Ethiopian Opposition Fails in Its Final Appeal Against Conduct of Election – Bloomberg

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Ethiopia’s main opposition group said its final legal appeal against the conduct of May’s general election was rejected by the Court of Cassation today.

Medrek, a coalition of eight parties, made an unsuccessful complaint to the National Electoral Board about irregularities surrounding the May 23 poll, and then took the case to the Supreme Court, which upheld the board’s decision. Today, the Supreme Court’s decision was also upheld, Medrek spokesman Negasso Gidada said by phone from the capital, Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling party, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front, with allied parties, won all but two seats in the 547-member parliament. Meles is a former Marxist guerrilla leader who has ruled sub- Saharan Africa’s second-most populous nation since 1991.

“They said there were no legal grounds to oppose the electoral board and supreme court’s decisions,” said Negasso. “That means there’s no more legal ways for us to go.”

The coalition, that won one seat in Addis Ababa, will consult its lawyers before deciding its next move, Negasso said.

The electoral board’s management of the election process was praised by a European Union observer mission, though it criticized the lack of a “level playing field for all parties” and said the election “fell short of certain international commitments.”

The Ethiopian government has rejected all criticism of a process it described as “free and fair.”

To contact the reporter on this story: William Davison in Addis Ababa via Johannesburg at 1999 or

  1. aha!
    | #1

    It appears that these foreign correspondents do not have access to KAEUP, EDP and others standing up for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians at the fore front of the Code of Conduct Agreement and the complaints it submitted to the NEBE. They are spreading a propaganda like information to appease the Diaspora of Medrek being the largest party in the country, when KAEUP is and not providing credit, where credit, where credit is due. They have made no report of the results of negotiations in the code of conduct conference, no analytical report of the election results and what went wrong so far, except the one by Eskinder Nega and they have no grasp of the ethnic and the secessionist politics in Ethiopia in the last 20 years, to say the least the politicians and elites on the negative forces of integration are sweeping it under the rug. As the there is remission of sins without repentance and prayer, asking for redemption of since, and there is no end /resolution to the political and ecomic crises of Ethiopia and Ethiopians at large with out coalescing of the opposition parties (loyalist and teletafi) parties coalescing under the same goals for unity and territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal ideology/democracy to tilt the balance from negative forces of disintegration to the positive forces of integration. Individuals and parties of the student liberation movements, spearheaded by TPLF and EPLF of the socialistic revolution geared towards towards the oppression of the nationalities, rather than clas struggle for land reform, and workers rights and against the royalities and balabats, need to do rethinking and redirecting their ideology towards liberal and or social democracy, which gives precedence to the individual right than ethnic right and the right of partitioning the country into ethnic enclaves with fuzzy ethnic boundries, limiting individuals ability to move and settle freely anywhere in Ethiopia and the the absence of private ownership of land as one of the means of production to accumulate wealth in a liberal and/or social democracy. That scenario is not evident in Medrek, the would be Tigrai-Harena/fdd/efd(u)r, the mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, reported as the largest opposition party in Ethiopia by foreign correspondents. I had already predicted win or loose it would not bring and meanigful changes to the current system of adminstration, other than to two form a bicameral chamber of upper and lower houses of the parliament, which fell short that secnario by by 99.6 %. It is baffling to me why a coalition of loyalist opposition parties and UDJP combined muster only one seat and they are not furious about it and had only come with only 85 pages of position statements, far less than KAEUP, the forerunner on the question on the rerun of the election about whom nothing is mentioned in this article is quite unbalanced reporting to say the least.

  2. ሐላፊነት
    | #2

    ባሁኑ ጊዜ ጠቃሚ የሚሆነው ጉዳይ; በኢትዮጵያ የተከሰተውን ሁኔታ በትክክል በመገምገም ለዘለቄታው መከናወን የሚገባውን ስልትና አቅድ አዘጋጅቶ መተግበር ነው:: ለዚህ መሠረታዊ የሚሆነው ነጥብ በሐገራችን ላይ ለደረሰው አሰቃቂ ሁኔታ; ኃላፊነትን መቀበል ሲቻል ነው:: በኢትዮጵያ ለተከሰተው ግፈኛ አገዛዝና እጅግ በጣም የከፋ ድሕነት; በኅላፊነት መጠየቅ ያለባቸው እነመለስ ብቻ ሳይሆኑ; ውጤት አልባ በሆነ መርሆ የሕዝቡን የዲሞክራሲ ጥረት ያመከኑት ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎችና ደጋፊዎቻቸው ናቸው:: በይስሙላ ምርጫ ሽር ጉድ እያሉ; በመተባበር ፈንታ እርስ በርስ እየተናቆሩ; ዲሲፕሊን በሌለው ፍጅት ውጤታቸው ባዶ ሆኖ ቀረ:: ስለዚህ;

    1. መሪ ነን እያሉ እየተተራመሱ የሚያተራምሱት; ለዚሁ ሁሉ ውድቀት ኃላፊነታቸውን በመገንዘብ; ሁነኛ በሆኑ; በአባሎች በሚመረጡ ወጣቶች እንዲተኩ ማድረግ ይገባል:: በዚህ ዘዴ በእርስ በርስ ቅሬታ የተጠለፉት መሪዎች ገለል ሲሉ ወጣቶቹ ተተኪዎች ያለአንዳች እንቅፋት አዳዲስ ስልቶችና እቅዶች ነድፈው በሕብረት መንቀሳቀስ ይችላሉ::

    2. የአዲሶቹ መሪዎች ቀዳሚ ተግባር መሆን ያለበት ባለፉት አመታት የተፈጸሙትን ስሕተቶች በትክክል ተገንዝበው እንደ ቀድሞዎቹ መሪዎች ለሥልጣን በመስገብገብ ፋንታ ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የሥልጣን የባላይነት; ለዲሞክራሲ; ለሰብአዊ መብት መከበር; እና ለፈጣን የኢኮኖሚ ልማት ከቆሙ ኢትዮጵያውያን ጋር በሕብረት በሚዘጋጁ አቁዋሞችና እቅዶች ተግባራዊነት በአንድነት መንቀሳቀስ ይገባል::

    3. ሌላው እስካሁን ከነበረው ሁኔታ ለየት ብሎ መከናወን ያለበት ጉዳይ; እቅድ ማውጣት ብች ሳይሆን የውጤት መስፈርቶችንም በቅድሚያ በትክክል ማስቀመጥ ያስፈልጋል:: ይህም ማለት; በአመራር ላይ የሚቀመጡት ሰዎች; መስፈርቶቹን ካላሙዋሉ ሥልጣኑን ለሌላ ችሎታ ላለው ሰው ማስረከብ ይኖርባቸዋል ማለት ነው::

    4. በኢትዮጵያ የተከናወነው የተጭበረበረ ምርጫ የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ እልህ ያጠናክረዋል እንጂ ቅስሙን ምን ጊዜም ሊሰብረው አይችልም:: አቶ መለስ በግልጽ ያንጸባረቁት ሁኔታ ቢኖር ብልጥነት እንጂ ብልሕነት የሌላቸው መሆኑን ነው:: ይዘግይ እንጂ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ለገዛ ሐገሩ ለዘለቄታው በሚበጀው መሰረት እንደሚፈርድ የታወቀ ነው::

    እ ን በ ር ታ!!!!!

  3. Balcha Gebeyhu
    | #3

    There is an old- popular Rasteferian song which goes as ” Wach (what are) you gonna (going to) do when they come for you”?!

    Of course, under a democractic government, one can consulte with lawyers to seek an appropriate legal remedy. However, knowing what we already know and seen Ato Meles court in action, to expect any favorable outcome to the opposition amounts to self-deception. Then, the question is what is next for the oppositions? There are a number of choices, but to what ends?

    For starters, they can continue to keep quite and may be the “fearless leader” can find them some not so important positions in his one-party dominant government. Others can reach out to the retired professor who moon-light or consulate as our traditional “shemagle”, to get better-paying positions now that they have lost the previlage to sit in the “Big House”. Still others may continue their struggle peacefully as long as their not so private companies get government contracts or if they still have some connection to make a decent living. And so on & so forth. In the end,

    For the true oppositions, however, the choice is very limited. They may have to pack thier bag and join “Lady Liberty” at Kality prison until “the rumbleing of the peoples foot steps” rocks the earth. Still for the others who plan for some kind of civil disobdience, our prayers are with you. …but remember that rasta song “wah u gonna do when they come for you”

    God Bless Ethiopia & Its Children.

  4. T-Araya
    | #4

    Are the Oppositions really Serious to even go to the TPLF own Court system in Ethiopia to seek for justice ?????,I hope they are not joined the TPLF drama to be a part of it

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