Medrek to Front – Netsanet Zegeye

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Today the news of many Ethiopian sites and radios like VoA has been the step up of Medrek to a new Front. We have learned from the news release that Medrek, whose constituents have been six parties hitherto, is going to hold a conference tomorrow, Saturday, July 31, 2010, to form a Front better than its present shape.

I don’t want to manifest my skepticism at this very early stage. It is therefore my pleasure to appreciate this move as positive and constructive. It is a good attempt. It is fine to try any possibility that may help galvanize the people of the country towards their freedom from the untold tyranny of Melesism which has been most destructive of all -isms ever seen in the history of mankind.

But as the same time, to me it is futile to waste time in Ethiopia in attempting such non-viable trials, for we have seen them zillions of times here and there and time and again, be it within and/or out of the country. Remember those movements like ‘Edehaq’ [in 1991] and others thereafter. To be honest, we Ethiopians are good at eating and drinking together, consoling the bereaved,organizing traditional events or occasions like weddings, Equb, Edir, Tsiwa Mahber, Senbete, funerals, and helping each other in time of adversity, but we are extremely poor in working together for the same goal of liberating ourselves from autocratic ruling systems, to say the least, for one reason or the other. Let’s be open. Openness doesn’t hurt as long as it is wisely used for development. And hence, I think, one among our major setbacks is our excessive LOVE or infatuation for POWER and ANYTHING thereof. What a pity really! Some of us, sorry for my modest use of the modifier ‘some’, some of us die of power without even securing a nation from the ALIENS, just like the fairy tale of “the pie in the sky”.To me the Woyannes are not Ethiopians, neither are they the breeds of human beings. I doubt they are from this planet either, they must be SOMETHING-INCARNATE. It is their actions that have made me say what I am saying here and now. They are absolutely inhumane to the extent of committing genocide for the continuation of their nasty regime. It is not a matter of the origin of these mafias that the are from this or that ethnic group. Absolutely not. Though they themselves don’t take the Ethiopian identity seriously other than using it as a means of survival in cases of national threats like the Badme, I personally don’t want to deny the fact that they are Ethiopians by birth and natural citizenship. But their activities from the onset of the government style they formed some 19 years back, their actions and in-actions have purely been indicating that they are against Ethiopia and Ethiopians, to whatever cause they usurped the power. It is because of this basic rationale that I shy to call them Ethiopians. After all, it is logical to give devil its due. I hope they are also happy when we tell them the truth about their who-ness, that they are genuine opponents of Ethiopianism. Well, you can imagine if any leader of Ethiopia, in the past or in the future, sells the land of the country to foreigners, or writes a letter to the UN to recognize his territory as independent nation and thereby land-locking the rest of the country, or creating feuding ethnic and religious groups, or add what have you. If these people of the government we have are to be called Ethiopians, then we have to redefine this term, because it is in this very name that the martyrs of Ginbot 15/2005 had lost their lives. It is in this name that W/t Birtukan Mideksa and Abera Yemaneab along with thousands of other prisoners of conscience are languishing at Kaliti other dungeons in the country.

The majority among the so called Ethiopian ‘politicians’ have forgotten the very fact that we should bicker upon power division after we become sure of the existence of a country. That is why we have, amazingly, over 90 parties, the establishment of parties is unabatedly kept on. And we are not a bit ashamed of this frustrating behavior of ours, we are rather proud of it. I think no country is divided in such a magnitude to the extent of forming movements or fronts or parties whose names have consumed all the letters of the languages we speak. Is it not surprising? I don’t blame anyone if they become ashamed of our politics. It must be only in Ethiopia, for example, that we see octogenarians, and even at times nonagenarians like HE Girma W/Gioris, along with their old mentality and feudalistic paraphernalia die-hardly fight for a would be power with their grandchildren. It is really heartbreaking when we see people become sleepless for political power to achieve their insincere objectives that benefit neither the nation nor the people they claim to stand for. On the other side, it is quite frighetning when we see a young ‘politician’ while trying to use any means to climb up the ladder of power and wealth through the motto:”The end justifies the means (yetim fichiw duqetun amchiw)”. It is highly disgracing to be a member of this country wherein such shameless people are deciding the fate of over 80 million people just forgetting the basic human values and national interests.

In Ethiopia, now and in the future, I strongly believe that Woyanne will never and ever allow any party to seize power through ballot box. This has been proved to be ineffective or rather nightmarish in the past 20 years. Thanks to our willing to be ruled by tyrants, we will be suffering in a more severe degree than ever, leave alone two or three terms ahead, instead for hundreds of years to come. We have been creating a conducive atmosphere for the Woyannes’ ethnocentric rule. We share the blame for the delay of our freedom.

The solution is not forming discussion forums or toothless nominal parties that worsen our grievances. We have them in abundance already. The Woyannes didn’t get into Menelik’s Palace via discussion or peaceful negotiations. They joined the world of Fascism and Nazism through rebellion with much blood sacrifice, though the sacrificed ones had never been rewarded and their real motive was thwarted to the advantage of the few Machiavellian authority. So it is almost valueless to cackle among the Woyannes in their own hall under their own totalitarian supervision and strict inspection that doesn’t allow even free breathing. We have to devise any other means that can uproot our problems for once and for all. That means should be deliberated by all stakeholders in such a way that the solution will incorporate the interests of all Ethiopians. Of all the things we should immediately get rid of is organizing ourselves on the basis of ethnicity, religion, and sex. We should learn from Ghana. As soon as Ghana secured its independence from colonists, people were banned from these poisonous ways of forming parties. It is ridiculous to try to get a person whose blood’s make up is absolutely of only one ethnic group. And to my understanding, among those elites in Ethiopia who are currently disturbing the mother-ship, the majority are ethnically mixed breeds. I don’t understand the reason behind such people as to why they are usually oversensitive in dealing with matters like ethnic politics, may be psychological(?). Frankly speaking, it is a pity to see these people creating problems while they should have been part of the solution. Have you ever noticed of this phenomenon?

  1. Zuma
    | #1

    Inaddition to lack of morale rectitude and cupidity we witnessed among past professed leaders,by its very nature, peacfull struggle has its own peril.As such anti demoratic forces ,often, make use of the revolving door of oppeness to deril the progress of the peaceful movement.In all this the collective action taken by both peacfull movement and and some armed groups,inadvertently,apper to be negatively affecting the fighting spirit of the people.This must not be permitted;the current trend demands an immediate reversal.This ,in turn, may call for fresh approach and unified action.

    The western democracy as symbolized by the U.S does not come to being by
    peacfull struggle alone.It takes politcally savi leders such as Madison,Jaferson and great Military general Washengton to raise,arm and lead the people’s militia for the war of independece against Imperial Britian.If it be the wilol of the people,if it deemd a valuable asset to splument the peacfull struggle,I see no problem raise the people’s army that can be mobalized on the sole principle of-self reliance.

  2. ethiopiawi
    | #2

    Sir, thank you for your genuine words.I would like to see free Ethiopia where citizens can express themselves without fear,fully participate in issues affecting their lives. However, do not forget that ethenic politics has major place in Ethiopian history. It sounds bad but We have to recognize past mistakes, build confidence with each other and then come together. Some of our friends say other problems or issues should be dealt after freedom. That is Ok but People with good heart and courage should reach out to all community groups in the country or outside. People want and deserve to participate in their affaris.That is unity for me.

  3. hailuy
    | #3

    Ethiopians have been their own enemies for a long time, it is time to wake up.

    The lack of cohesive and organised opposition has exposed us to the tyranny of zenawi.
    The opposition not only lacks long term strategy but also that its members are focused on petty, local issues which do not address the interest of the country at large.

    The ethnicist politics of zenawi has contaminated their minds to be able to think far ahead.
    The opposition are easily intimidated by zenawi’s rheoteric and are prone to collapse.

    We have seen these in recent years when Lidetu Ayalew, Hailu shawl, and even the likes of Merara Gudina caving in when zenawi released his dogs to intimidate them

    All these show a lack of committment and courage to stand their ground.

    In the mean time voltures are circling overhead to cut our country to pieces. Egypt and sudan have always been longstanding enemies of a strong Ethiopia and throughout recorded history these two countries have attempted to sabotage and frustrate Ethiopia by direct intervention , by supporting opportunuist and divisive ethnic based forces within Ethipia. to a large extent they have been successful.

    Egypt would be happy to see Ethiopia fragmented into ethnic enclaves which she can bribe and control in order to exploit the Nile waters and to establish its total control of the Nile. A weak and divided Ethiopia is in the interest of Sudan and Egypt. While they exploit the Nile they want the rest of us to be on lookers living on their charity.

    we are all going to be losers if we do not unite and fight for our survival as a country.

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