Press Release – China: Stop Supporting State Sponsored-Terrorism in Ethiopia

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On Thursday, the 5th of August, 2010, Ethiopian Americans residing in the greater Washington DC area will hold a protest demonstration at the Chinese Embassy located on 3505 International Place, NW Washington, DC, starting from 10:00 AM in the morning. China is supporting a rogue regime in Ethiopia against the interests of the people of Ethiopia and Ethiopian-Americans. By providing military technology, radio and satellite television jamming technologies, the government of China has played a role in the suppression of liberty and basic human rights in Ethiopia. These technologies provided by the Chinese are being used against several independent radio stations including the Amharic services of the Voice of America and Deutsche Welle. The latest victim of the rogue regime’s airwaves piracy is the newly launched and popular Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT).

China has also provided technology and technical experts to the ethnocentric dictatorship of Meles Zenawi so that it can engage in blocking websites that are critical of the regime’s policies and filtering e-mail messages of citizens. We understand that Chinese assistance to the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia also poses a threat to U.S. national security by destabilizing Ethiopia and entire Horn of Africa sub-region.

Instead of defending the Ethiopian people in their call for freedom and democracy, due to growing economic interest in Africa, China is colluding with totalitarian regimes that suppress their citizens’ rights and the quest for liberty and democracy in Africa. Instead of empowering Ethiopians in Ethiopia, China is engaged in an exploitative relationship in numerous of its projects throughout Ethiopia in a bid to quench its voracious appetite for strategic resources and cheaper labor in Africa. China is exploiting Ethiopia’s natural resources and hampering the Ethiopian people’s inalienable rights for liberty, justice, and democracy. Chinese firms have been engaged in bribing and corrupting Ethiopian officials.

By supporting the Meles Zenawi regime, China is banking on profiting from the triumph of tyranny over liberty and democracy for the people of Ethiopia, as it is doing in much of Africa.

China has a terrible human rights record at home and supports human rights violations abroad. It is time for China to stop supporting war criminals like Meles Zenawi, who has been suppressing basic liberties of the Ethiopian people. It is time for China to reassess its dealings with rogue regimes like that of Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and other African dictators.

We, Ethiopians and Ethiopians Americans, demand that the Chinese government immediately

1. Cease its support for Meles Zenawi’s ethnocentric regime;

2. Cease arming and supplying Meles Zenawi’s minority ethnic dominated military;

3. Cease its support for tyranny in Ethiopia/Africa

4. Cease its support to Meles Zenawi’s regime in jamming the Voice of America,
Deutsche Welle, and Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT);

5. Respect the human rights of the Ethiopian people, Ethiopian workers employed
in Chinese owned projects in accordance with accordance labor and environmental standards as well as the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

6. Stop bribing and corrupting Ethiopian officials to get no bid
contracts from the government and dumping their low quality and often dangerous products.

A Coalition of Ethiopian American and Ethiopian Political and Civic Organizations and media groups.

Contact e-mail and Website:
Tel: 703-896-6166 202-386-3037

    | #1

    i will kill you you mother fucken yellow yang ass! mr china we did know about you that you supporting a tereist leader meles zenawi you murderde our people as well! you know what i will kill you! when WOYANE murderd my peoples you been laghed at me! i promise you i will kill my enamy i’m gonne bern you after that you will see what i want!!! i’m nationlist!!!

  2. Tulu Oda
    | #2

    China is the new imperialist with insatiable appetite for the abundant resources of the African continent and tyrant Stalinist Meles is its puppet collaborator and ideological buddy to that effect.

    So organizers and participants of this noble demonstration deserve profound thanks for their noble effort.

    God bless Ethiopia and her genuine children of all ethnic origin!

  3. Habtom Zesilasie
    | #3

    Well, let me remind these greedy and inhumane chinese people that they are running on the wrong path. They must know that they will be repaid when the right time comes for retribution.We Ethiopians will never be tolerant of the chinese cross border suppression and oppression. We will definitely have the time to take revenge when our star gets brighter perpendicular to us. They may be fooled or blinded by their temporary technological advancement, but it is quite foolishness. We know them. They were extremely poor and backward, even though they were historically rich. Therefore it is very shameful and foolishness as well to suppress others based on an anticipation that the suppressed ones will remain oppressed forever.
    The chinese leadership is committing numberless crimes in the world basically to antagonize the US. And I know that this seemingly great nation will fall soon in a way the Roman Empire fell some centuries back. Don’t get me wrong, mark my words. The time is getting nearer. Tell this long awaited prediction to these stupid chinese leadership. Their forefathers were wise, but unfortunately the ones who are ruling the present china have become as blind as the present dunce leaders of the united states of america. It is irritatingly lamenting. The blind are leading the blind, blind in a sense mentally blind, not the physical blindness.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    It is tiring to hear a repeated complaints and protests about this government and that government supporting the TPLF/eprdf regime inspite of this or that by the prodemocracy movements particularly in US, whose basic goals are the subset of the goals for unity, territorial integrity of Ethiopa and Ethiopians with liberal and/or social democracy and ideology. These goals being the major goals of the struggle for the survival of Ethiopia as a nation, thses proemocracy movements go about blaming their house in order by focusing on the major goals instead of the subset of goals, which in line with EPRP, Kaup, EDP and others having agenda in stark contrast with TPLF/eprdf regime. Whether Medrek, undergoes a make over does not bring an iota of difference, unless it coaleses with same same goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Etiopia and Ethiopians to ovepower TPLF/eprdf regime.

    To me blame the West or the East and using a subset of goals to engage the current regime is what I consider of “putting the cart before the horse” as the saying goes in English and/or as saying goes in Amharic, “Yekotun awerd bila yebibtuan talech”. The main focus need to be to put once house in order, the foreign influence will change with whoever accomdates their national interest. If the current regime diminishes by freedom loving Ethiopians, the foreign pwers will adjust their national interset to the new regime.We all know, the the current regime is there to uphold its ethnic and seccessionist policies, the sustenance of strong hold by TPLF and TPLF affilaiated enterprises and to serve as srong hold from any legal scrutiny both from a legitimate government and an ICC.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Correction:The second sentence should : these goals being the major goals for the survival of Ethiopia as a nation in tact with its Ethiopian Nationalism and National Intersts,the prodemocracy movements go about blaming western and Eastern governments, instead of putting their own house (Ethiopia) in order, by focusing on the major goals instead of the subset of goals: “achieve democracy, protect human rights and the rule of law”, to say the least straddling between two ideologies; where the major goals are in line with EPRP, KAEUp, EDP and others with agenda in stark contrast to TPLF/eprdf regime. Therefore, I am being critical of those with ethnic agenda having the semblalance with the current regime as well as the prodemocracy movement of of “No change but durable democracy” manifesto.

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