Canadians of Ethiopian Origin Exposed Meles at G20 in Toronto

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Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions is home to thousands of Ethiopian Canadians. (more…)

Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions is home to thousands of Ethiopian Canadians. Early settlement begun in great numbers as far back from the early 80s following Derg’s red terror campaign and armed rebel groups displacing local populations. The influx of refugees to Sudan from Gondar, Eritrea and Tigray in thousands prompted western governments to implement an unprecedented resettlement programs at a larger scale.


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  1. Mebrate M
    | #1

    I would like to congratulate my Canadian brothers and sisters for their high profile demonstration on the streets of Toronto.That shows courage and commitment to the cause of our people where scarce time and abundant energy are devoted to echo its just demands for freedom and the rule of law.But judging by our experiences of the past,such demonstrations and their appeals,for various reasons,have not had the desired effect on the authorities whom the petitions have been directed at.In other words, the demonstrations have not succeeded in making the authorities sensitized to the plight our people and therefore take some meaningful action by way of showing solidarity with the democratic struggle of our people.

    There is no good reason therefore to stage them again and again if their efficacy is so much limited.They must be supplemented or replaced by other fruitful methods.

    Ethiopian Canadians no less Ethiopian Americans must constantly evaluate their different forms of struggle and adapt them to their current needs with the view to maximize their results.

    I am not here to list these alternative forms of struggle for understandable reasons.It is sufficient for me to generally say that one ever present and effective weapon we have in our hand is the power of thinking.We should leave the beaten track behind and think of more imaginative and creative ways to realize our goals,the goals of our people.

    Our word is mightier than Meles’s sword!

  2. mateos
    | #2

    How come the Canadians did not allow him to preach from another cage like he did in Addis? Did the Canadians run out of little cages for little human beings????

  3. Yinegal
    | #3

    Mebrate, I share your thoghts. If I like to add more words, “No need to give up.”

  4. kiflu
    | #4

    This dwarf genocider is humiliated wherever he goes.But he is shameless like all tplf thugs. Thank you Canadian -Ethiopians for the job well done.

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