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  1. Belachew
    | #1

    I know u don’t post my comment but taking risk, i will say the following. why not we collect this money and build a Hospital or School or some thing to benefit the poor in Ethiopia.what we need right now is progress in co-operation and discussion as to how better building our country. u guys know that we are not helping besides historical suicide!!!

  2. S Tekle
    | #2

    Belachwe, Belachew! Building schools and hospitals on aid maney, how long is this goinig to go on and how much impact will this have on ethiopia’s huge social, political and ecomnomic problems? The most important cause of these is the absence of free society, justice, freedom of expression and democratically elected representative government. Don’t forget free people are inovative and ecomonically self sufficient, cerainly don’t live on aid for ever. Ethiopias economic, social and political problems will be solved with fast economic groth in a genuine democracy, not a fony growth cooked up by I-know-it-all one man dictatorship. Your last statement is very revealing. The phrase ‘historical suicide’ comes out of your cadre play book written by your master. We hear him frequently uttering this phrase.

    So long
    PS: Don’t worry your comment will be posted as long as it is not offensive, it is a free media.

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