Open Letter to the ‘People’s Republic of China’ (Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo) – Netsanet Zegeye

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We Ethiopians have never been jealous of the prosperity and fast development of the people of China. We are appreciative of their efforts to economically help developing countries including Ethiopia. At the same time we Ethiopians understand that we have never been a threat to the economic and technological advancement of the people of China or any nation for that matter. Rather, we Ethiopians have been admiring and appreciating the overall progress of this great country and of any other nation on the planet, though we have never been reciprocated in the same manner. In connection to what has been done to asphyxiate our citizenship and human rights, we can surmise that people of the same quality befriend each other for the purpose of achieving the same goals based on their shared values. The saying has it: Birds of the same feather flock (fly?) together. In an inclusive way of expression, we the oppressed people of the globe, from all directions irrespective of race or color or religion, have been suppressed by our own dictators for the last innumerable number of years and have been trying to remove the yoke from the nape of our neck. But it is extremely lamenting and heartbreaking to learn that the leaders of this great nation on earth, along with the US and her allies, is involved in stifling the oppressed mass of the planet by being the right hand of despotic and undemocratic leaders such as Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia who is known for his chameleonic character in deception and manipulation so that he ‘convinces’ the west to give him their blessings to whatever he does, including vote riggings and massacres.

In fact, we beautifully understand that the west, including China, is never foolish to be deceived by such autocrats who seize power for over 20 and 30+ years even to the extent of bequeathing their throne to their children, unless they [the west, the so called advocates of democracy – add some ironic laughter here please!] purposely want to be duped for their own vested interest(s). If the dictator is strategically useful for them, why not 100s of years, he can stay in palace like a monarch forever. But if he is nationalistic and loved by his people even if he is elected via a genuinely carried out democratic election, he is not allowed even to finish his first term, the intelligence organs never sleep before they depose him by all means including assassination. What a stupid world being drifted to its own demise by the so called elite who lay traps one to another, just for the sake of gaining dirty money and usurping power, and as a means to the malefactive end attacking and killing the people who’re disliked in due course of this pyric process!

To come to my point, personally, I don’t believe that the people of the ‘Republic of China’ are conscious and supportive of what their leaders are doing. And I don’t think the people will do any thing even if they know what is being done to suppress the voices of millions of people overseas. It is really quite agonizing to see such a shameless nation which serves as an accomplice by being a major threat due to its unfair intervention in the affairs of other nations for the sake of earning some dollars, the gain of which is calculated not only in terms of financial triumph but also in terms of religious sin and political crime which again belittles the good name of the country and proves the immorality of those involved in the despicable scandalous business.

One of the great philosophers of this hitherto decent country, Confucius, is known by the saying: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. And I don’t think China will be happy if, say, Canada interferes in the affairs of hers and tries to invade her liberty. But a few money minded individuals from the country of this intelligent citizen of China, not only of China in fact, of the world rather, has been degenerated into being immoral and doing something abominable as if they have totally lost their caliber to think the past, the present, and the future. These individuals must be using their belly instead of their brain to ‘think’. History is the greatest teacher of all the gurus or the lamas or the rabbis or what have you in all times of human existence on earth. And it would have been constructive if these greedy Chinese people who are supplying all the necessary electronic gadgets to Information Network Security Agency (INSA) of the Ethiopian government to stifle the voice of the voiceless people of that country get a lesson from their own history. The people of China understand more what suppression and oppression are all about. They know how their leaders tread on them with tanks and other mechanized weapons, like the case of Tiamen Square some 20+ years back.

For the time being the People of Ethiopia, over 80 million in number, are under siege in not less a degree than the people of Gaza. We are suffering a lot almost in everything. The only thing we are free to have an equal opportunity to get it is the natural air that we breathe, provided we are in the wider prison, not at Kaliti ‘Sheraton’, like Birtukan Mideksa, our emblematic figure. Otherwise, everything is under the control of either the government or the few business men who have a staunch relationship with the corrupt government. The country is under a totalitarian rule, as had been it is now, wherein any law and regulation is designed in favor of the few economically rich and politically decisive individuals. The rest of us are like the speaking animals whose existence serves only for the accumulation of wealth by the few. We, the people of Ethiopia, don’t have any independent TV channel or radio station or newspaper through which we can express our predicaments and feelings. If any one wants to judge our life based on the buildings and the roads, it is going to be foolishness, for none of them are indicators of human development. Per capita? It is also one of the foolish indicators of prosperity. What is the money of Sheik Allamudin to my poor children who somehow eat their lunch and ponder about the availability of their dinner? What have the billions of dollars of Bill Gates have to do with poor Ann and Joe, who have nothing to pay back their debts to the ‘X’ bank and as a result their homes are cataloged on the foreclosure list for an auction? Do you realize how the elite of this planet fool us and themselves as well by the “the pie in the sky” and “the vine is sour” mechanisms? Vis-à-vis all the tantalizing data and false reports of the government or any body else, millions of us are undernourished or starved or at least hungry. Like the people of Haiti and her likes, over 98% of us are subjected to live under poverty line of the Ethiopian standard. Most of us are illiterate, if at all educated; the education we get is below the standard of the global index or indicator of quality. As a matter of fact, those edifices and asphalt roads which are sporadically visible here and there in our towns and cities can by no means fill our empty bellies. Most of all, we are deprived of any democratic right, though the foolish people of the government try to perform their nonsense and absolutely implausible election plays that are written by their own playwrights, and shown in their own theatre halls by their own ill-educated and ill-trained stage experts. By and large, in Ethiopia the dead with an iron fist are ruling the living. The dead and the sub humans are those who are acting like a beast to win what they wish to have and the living are those who are surviving with their conscience and sober mind. This logic is simple to understand; you can be dead while seemingly you are alive, and you can be alive while seemingly you are dead. Which category goes to the niggard citizens of China and the ‘Ethiopian’ government? God and they know.
DEAR LEADERS OF ‘THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA’, it is to stifle this poverino (miskin) people of Ethiopia that you the ‘Godless’ citizens of this world are selling your mufflers to EPRDF. Shame on you. You may pray to God or to one of your gods or goddesses; it is in vain unless you believe in the Master of Darkness who is pleased by devilish acts. And don’t forget the fact that the people of Ethiopia have their own Patron to Whom they pray and will send them a good shepherd that redeems them from preying omnivores most likely in the near future. My instinct tells me that the Sun of evil thinkers and evil doers is setting, and on the leeside, the Sun of good thinkers and good doers is rising. The day of retribution will never remain afar though it may be delayed for one reason or the other. Never be satisfied with the mischievous actions you are trading with our oppressors. Believe me the day on which you and your likes get your reward will come soon.

The very fact that I am healthy and active today doesn’t guarantee my being everlastingly healthy and active. There is birth as there is death. There is construction as there is destruction. There is boom as there is depression. There is absolute poverty as there is enormous prosperity. It is not a matter of religion. China knows this fact much better and much more than any country in the world. Remember how Mao Zedong and his companions had freed China from the then traditional ruling system [refer to the Long March of 9600KMs] and established a modern ‘democratic’ communist system, though it had its own fallacies of forming another system of muzzling hegemony.

I shall end my open letter by saying this: Let the government of the ‘People’s Republic of China’ take off its long hands from Ethiopia. Let the leaders of this big country focus on their own stuffs. What they are doing never matches with the nomenclature they pretend to give to their country. The bible says: He who thinks is standing shall heed for himself, for the one who is seated has little to worry. [in my own words]

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  2. Qum-Neguer
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    Thank you, Nestanet, for your excellent piece.

    It’s tragic that a respected member of the international community including the UN Security Council is engaging in the abuse of human rights by suppressing the freedom of expression of the Ethiopian people through the Chinese government’s complicity in the jamming of the Ethiopian Satellite TV.

    It is high time that all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia who believe in democracy, justice, and respect for human rights rise up against this serious Chinese assault against the Ethiopian people. It is suggested that Ethiopians in the diaspora arrange public demonstrations at every Chinese embassy throughout the world demanding that the Chinese government immediately cease its criminal activity of jamming EthSat.

    Civic societies exerting advocacy efforts in various countries should focus their attention on the challenge by the Chinese government so that the various governments and media would put pressure towards the immediate ceasing of any support being granted in EthSat’s jamming.

    It would also be useful if an international petition could be issued calling on the Chinese government to cease its illegal and undemocratic action of supporting a regime that is oppressing the Ethiopian people.

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    Netsanet – You’re writing a complaint to a #10 “worst of the worst dictator” regarding a #9 “worst of the worst dictator”.

    The Worst of the Worst
    Bad dude dictators and general coconut heads.

    [[10. HU JINTAO of China: A chameleon despot who beguiles foreign investors with a smile and a bow, but ferociously crushes political dissent with brutal abandon, Hu has an iron grip on Tibet and is now seeking what can only be described as new colonies in Africa from which to extract the natural resources his growing economy craves.]]

    [[9. MELES ZENAWI of Ethiopia: Worse than the former Marxist dictator he ousted nearly two decades ago, Zenawi has clamped down on the opposition, stifled all dissent, and rigged elections. Like a true Marxist revolutionary, Zenawi has stashed millions in foreign banks and acquired mansions in Maryland and London in his wife's name, according to the opposition -- even as his barbaric regime collects a whopping $1 billion in foreign aid each year.]]
    Years in power: 19

  4. koster
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    Donot expect any miracle from China, the USA or elsewhere, unite and say no to tyrany. Ethiopia will only be freed by its united sons and daughters even the Emperor`s appeal to stop Italian aggression was not heard by so called great nations. It is our fathers and grandfathers who freed Ethiopia and Ethiopians from colonial invasions. Let us learn from our fathers and grandfathers and stop being a victim of woyane ethnic politics.

  5. Aba Biya Abba Gobbu
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    Hellow Fellow Ethiopians Again,

    By begging foreign powers including China we shall never liberate Ethiopia and Ethiopians. These evil nations, i.s. the USA and the Whole bunches of the west plus China are the main arms and fiancial backbone of the the TPLF. Their support for the butcher of Addis who committed genocide in the whole country, committed crimes against humanity and war crimes is absolutely supported by the yankees, the west and chine.

    Ethiopian diaspora loves writing articles and essays which never help Ethiopia. The Ethiopian diaspora intellectuals did not even try the butcher of Addis to ICC.

    The so called oppostion are fooling the people and enjoying with the TPLF kuncho. Ethiopia shall never be free with words like peaceful, or election. The TPLF kuncho has told the with clear language. But the mentally illfated opposition never understands. The people should rise up and save themselves and their mother land.

  6. True
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    Chinese government is not U.S, the U.S who answer to their citizens. Where as, the Chinese government is as much abusive and oppressor to their citizen and imagine what will happen when China becomes the world power, it will start promoting human right abuse all over to gain its resource. Of course the West does it too but eventhually the West will be accountable to international law and to their people therefore there is hope there if we appeal to the West. The danger lies China. Why is Meles and Co. attracted to China is because they are not accountable and oppressors of human right within their nation. It will not be long when China will be involved in the world wide human righ violations because they don’t have a system within their country that makes them accountable. The Chinese don’t have a voice themselves against the government other wise they will be persecuted. Even though it is a good idea to write this letter, this letter is just a drop in a bucket and China will not even consider it. What we should do is that to appeal to the international for China to stop illegal acts such as jamming radios to support dictator such as Meles. In fact, the Chinese government is shutting down the U.S and West radios and that is an act of violation against the West. BTW, Iran also has a system that jams media as well.

  7. simalbaw
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    It is fantastic piece. It is also good to wish anything positive for Ethiopia. Let God help us and our country to get rid of these bugs and ticks who are sucking the blood of the mass and impoverishing our country. God bless our writers and bloggers.

  8. Drama
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  9. Qum-Neguer
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    Aba Biya: either you’re a supporter of Woyane and are trying to frustrate advocacy efforts by diaspora activists or you’re naive enough not to understand the importance of the international community in Ethiopian issues.

    Your comments don’t seem to take into account the fact that over 50% of Ethiopia’s budget is covered by countries like USA and some European countries. by simply heaping insult on them, you’re doing nothing more than enhancing their support to the odious regime in Ethiopia. Please wake up!

    Woyane is spending millions of US dollars paying companies such as DLA Piper to lobby for it with the USA authorities. Abba Biya wants to shoe off the diaspora’s counter weight. This is pure madness!

    Abba Biya has one valid point, namely, that the major fight should take place within Ethiopia. However, the struggle within Ethiopia should be supported by a very vigorous advocacy/lobbying effort in other countries in order to achieve democracy, respect for human rights and rule of law within our beloved country, Ethiopia.

    Abba Biya: please think again!

  10. Tired
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    I really tired of articles and subarticles and comments. Stop crying saying, please China do this for us…Please America do this for our country…No country will help us except ourselves, look damn Eritreans fought against Derg with all support of Russia and sophisticated armaments, they won against all odds, WHY? Because they united, in and out of the country to fight. So why don’t be united against this rug and throw them? the solution is within us not with Americans or Chinese.

  11. Belehnnet
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    “Tired”: you’re absolutely right when you call for unity within and outside Ethiopia. However, you’re absolutely naive when you suggest that other countries such as USA, China, etc. have no value in the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. You’re even contradicting yourself when, at the same time, you allege that Eritreans used Russian military support to fight against the Derg!

    I regret to state also that you and others like you play the usual zero-sum game i.e. you think that there is only one way to defeat the enemy. You’re completely mistaken. Diaspora Ethiopians should conduct their fight for democracy in Ethiopia in three forms: (a)support the political/armed struggle in terms of finance and practical ideas; (b)undertake a vigorous advocacy/lobbying effort to influence the policies of the governments where they are residing; and (c)apply a strong information (radio/tv/internet/newspapers, etc) media and support civic societies.

    Again, you’re right in that we need to unite to perform the above.

    Cheru yeEthiopia Amlak yirdan! Enneberta!

  12. ቡቡ
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    its seems little bit naive for me becouse in china their is NO TWITTER ,NO FACE BOOK ,NO CNN,NO BBC,you can`t find a single social media so do you expect some thing from such regim which are stifling its own people? i don`t think so the solution is start to kill those chinese as the ONLF did last time!

  13. Habtom
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    Bubu, i don’t think killing is a solution anymore. You kill some one, next day another will come with the same attitude and mentality. So it is better for anyone to win the hearts and minds of people though it surely takes time. Other point, let writers write what they feel is right and just. The responsibility of listening to and change it to practice belongs to those about whom the message is written. The Chinese may be stonewalled, but who knows one of them may see this grievance and may show them and they may come to their conscience one day in due course of time. Don’t forget Bubu that a stone is perforated by droplets of water through time. Let’s never get hopeless in what we do.

  14. ሐላፊነት
    | #14

    Dear Habtom and Belehennet,

    Excellent views. I do hope that all those who’re fighting for democracy, rule of law, and respect for human rights in Ethiopia will pay attention!!!!!

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