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Major protest against the invitation of the worst of the worst dictators Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia at the G20 summit. (more…)

Major protest against the invitation of the worst of the worst dictators Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia at the G20 summit.

PM Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has been invited to attend the G20 summit scheduled to take place in Toronto, Canada on June 26 and 27, 2010.

On Saturday, June 26th, 2010, starting at 9 am, Canadians, Canadians of Ethiopian origin and other human rights advocates will stage a protest rally at Queen’s Park, in Toronto, Canada to further expose the atrocities committed by Mr. Zenawi‘s government on the people of Ethiopia.

During the evening of the same day, we will also hold a dinner program to express our solidarity with rights advocates, free press journalists and other victims of the repression of Mr. Zenawi’s regime. This program will start at 7pm at 40 Donland Avenue in Toronto.

We anticipate Canadian members of parliament to join us in this event.

As you know, Mr Zenawi continues to be among the top jailers of journalists and the most repressive dictators in the whole of Africa. His government continues to unleash untold atrocity on diverse communities throughout Ethiopia in regions such as Gambella, Ogaden, Oromiya, Afar, Amhara, Southern Ethiopia, etc. The June 22, 2010 issue of the magazine Foreign Affairs has identified Meles Zenawi as one of worst of the worst 23 dictators in our world today.

We believe that the international community can play a crucial role to bring the repression in Ethiopia to an end. In this regard, your presence in these events will send a clear and strong message that the world is watching what is happening in Ethiopia and that this repression has to end without delay.

We are therefore, cordially inviting you to be our guest at these events.

For media inquiry please contact Mr Yesuf Omar at (416 )570-3041 Mr. Aklilu Wendaferew at (647) 223-0404 or Dr Busha Taa at (416 ) 962-7605

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    This demonstration’s after demonstration ,Candle light vigil,Hunger Strike etc..all over North america , Europe,Africa and beyond against TPLF and its brutal Ethno-Aparthied rule does not seem to matter for ITS DONOR NATIONS AS LONGAS TPLF SECURED THEIR PEACFUL EXPOLITATIONS OF THAT NATION ,Our cry for freedom Equality and justice is falling on deafs ear It does not mean to matter to them . We must look for another alternate to get their full attantion,Inorder for them to help us build a country like theirs , free ,democratic and the rule of Law reigns by the government which is choosen by the People

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