Defeat divisions to see the miracles of unity – By Abebe Gellaw (

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Today two Ethiopian groups with conflicting interests held two different rallies in Washington DC. The first one was organised by tyranny lovers, those mostly associated with the ruling party with an ideology called opportunism. It is not that they never know what is going on in their country, but they have chosen to deliberately deny and distort the reality in the service of tyranny. The majority of them are in fact members and supporters of the hegemonic Tigray Peoples Liberation Front. So what they are up to is no secret.

The tyranny lovers tell the world an amazing story, just like a fairy tale. They say that Ethiopia is on the path of democracy, peace and development. According to a press release issued by “Ethiopian American Ad Hoc for Democracy”, which claims to have organised the rallies at the White House and U.S. State Department, the pro-tyranny marchers “urged the U.S. Secretary of State to take supportive steps to have a fair and equitable resolution in the horn of Africa Nile basin Countries agreement and to continue the long-standing global security relationship with Ethiopia in fighting terrorism.” In other words, they are calling the U.S. to continue propping up tyranny at the expense of the rights and freedom of the majority. Obviously, they never worry about the Nile while they deny the existence of oppression, inequality, repressions and injustice against fellow Ethiopians.

On the opposite side, a group of vocal advocates of democracy, freedom, justice and equality chose to organise a protest rally at the Chinese embassy in Washington DC. Angered by the repressions going on in Ethiopia with the support of the Chinese government, they demanded China to stop aiding the tyrannical regime of Meles Zenawi, who is muffling and censoring the whole nation. After closing down the most popular newspapers in the aftermath of the 2005 elections, he has resorted to blocking websites, jamming radio and TV transmissions that are critical of his myopic policies. Allegedly, the Chinese have been providing the technology and technical support that has enabled Zenawi to commit criminal repressions including the jamming of the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT).

A government is supposed to unify a nation at least on the basic national issues. Today, more than ever before, the nation is speeding towards another cycle of violence. The difference between the oppressors and the oppressed has proven to be irreconcilable. Those who are for freedom and those who are against it have never tolerated each other anywhere in the world.

The tension between freedom lovers and those who make every effort in their power to sustain the oppression of the masses has been a cause for wars and violence throughout history. Divide and rule has done a favour to tyranny and benefitted Meles Zenawi and his cronies more than anyone else. An oppressive minority regime, as is the Meles ethno-fascist junta, founded on deception, injustice, inequality and repressions, can only lead a nation into another cycle of tragic conflict. The reason why TPLF is trying to contain the resistance of so many political and ethnic groups, armed and unarmed, is due to the fact that it cannot survive without oppression. It sees freedom as a danger to its very survival.

It must be emphasised that an oppressive regime cannot be defeated by fragmented and inimical groups with conflicting visions. Finding a common vision and mobilizing the Ethiopian people to confront tyranny for the final showdown should be a priority for those who are leading the struggles against the brutal regime in and outside of Ethiopia. Common visions, realistic strategies and mass mobilization are extremely important in the struggle. Most importantly, unity serves as a glue to hold divided freedom fighters to march under one banner. Some groups are preoccupied with secondary agendas that can only be addressed after the freedom of the Ethiopian people is fully guaranteed. Differences aside, Ethiopians should fight for their freedom first.

The tyrannical regime has been standing on one leg since it came to power. It is last hope for survival is none other than the division of those fighting against it. It must be the priority of those who are fighting injustice to deny the regime the source of its strength. Division needs to be defeated before unity starts doing miracles. And in fact, “Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking,” as Gandhi righty said.

  1. ghenene
    | #1

    Dear Abebe Gellaw,
    Thanks for your attempt but sorry for your imparciality. A journalist should be someone who despite his personal interest manifests the what he has seen o describes reality instead what you are presenting us is what you felt and what you would like. you seem like a stionic personality that answers to the question what did you see? I felt so bad!I fealt so gelous! We need reports of objective reality not what you felt and who you support. your title and the content you wrote are perfect contradictions. You left Ethiopia for the reasons you alone know but the country remains yours till you do not betray it taking another identity as many opportunists do in the diaspora. The people who marched in support of the government spocke of Nile, terrorism,development and the others might have said something else for which they might have reasons. The point is that a journalist who claims to be so should not betray the profession for his feelings.

  2. Goitom
    | #2

    Dear my fellow Tigriyans. You better support your people than a party. Your people will be in trouble in the future if you do not condemn the wrong doings of TPLF/EPRDf right now. You have to be with the poeple so that they would have a free media, free institutions, freedom of movement. Your regions have not gotten all these. Think for the future generations of Tigryans and the rest of the ppl….otherwise, there will be no Ethiopia in 30 or 50 yrs from now.

    Others:(specially, few elits from Amahra) have to understand the problem of other nations (like Oromo, Sidama, Gambella, Ogaden, …) in the country. You have to litsen to their problem. If you guys notice, those habeshas and ‘habeshanized’ ppl in DC usually protest only to the interest of one region questions/unjustice/. Why not for the Oromos? why not for the Ogadens? for the Gambellas? for the Sidamas? ……

    Amahars, …try to listen to the problem of other nations. Acknowledge what has been done in the past; its impact on the tradition, language, moral, culture, development of other nations.

    Oromos…It is time for you to think indetail…you shall also stand with the rest of the nations for the common interest. You guys have to know that only few ppl know abt the past wrong acts on the ppl of Oromos; cruelity on Oromos… So, you better reach out to the rest of the ppl, let them know.. than creating an island that doesnot help you go far.

    Long live for people who fights for the people (not for his race or party).

  3. Assta B. Gettu
    | #3

    If we need genuine unity, we must first kill Islam that has been spreading in our Christian country by the help of the Saudi’s Whahabis; the Ethiopian Muslims have always been on the side of the Woyanne government, and that is why we lost the May 23, 2010 Election: 40 million Ethiopian Muslims voted for Meles Seitanawi; they did this to revenge the Amhara people whom they detest as their historical enemies when King Haile Selassie was ruling Ethiopia.

    Mislead by some Muslim clerics, the Ethiopian Muslims hate all the Ethiopian Christians, and they want to destroy them as soon as they get power after they have destroyed the Ethiopian Christian Kingdom.

    This is what the well-known Islamic Sheikh Al Katani, the President of the Companion Lighthouse for the Service of Islamic Law in Libya, said:
    “….What happened is that in the days of Emperor Hela Silasi who used to force Muslims to bow to the Christian, and if he refused then he was whipped 45 lashes and jailed between 2 and 5 years. In the year 1948, a massacre occurred at the hands of the Amharic tribes; the Amharic being Christians and collaborators, who continued to slaughter Muslims for 7 months and perform the most horrific acts imaginable. For example they deprived them from the most basic human rights, to the point that they mutilated the male Muslims’ reproductive organs so that no more Muslim children would be born. Ethiopia was rewarded after all these horrific acts; rewarded by being made the head quarters of the African Unity League.” (From Al Jazzeera article: 6 Million Muslims LEAVE Islam every year, translated from Arabic into English by Mahen Abdallah, December 16, 2003)
    How can a distinguished Muslim cleric tell a lie that Emperor Haile Selassie forced the Ethiopian Muslims to kowtow to a Christian, and if he refused he would get 45 lashes? And I have never heard that the Amhara Christens ever slaughtered the Ethiopian Muslims for seven months by mutilating their reproductive organs. It is these types of deceptions, falsifications, and distortions we always get from the so-called well-educated Muslim clerics. I don’t want any Muslim cleric or imam to denigrate the good name of my great Emperor, King Haile Selassie, as the present Ethiopian Muslims always try to vilipend him as a bias king. I will defend my Emperor, my Ethiopian Christians, and my Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church whatever the Muslim world says about me and my Christian country, Ethiopia.

    There will never be unity in Ethiopia as far as the Muslim population is increasing by each day, and the Christian population is dwindling without notice, and once the power is in the hands of Ethiopian Muslims, there will be no freedom for the minority Ethiopian Christians: they have to live under the Muslim Sharia law, and there will be no going back to the Christian kingdom. So, if we are talking about the unity of Ethiopia, let us first be united to kill Islam in Ethiopia; then, we can go to the next big issue: federalism.

  4. ኧረጉድ
    | #4

    አቶ አስታ በ ጌቱ እውን የጠሩ ኦርቶዶክሳዊ ክርስቲያን ኖት ወይስ በእምነቱ ስም የግል ውስጣዊ የፖለቲካ አጀንዳዎትን
    እያቀላጠፉ ነው ?
    እባክዎትን እግዚአብሄርን ባይፈሩ ህሊናዎትን ይፍሩ ምክንያቱም ኦርቶዶክስ አትግደል እንጅ በፍጡም ግደል አትልም
    ገድላም አታውቅም !
    ደግሞም በግድያ የጠና ህዝብ ወይም ሀገር የለም !
    እስላም ወንድሞቻችን ከክርስቲያን ወንድሞቻቸው ጋር በሰላም በፍቅር ለዘመናት ኖረዋል ወደፊትም ይኖራሉ!በወንድ
    ማማቾች መካከል ጦርነት የሚያውጅ ያው የጦር አበጋዙ ሰይጣን ብቻ መሆን አለበት

  5. Assta B. Gettu
    | #5

    ኧረጉድ #4,

    Thank you for your deep concern about the long and peaceful living between the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia.

    I have no intention to wage war against any person, Muslim or Jew, living in Ethiopia, but it is true there are two issues that frighten me
    everyday when I think about my Ethiopian Christians, particularly about the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. The two disturbing issues are the population of Muslims in Ethiopia and their foreign religion, Islam.

    More than 40 million Muslims live in Ethiopia, and 50% of the Ethiopian Parliament is Muslim, which means the next prime minister of Ethiopia will be a Muslim person. When this happens, all Ethiopian Churches and monasteries will be converted into Mosques, and the Sharia law will become the law of the land. I don’t have to tell you what the Sharia law does to human beings created in the image of the merciful God. Just this month, a pregnant woman was publicly flogged and received 200 lashes, and then she was shot into her head for an alleged adultery. Read the following web site:

    Two years ago, a-13-year-old girl was stoned to death in Somalia after she was raped by some Somali gangs: read the following web site:

    This is what the Sharia law does to every human being on this earth whenever the Muslims are in the majority and control everything. Besides, who is going to feed the ever growing of the Muslim population in Ethiopia when our scarce resources are depleted? I don’t want to see my Ethiopian people to have the fate of those starved women: “So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I said to her, ‘Give up your son so we may eat him,’ but she had hidden him.” (2nd Kings 6:29)

    We should not kill the Muslims, but we must kill Islam, because Islam is not a religion of peace: it is a religion of conflict, greed, deception, and immorality. Islam teaches its followers to kill and destroy the unbelievers (the Christians and the Jews)

    Go to the following web site and read; then decide for yourself:

    A Canadian X-Muslim man has something to say about Islam:

    “When the Muslim population in any given host country reaches 10 percent, without exception serious problems manifest. What is happening now in many European countries including France, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and others is cause for grave concern. The term Eurabia is now being used to describe the phenomenon due to Islamic historian Bat Ye’or’s eye-opening scholarship. The author of Infidel and The Caged Virgin, former Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, also effectively addresses these matters in her many great works. European politician and freedom of speech advocate Geert Wilders’ controversial short film Fitna is another important work that gives much insight into the reality of the serious problems being created by Islam in modern Europe.
    “This entire religion is based on the word of one man. MOHAMMED. Islam is Muhammad’s “religion.” Islam is Muhammadanism. In order to gain the followers needed to fulfill his PATHOLOGICAL, NARCISSISTIC DESIRES, Muhammad merely added some of the respectable traditions he borrowed from the various faiths that he had encountered to his powerful poetry and created Islam. Islam is grounded in fear and has prevented critical analysis of its doctrine by killing those who dare to refute its claims – this is how the religion has been able to survive and grow so large over time.
    “Like a true dictator, Muhammad demanded total obedience and unquestioning devotion. Islam is in fact FAR MORE than merely a religion. Islam is a complete societal system encompassing all aspects of the public and private lives of its adherents. Islam is not just a religion: It is a political doctrine that imposes itself by force. Muhammad’s Islam is a totalitarian ideology by definition. Such was the nature of Muhammad’s illness. Ex-Muslim Dr. Ali Sina, a Canadian of Iranian descent and director of, documents the full breadth of Muhammad’s illness in his MUST-READ landmark book – Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography. Here is a link to a review of Dr. Sina’s book. And Robert Spencer, director of, thoroughly documents the life and influence of Muhammad in his meticulously factual book – The Truth about Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion. In truth, Muhammad was nothing more than a deeply disturbed, deceitful charlatan.”
    My dear friend, remember Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, and Lebanon were Christian countries but after few years, the Muslim population outnumbered the Christian population, and now the Christian minorities in these countries have to suffer day and night: they have no freedom of speech; they cannot worship God as they want. It is predictable within few years, the Ethiopian Christians will be like the Coptic Christians in Egypt. And this is why I say that we must kill Islam before it kills us all!

  6. ኧረጉድ
    | #6

    እስላም በራሱ ምንም ማለት አይደለም ህይወት የሚዘራው በሰው ልጅ በአማኙ በእስላሙ የህብረተሰብ
    ክፍል ነው ታዲያ ይጥፋ ሲባል ምን ማለት ነው?አማኙ እስላም ኢትዮጵያዊው ማለት አይደለም ወይ ?
    ወይስ እስላሙን የህብረተሰብ ክፍል አሰልፈው እያጠመቁ መሀመድን ወልደ አማኑኤል ሐዋን ወለተ ማር
    ያም እያሉ ክርስትና ሊያነሱዋቸው ከሆነ ፍላጐቶ ግልጽ ያድርጉት መጽሐፈ ዜና መዋዕል ካልዕ6፡29 ጠ
    ቅሰዋል በአገርና በህዝብ ላይ መአት መከራ ሲመጣ ልብሱን ቀዶ ማቅ ለብሶ ወደ ፈጣሪው ሕዝቡን እንዲምርለት
    የሚጸልይ ደግ ንጉሥ እንደነ ቅዱስ ላልይበላ(ላሊበላ) ወይም እንደነ እምዬ ሚኒሊክ አይነት ደጋግ መሪ ይስጠን
    ከሆነ ጥሩ ፀሎት ነው!
    ደሀውና መከረኛው ወገናችን ከሆነ ወያኔ በዘርና ጎጥ ከፋፍሎ የሚያስጨንቀው ይበቃዋልና ሌላ የሐይማኖት ጣጣ
    ውስጥ ገብቶ ይተላለቅ ዘንድ መርዝ አንርጭበት!ከእለት ጉርሱ ቀንሶ እየራበው ፊደል ያስቆጠረንን ደግና ጨዋ ሕዝብ
    እባኮትን ደግ ደጉን እናስብለት!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Assta B. Gettu
    | #7

    My dear ኧረጉድ,

    Most Ethiopian Muslims are Muslims only in name: they do not understand the evil nature of Islam and its founder, Muhammad, the false prophet and the rapist.

    Quran teaches the Muslims to kill the non believers, the Christians, and the Jews: Qur’an 2:191 “And kill them wherever you find and catch them. Drive them out from where they have turned you out; for Al-Fitnah (polytheism, disbelief, oppression) is worse than slaughter.”

    The prophet Muhammad says: “Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.” Muhammad believes in killing rather than in making peace with his opponents: Tabari VIII:141 “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’”

    Qur’an:9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

    Qur’an:9:29 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.”

    Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

    Qur’an:8:39 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).”

    Qur’an:9:123 “Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you.”

    Qur’an:4:84 “Then fight (Muhammad) in Allah’s Cause. Incite the believers to fight with you.”

    Qur’an:4:10 “And do not relent in pursuing the enemy.”

    The punishment for a Muslim who lives his faith and joins another faith is death. He will be killed. Quran 4:90 says: “If they turn back from Islam, becoming re renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them.”
    Renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them.”

    Muslims are told to avoid touching women at all before their prayers because they fear them may be unclean, but Aisha, Muhammad’s child wife narrates: “The prophet used to lean on my lap and recite Quran while I was in menses (period).” (Sahih al- Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 296)

    Also Aisha said: “If one of us was having her menstrual period, Allah’s Messenger ordered her to come to him for sexual intercourse while she is on the peak of her period.” (Hadith of Sahih Muslim, Vol. I, Page 590)

    Muhammad’s other wife reported: “The Messenger of Allah used to have sexual intercourse with me during my menstrual period, while a piece of garment is between us.” Aisha was 9-year-old girl when Muhammad raped her when he was 53 years old. Judge for yourself now what kind of prophet he had been, and that is the reason many scholars call him a pedophile prophet. He had also sex with a dead woman (Hadith 34424 Kanezel omall….)

    Muhammad’s teaching about women:

    Quran 4:34 says that Allah has made men superior to women. If a woman rebel, beat her up.

    Abu Dawud 11, 214, Muhammad said: A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.

    Buhhari 3, 48, 826, Muhammad asked, “Is not the value of a woman’s eye-witness testimony half that of a man’s?” A woman said, “Yes.” He said, “That is because a woman’s mind is deficient.”

    Quran 4:11 says: “It is in this manner that Allah commands you concerning your children: A male should receive a share equal to that of two females….”

    Generally speaking, Muhammad was a false prophet, and Islam is not a religion of peace; it is a cult. Muhammad’s Allah is a moon god; it is a devil. God never spoke to Muhammad. Quran is a fiction, not a book of prayer.

    Now, my great concern is how can I help my 40 million Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters who have been deceived by the Imams and the Mullahs for such a long time? The best way I can help them is to tell them who Muhammad was and what kind of religion he had left; then it is up to them to decide whether to leave Islam and join Christianity or stay with their false religion. However, if they try to establish the Sharia law in Ethiopia, then I will fight them and give my life to my country.

    If we pray hard, it is possible the merciful Father, Jesus Christ, will give us a leader who fears and loves God like King Lalibela, Yukono Amlak, and እምዬ Menelik II; we have just to ask God day and night.

    Please share those Quran verses with some of our Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters.

    Thank you for your comment!

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