Zenawi to Return Ethio-Eritreans Relationship to Pre-1998 – Negarit Ethiopia

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Once again Zenawi has snatched power in the name of election. He is in control of every aspect of the country. Now is the time for him to bring his beloved Eretria to her pre-1998 “glory”, making the country the African Taiwan, by subjugating Tigreans and the rest of Ethiopians.

For decades under Isyas and Meles Guerilla- leadership, the Eritrea- Tigray’s relationship was nothing but a Master-Servant. The Tigreans had been treated like dirt (slaves) by Eritreans until one day a hero from Tigray by the name Seye Abrha and his groups emerged and challenged the Eritrean factions (Zenawi and Co.) and crashed the main Eritrean front with in only twelve-days war. However, thanks to Addisu Legesse, Aba Gemeda (aka Minassie), and other hodams, this glory was short lived when Zenawi survived an internal struggle within the TPLF.

Zeanwi-Eritrea at His Heart

Considerable intelligent services have concluded that Zenawi, after successfully ditching his comrades who fought all along with him to overthrow Dergue, has returned to his timeless friend President Isayas Afeworki.
Zenawi without fail counts on Afeworki.

It is well known that there was a setback in their alliance when Tigrian hardliners, the likes of Seye, Gebru and Aregash, were in power with him. What is left in power now is the Eritrean group including Meles, Bereket, Hilawi, Sebhat etc. The Tigreans even though freed from Asmera’s kitchen, being day laborer, and guard responsibilities, now they are back serving the Eritrean Master led by Meles who is currently ruling Ethiopia; basically several Tigreans including the editor of Aigaforum are serving the Eritreans under the disguise of TPLF.

Now TPLF doesn’t exist. Back in the days, it was proper to call this organization Tigrean People’s Liberation Front where Tigreans like Seye and others were in power. Now since the Tigreans are no more part of the leadership, it should be called E-PLF instead of T-PLF, as the Eritreans are the ones who are in power.

The Appointment of Girma Asmerom

The Eritrean appointee Mr. Zenawi now specifically requested his old boss Isyas to appoint Girma Asmerom as Eritrean Ambassador at AU. With that Girma will serve as a bridge to mend the relationship between Isayas and Zenawi.

Girma was a former footballer for the national Olympic team of Ethiopia, who also served as Eritrea’s ambassador to Ethiopia during the year immediately preceding and following the breakout of the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. He left the United States when the relationship between the US and Eritrea was at its lowest point.

With the 99.6% in control, Zenawi is expected to bring back the Eritrean-Ethiopian relationship to pre-1998 status where Eritreans:

* can own and do anything and everything without securing business license and pay taxes,

* conduct money laundering for Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,

* print forged money for use to do money exchange between the Diaspora Ethiopians and their Embassy,

* engage in drug and human trafficking,

* Confiscate whatever they want,

* kill and arrest anyone whom they disliked (like the Eritrean who killed Hayelom, the General from Tigray) and

* create another government structure in a foreign land (Ethiopia).

Sensing this unseating situation, some Tigreans, who are currently serving Zenawi including the Editor of Aigaforum, are lauding their opposition to Girma Asmerom’s return to Addis Ababa (Please see http://www.aigaforum.com/ where he linked an article from Ethio Journal). Good luck for all Tigreans and the rest who are still serving the Eritreans.

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