Zenawi to Return Ethio-Eritreans Relationship to Pre-1998 – Negarit Ethiopia

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Once again Zenawi has snatched power in the name of election. He is in control of every aspect of the country. Now is the time for him to bring his beloved Eretria to her pre-1998 “glory”, making the country the African Taiwan, by subjugating Tigreans and the rest of Ethiopians.

For decades under Isyas and Meles Guerilla- leadership, the Eritrea- Tigray’s relationship was nothing but a Master-Servant. The Tigreans had been treated like dirt (slaves) by Eritreans until one day a hero from Tigray by the name Seye Abrha and his groups emerged and challenged the Eritrean factions (Zenawi and Co.) and crashed the main Eritrean front with in only twelve-days war. However, thanks to Addisu Legesse, Aba Gemeda (aka Minassie), and other hodams, this glory was short lived when Zenawi survived an internal struggle within the TPLF.

Zeanwi-Eritrea at His Heart

Considerable intelligent services have concluded that Zenawi, after successfully ditching his comrades who fought all along with him to overthrow Dergue, has returned to his timeless friend President Isayas Afeworki.
Zenawi without fail counts on Afeworki.

It is well known that there was a setback in their alliance when Tigrian hardliners, the likes of Seye, Gebru and Aregash, were in power with him. What is left in power now is the Eritrean group including Meles, Bereket, Hilawi, Sebhat etc. The Tigreans even though freed from Asmera’s kitchen, being day laborer, and guard responsibilities, now they are back serving the Eritrean Master led by Meles who is currently ruling Ethiopia; basically several Tigreans including the editor of Aigaforum are serving the Eritreans under the disguise of TPLF.

Now TPLF doesn’t exist. Back in the days, it was proper to call this organization Tigrean People’s Liberation Front where Tigreans like Seye and others were in power. Now since the Tigreans are no more part of the leadership, it should be called E-PLF instead of T-PLF, as the Eritreans are the ones who are in power.

The Appointment of Girma Asmerom

The Eritrean appointee Mr. Zenawi now specifically requested his old boss Isyas to appoint Girma Asmerom as Eritrean Ambassador at AU. With that Girma will serve as a bridge to mend the relationship between Isayas and Zenawi.

Girma was a former footballer for the national Olympic team of Ethiopia, who also served as Eritrea’s ambassador to Ethiopia during the year immediately preceding and following the breakout of the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. He left the United States when the relationship between the US and Eritrea was at its lowest point.

With the 99.6% in control, Zenawi is expected to bring back the Eritrean-Ethiopian relationship to pre-1998 status where Eritreans:

* can own and do anything and everything without securing business license and pay taxes,

* conduct money laundering for Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,

* print forged money for use to do money exchange between the Diaspora Ethiopians and their Embassy,

* engage in drug and human trafficking,

* Confiscate whatever they want,

* kill and arrest anyone whom they disliked (like the Eritrean who killed Hayelom, the General from Tigray) and

* create another government structure in a foreign land (Ethiopia).

Sensing this unseating situation, some Tigreans, who are currently serving Zenawi including the Editor of Aigaforum, are lauding their opposition to Girma Asmerom’s return to Addis Ababa (Please see http://www.aigaforum.com/ where he linked an article from Ethio Journal). Good luck for all Tigreans and the rest who are still serving the Eritreans.

  1. moy
    | #1

    You are one confused and naive individual. Meles doesn’t give a damn about Ethiopians (Oromos, Amharas, Tigrayans, etc) or Eritreans. All he cares about is serving his overseas bosses and collecting paychecks.

  2. habibi
    | #2

    are you on drugs? get a life. I cant believe people like you are still not ashamed of them selves. who in the right mind hates peace……woooh let me go…its crazy. may i ask evidence for those crazy and deafening accusations??????????
    * can own and do anything and everything without securing business license and pay taxes-
    –no one in Ethiopia including vendors work with out paying taxes let alone Eritreans, who are low abiding and decent ppl

    * conduct money laundering for Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,

    – this is crazy you dont even know what it means, u must be copy and pasted this one

    * print forged money for use to do money exchange between the Diaspora Ethiopians and their Embassy,
    –forged who??

    * engage in drug and human trafficking,
    – stop copying from new york times ok? and it only works for Mexico
    * Confiscate whatever they want,
    see a doctor, we dont do that
    * kill and arrest anyone whom they disliked (like the Eritrean who killed Hayelom, the General from Tigray) *******
    FYI- The person who killed Hayelom sentenced death sentence and is killed in Ethiopia (1999)
    the list goes on i suggest u should sit and pray for peace please

    By the way Meles doesn’t have any choice left to keep Ethiopia alive, there is only one way, kiss Eritrea’s BLIP

  3. Hagos
    | #3

    This is just garbage. I dislike Meles and his ruling cliq but this article is nothing but garbage. I don’t understand the objective.

  4. Tazabi
    | #4

    what a delusional fool! You need help my friend. Sira yata menokse kobyn kedo yisefal indilu.

  5. yitbarek
    | #5

    Are you dreaming ? What a Coment ? I wish the continent would come together….It seems that Thje Eri_Djib Border conflict is solved Peacefuly….why Not Ethio-Eri Border can be solved so ?

  6. Go and trick your mamma
    | #6

    Mr. no-name, go and trick YO MAMMA!

    For us the difference between Seye and Meles is like having to choose between Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri, both are criminals against the Ethiopian people. This article of yours is only good enough for yo Tigray mamma to share with her friends while consuming our coffee. We hate you both the same amount. In fact, we think Meles eliminating his compitition gives us one head to target, instead of to worry about two heads.

  7. Deal with it
    | #7

    The Tigreans had been treated like dirt (slaves) by Eritreans.The Tigreans even though freed from Asmera’s kitchen, being day laborer, and guard responsibilities, now they are back serving the Eritrean Master.

    for your sake i wish they make a peace, you are a bitter and a mad man!!!!!!Meles control everything. yes he can, yes he can, yes he can make a peace with his beloved EPLF brothers who help him establish the TPLF.

  8. mehari
    | #8

    Who is this idiot writing this article. Very paranoid and delusional. Saying Eritrea, Eritrea does not help. Eritrea is gone, 20 yrs. Don’t associate your servant leader with the visionary leader of Eritrea.

  9. Wenbede
    | #9

    The writer of this article is nothing, but a loser, insipid and lunatic. People with this kind of mentality have already put the Ethio-Eritrean peoples in a regrettable animosity for decades. Enough is enough. Whatever step that Meles takes to bring back the Ethio-Eritrean relationship to pre-1998 is clever and should be lauded. Victory to Meles and failure to the cynical Amhara elites. By the way, your journey under the Tigrigna hegemony is just beginning. Victory to peace lovers.

  10. ኣዲጉደም
    | #10

    መለስ ካለ እነ ሆዳደር(የወያኔ ካድሬወች) ባለ ቅንድባሙ መሪያቸዉ ያለዉን መደገፍ ነው እንጅ ሌላ አማራጭ የላቸውም አዪደለም መቃወም ትንሽ እንኩዋን ቢያቅማሙ የሚከተላቸዉን ያቃሉ:: ስለዚህ አዪደለም ድሮም የሚያዉቁትን የኤርትራ አገልጋዪነት ሌላም ቢባሉ ሁሉን እሽ ነዉ የሚሉት ብቻ ሆዳቸው አዪጉደልልልልል!

  11. Mr. Teshome
    | #11

    Let Ertrieans eat them.The black lion told us.Nobody listen to him.Habesha pay a price okay.You will suffer a lot.

  12. Gemeda
    | #12


  13. moy
    | #13

    what happened to my comment? so much for freedom of speech…

  14. Lydia Yohannes
    | #14

    Shame on you people to black mail Eritrea. This is cheap rubbish. What a white lie to black mail Eritrea like this. Do you have any evidence that Eritrea conducts money laundring for Al-Quaida, Evidence of printing forged money, engage in drug and human trafficking. You’re the worst enemises of Eritrea. Don’t worry Eritreans are always alert. I don’t know what name to give to such evil full of hatred creatures. What a shame?

    We don’t hate the Ethiopian people and we don’t hate people who black mail our country may God give you a loving heart.

  15. Filmon
    | #15

    hahaha all your faults try to smear on us Eritreans..we have nothing to do with you..we are doing our best for better life, i think this is your last cry, whatever you do the realationship will never go beyond two neighbours,the advantages and incentives you ahd pre 1998 were a missed opportunities….bye bye

  16. Filmon
    | #16

    May be weyanes ..i am sure shabia will not have time to waste to infect your already infected sites…..

  17. Anonymous
    | #17

    When i see every comment <> so this is good but you don’t for get what you did it before <> i support PM Melese zenawi coz he’s peace lover instead of hate so all Eritrean brother there’s one thing <>

    | #18

    What is new ???? It always been the case that Zenawi and Co. are Stands for Eritrea first and to use Ethiopia as a laboratory for divisived and weakened Ethiopia be it by Ethnic,languge,region or Religion and used Ethiopia As cash-Cow machine as long as the people let them .
    As most Ethiopians This days demand not usual Whinning of TPLF/EPLF did to us this and that

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    Man! Eritreans are out of the woods! Negarit must have touched Eritreans nerve!
    The evidence is in the open to see that woyanes have been acting like foreign invaders for the last 20 years. Esayass and Melese are two evil blood cousins who always hate Ethiopia that worked hard to destroy and divide Ethiopia. Esayass achieved his goal with the help of Melese and Co. Melese is an Eritrean and will always be an Eritrean that hates Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Melese and Co. are in Ethiopia to loot, abuse and use Ethiopia and Ethiopians to reach their goal and destroy Ethiopia in the processes. Woyanes’ hate towards Ethiopians is immeasurable and impossible for them to keep it hidden…the last 20 years countless numbers of Ethiopians have been arrested, tortured, killed and so many have been locked up for life—the Parliament, the military, the banks, all the major businesses and every governmental department is under Woyane. Their goal at the end is to join their cousins in Eritrea. So far, Woyanes have not given a Tigrea land to foreigners. Woyanes have been bribing Sudan and other foreign countries to own Ethiopians’ land for up to a century so that the foreign countries give a blind eye while Woyanes abuse and use Ethiopians until score their goal. 75 million Ethiopians have been enslaved by woyanes for too long—how many more years is this going to go on? Who is coming to stop the slavery in Ethiopia? Whatever happened to our Jegnna Ethiopians?

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    The appointing of Mr. Girma Asmerom, has nothing to do with meles. He is the representative of Eritrea in the African Union. meles has no power to select anybody, it is the power of the Eritrean government.

  21. Yeshimebet
    | #21

    The appointing of Mr. Girma Asmerom, has nothing to do with meles’s choice. He is the representative of Eritrea in the African Union. meles has no power to select anybody, it is the power and choice of the Eritrean government.

  22. Mesmer
    | #22

    you are mixing things that you don’t know. Can’t judge! You may be one hater, because you are trying to use borrowed information. Get a self analysis of what you saying, don’t be a parot and let your ignorance overpower your sense. You can continue to cry, Ethiopians have managed to know who is who by now.You are now like a frog in water.

  23. Mebrate M
    | #23

    What an interesting article by Negarit that stirs up the Eritrean hornets’ nest.I did not sincerely realize that Abugida has so many vigilant Eritrean readers who do surveillance of the contents of its website.Gee,they are down on it like tons of bricks!

    I think,Negarit’s article,on the whole,is not wide off the mark.Its central point i.e Meles being capable of changing the status-quo in a way that benefits not just him but also his Eritrean counterpart,as far as I can see,holds water.
    It is a fairly known fact that Meles has always had a very strong sympathy for Eritrea while also being overawed by its more experienced and craftier leader,Isyas.After all,this is a question of identity.The half Eritrean Meles is therefore equally concerned for Eritrea as much as he is for Tigray.In his mind,the interest of Tigray and Eritrea are not mutually exclusive,despite the current fracas.He has a longer view.
    As far as the recent Ethio-Eritrean war was concerned,Meles,the political opportunist with a sharp survival instinct,involuntarily went along with it although his heart decidedly was not for it.At the time,the anti-Eritrean clique within the TPLF had the upper hand and he knew he had no other option.But,now times have changed.TPLF is purged of those ‘hard-line’ elements who pushed the war.Meles,with no consequential opposition,rules from ADDIS ABABA with the help of his Eritrean comrades like the wily Bereket,Hilawi and Sebhat.He also enjoys the full backing of the West that has not just helped him to stay in power as leader of the country but has also done a lot to groom him up to be a representative of Africa.In addition,his relationship with some significant neighbouring countries including the Sudan and Egypt is amicable.Every thing therefore seems to be place.So why not revisit a long-standing agenda that was temporarily on hold?Eritrea desperately needs that relationship to be renewed.Betseai Esayas must constantly be phoning the ever cautious Betseai Meles about this.Meles has been waiting for the right time.Is this really the right time? Is this the spring season of that rapprochement that the Gods allow? I mean the Western Gods that have so far condemned Esayas’s Eritrea to be a pariah state,are they relenting? If so,I think this is a question of ‘when’ and not ‘what’.

  24. Asmiret
    | #24

    I have been watching you all here. No body has denied the facts. Just like your boss Meles, when the writer talks about Ethiopia, you would talk about Mexico. Instead of analizing the issue, you would try to insult the writer. I don’t see any confusion here.
    Just answer these questions?
    1. Haven’t Eritreans mistreated us Tigreans?
    2. Hasn’t Meles put Eritrea’s interest ahead of Tigray?
    3. Hadn’t Seye and other challenged Meles’ group for their stand on Eritrea?
    4. Didn’t Meles’ group abandoned the board issue and signed the Algers agreement and accept the Boarder’s decision?
    5. Isn’t Meles dying to get back to Isayas?
    No body refuted these issues. What it is all Wodi Afom’s slaves are defending the masters here. Please don’t say anything in the name of us Tigraens.
    Thank you Abugida. Thank you Negarit.

  25. Walwa
    | #25

    Because of stupid guys like this one, we will be slave of Meles 25 years
    and more….Stand up and fight, like Eritreans did against us, and they archieved what they wanted, instead blah…blah…blah. Ayit (Mouse)

  26. Reppi
    | #26

    There is no difference between shabia and woyane. Both are
    parasites. The only one interested in eritrea is your parasite
    cousins, the woyanes. There is nothing Eritrea can offer Ethiopia.
    Nobody wants you back. So stop your dream.

  27. aha!
    | #27

    True or not true is not not the question, as long as it does not serve the Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests, if relationship is restored to the pre-1998 level of joint exploitation of Ethiopia. The only purose this article serves is as a diversionary tactics post election 2010, for it to arouse a heated and large number of participants is not surprising as it might have touched the nerves of either sides.

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