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By Netsanet Zegeye August 14, 2010

Pathological Liar, Mr PM

Dear Ethiopians everywhere,

I would like to say ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’, for our landslide victory over an African country, Niger, in a recently released global competition among countries of the world in Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI). This must be something especially our shameless leaders should crow about and be proud of. Not only our leaders but also those bloggers and writers of the EPRDF Regime, needless to mention their names, who have been advocating that Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been prospering in the last twenty years of EPRDF’s tenure, should be also exulted in this ‘victory’. If quoting from self material had not been considered traditionally taboo, I would have cited the following quotation from my own piece of writing which was posted on Ecadforum and Quatero before that astounding study of the UN/Oxford was released. I wondered by the coincidence. ”Thanks to the leadership of our failed personalities, our country has remained to be among ‘top two’ in every negative aspect of the international matrix, like the index of countries which are NOT safe to invest, or NOT comfortable to live in, or in the frighteningly growing number of beggars, etc.”

As adding an insult to injury, our pathologically liar PM has astounded us in an interview given to selected journalists this week. As usual, he released one of his best, may be his masterpiece in the coming decade, lies without even being ashamed of the international community, leave alone us whom he considers none more important than speaking animals. He said that Ethiopia under his leadership would eradicate poverty and would surpass the level of subsistence agricultural production to the extent of sending the surplus to foreign markets within the coming five years.[ please add some ironic laugh here]

Well, we Ethiopians are not surprised in this madness of our crazy PM. In the coming five years, without any divine intervention, leave alone Ethiopia the poorest nation on Earth, any other country which is led by democratically elected nationalistic leader cannot get rid of the poverty that has been deep-rooted for centuries. In fact, I don’t think anyone would take this bitter joke of our PM serious. It is a simple pastime to many Ethiopians, for we know the chronically acute illness of His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. He is literally an ailing Premier especially in regard to lies and hyperbolic expressions. We know he cannot believe that he is alive unless he lies most frequently. I guess his psychiatric doctor might have given him a strict order to lie at least once in a day so that he stays healthy and updated according to the minimum standard of world politics. I know many liars including among my friends. When I try to see them with my little third eye, I tend to sympathize with them because they lie for the sake of their psychological satisfaction, not to hurt others at times. But when we see the lies of PM Meles, they are poisonous and are laid for effect, though in vain and attract no attention from the population except those who would like to be duped for a special purpose. I hope you understand why I am reasonably cruel in explaining the nature of these venomous lies of this pathologically handicapped PM.

Some twenty years back, he promised to enable citizens to feed themselves three times a day in ten years; but we couldn’t even eat once a day now. He promised us that Eritrea would never fire even one bullet, let me repeat this, even one bullet, but more than eighty thousand citizens were killed then after; he said Badime and the surrounding areas had been included to Ethiopia mentioning the decision of the Border Commission, but that was found out to be a white-lie; he said the grain production would be abundant and cheap, he added, but the government was bothering about how the farmers would challenge the low price they would be offered by the grain marketers, nevertheless, that remained a mere wish, there was rather a great famine following his mal-foreseen prediction; recently, in addition to his Great Prophecy of Superfluous Production within five years’ time, he said, in Addis Ababa, EPRDF has no other opposition except the embassy of the United States of America. The lies will go on being mouthed by His Excellency Meles Zenawi ; we will go on being lied; the EPRDF’s media will go on spreading the lies of His Holiness and His Most Reverend PM; on the contrary, Ethiopia and her children will go on suffering to the extent of praising the hellish life in the imaginary Netherworld.

The aforesaid lies of our PM are simply off hand presentations. If you go to papers or good memory of people, you can have thousands of them starting from his jungle life up until the present time of his ‘luxurious’ life in the fiery Palace of Menelik. He is an inborn liar. You don’t have to bet, you will lose all your realty or money if you do. I don’t think he can tell a truth at all. He is a man of satire and irony as well. I wonder if for example he can tell you a correct and direct answer for the question, “What time is it now Mister PM?” Until he enjoys the fruit of his circumlocution, you may become short of your patience or you may forget your question. You cannot get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ before he shows you his verbosity and the power he has to convince people with meanderingly snaky expressions. This is our beloved leader who survives in power partially with the help of his merciless lies and the international image they result in among the international community, though among the so called international community there are many which are intentionally willing to be deceived for their own political and economic interests. Let the Almighty God give these accomplice the reward they deserve before Ethiopia is gone for good due to their immoral and unethical support. God bless Ethiopia. Ethiopia will prevail by the zealous struggle of her gallant children.

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