flag or personality ? he manages to change his name but forgot it will be with the same profile picture, this is stupidity and needs to stop.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    Mr Seye is still trying to fool us,now he sounds more than synical.”you fool us ones,it shaws your cleverness,you fool us twice,it shaws our stupidity”

  10. jibo
    | #10

    Seye seems to be saying in five years the TPLF will be a democratic party that respects the ethiopian people, opposition leaders who have failed for the last 40 years will be great leaders with courage, vision and integrity, the opposition will create a united front that has not been possible for the last 20 years ..
    It five years leaders such as Gizachew will stop applogizing for speaking the truth, Seye will oppose ethnic federalism and the opposition will understand there is more to non violence than electoral politics.
    In five years those in the Diaspora who finance Seye and his UDJ folks will stand for their principls and demand transparency, and accountablity. These are leaders who claimed we will release Birtukan from jain once we win elections. Now what? Will they release her when they win in five years??!
    Some define insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  11. Tenager Ewenetu
    | #11

    General Seye stop working undercover. The days of fake “Mirrrecha” is over. Time to topple TPLF by united common front is our cry. Seye is in buisness of making “MIRRRRECHA”. We are not stupid to follow you or your likes.

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  14. toy
    | #14

    another joke meles change his cloth he was runing as oposition nick name siye abreha, ethiopia people you fool so many times but now is enough is enough time is changing from tang to weapon ,to late meles .siye you do your homewok good jop but not for the people ,for meles it is real nice and hiden tactic but no more

  15. ethiopia son
    | #15

    GUYS i am tired OF hearING THIS FAKE ELECTION there is
    no way to woyane give thier power by election ” melese alredy said Ethiopians can’t kata mesabe….except tegerians ….please let us unit and fight against the pandamics !!!we need a party blive to avoid them by war not by election ……other wise guys prey to god!!!

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    Issayass, Meleass and Seye are all one and the same who hate the unity of Ethiopians that have worked day in day out to breakup Ethiopians apart. The three hate-driven men have caused more harm to Ethiopia and Ethiopians than the other butcher Mengestu ever had. In fact, these three men are the ones who drove Mengestu to madness and caused Ethiopians to be slaughtered. The three snakes shouldn’t be trusted at all and they have the same evil mentality as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Mao.
    Seye, you don’t know Unity even if someone poke your eyes out. What you know is hate and distractions, period! I wonder how much money you are getting paid to distract the oppositions.

  17. aha!
    | #17

    What Seye is saying is true, if he means that Medrek, (where UDJP in these camp is straddling between ethnic and national agenda) is coming in with ethnic agenda as its basic platform, in a dichotomy of two contrasting political models that of KAEUP, EDP and others and TPLF/eprdf on the other end of the spectrum. Had he said abandoning the ethnic agenda instead of burying would have made sense. Ideological differences beteen TPLF/eprdf and KAEUP, EDP and others constitute the dichotomy as night and daylight, it is a matter of balance between negative forces of disintegration and positive forces integration of Ethiopia as a nation. What diffeences are are there to be burried among the oppostion forces other than ethnic agenda vs national agenda.

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