Tamagn Beyene: The Artist as Critic exposes the interiors of hate inside the crucible of TPLF. – By Teodros Kiros (PhD)

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Art has always been the foreshadower of change, and the relentless stimulant of the Artistic imaginary and the Aesthetic impulse. Great Artists are not merely producers of mechanical art, but thinkers extraordinaire, fearless speakers, or what the ancient Greeks called (Parhessia).

Tamagn was that fearless speaker in full command of his ego and a lover of the Ethiopia, the world historical civilization founded by a great people aware of their historicality and proud of their africanity.

Tamagn Beyene, in a recent event fund raising event in Boston (August 14, 2010) gave a masterful presentation of ESAT to a gathering of Ethiopians. At this event, through a blend of biting humor, arresting humility and elegance, he
exposed the interiors of hate and ethnicity by the ruling Ethiopian Regime.

In a shocking presentation of the distribution of power in Ethiopia, the artist gave a compelling picture of the dominance of Tigreans in all the major posts of the “ woyanne machine”. The names of the political personalities and their positions were carefully presented to a very vigilant public.

What emerges in the end is a frightening picture of the Ethiopian nation profoundly fractured by ethnic prism through which modern Ethiopia is being divided and ruled to the detriment of a future that will leave a legacy of hate, mistrust and revenge.

Contrary to the regimes outside appearance, this regime does not believe in the Ehtiopianity of Ethiopia, but rather in a dangerous attempt at Tigrenaizing Ethiopia under the tutelage of ethnic lords, who believe in Great Tigre, at the expense of the Great Ethiopia, and its classical Ethiopian emperors of Tigrean origin. These Emperors were always Ethiopians first and tigreans second. The Ethnic machine of Woyanne is actively rewriting this history and promoting it through force as power.

The artist heroically advised the audience to fight this vision through a counter vision of a genuine Ethiopianity, which ought to be promoted through the new media of Esat, the harbinger of change, unity and brotherhood of Ethiopians of the new generation.

His vision of a new Ethiopia can be presented through the powerful medium o ESAT that he is generously presenting the Ethiopian people, through a contagious passion and commitment, and we Ethiopians are grateful to him, and so willing to herald his name and bless his project.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

  1. አበበ
    | #1

    እደት ናችሁ ወገን

  2. Habtom
    | #2

    Well said, Professor. Let God multiply the breed of your kind so that gradually the spoilt generation of ours would be neutralized and become sensible at last. God bless Ethiopia.

  3. hailuy
    | #3

    The woyane, right from their conception, do not have an Ethiopian agenda. They set out to liberate Tigrai from Ethiopian colonialism, calling themselves as Tigrai people liberation front, TPLF. They were formed in the image of EPLF and by EPLF to fght on a single issue.; the liberation of tigrai.

    Some how, by coincidence of events, outside the control of the rest of the Ethiopian people, the woyane ended up MARCHING to Addis Abeba.

    To the woyane, it was an open house they found when they marched to Addis Abeba, with no body responsible for the affairs of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Those responsible have fled , leaving the country helpless and vulnerable to woyane occupation. The woyane do not believe they are Ethipians and did not have any agenda in the interest of Ethiopia from the start AND AS SOON AS THEY TOOK CONTROL OF THE CAPITAL, they disarmed the Ethiopian military, and replaced them with their ‘tegadalay’ to intimidate and make the people submissive to their occupation.

    That is why Ethiopia is in the state it is today under the woyane. True to their hatred of Ethiopia and Ethiopianism they have pillaged and ravaged the country, taken the loot for themselves and their kits and rule over the people in the style of mercenaries.

    Having established control of the country, the woyane’s first priority was to braek up the countru into ethnic enclaves to pave the way for their divide and rule, in the same way as Mussollini did inthe 2nd world war.
    The woyane leaders insulted the Ethiopian tri-colour as a piece of rag and said that Ethipia was afiction that was created in the last 100 years. The woyane forced people to settle in ethnic homelands, leaving the places they grew up and lived for generations. They deliberately incited ethnic tensions and violence and many people died and were displaced.

    First they targeted the Amhara as the main enemey and through the ethnic hatred they incited many hundreds of thousands were slaughtered. They pretended that the other ethnicities were victims of the amhara and were befriended initially.
    Once they finished with the Amhara they turned againt the oromo, the Afar, the Guraghe, and have now persecuted every ethnic group in Ethiopia in turn. Thousands of oromos now languish in prison. The oromos who turned against the amhara incited by the woyane now face their fate under the woyane. the same is true for the afar, the somali, the anuak, etc etc.
    There is no one in Ethiopia not affected by what the woyane have done
    woyane is intent on getting an end to Ethiopia and its place in the history of the world.
    There is no one in Ethiopia not affected by what the woyane have done.

  4. ewnetem yetamena
    | #4

    tamagne is our hero go tamagne may god bless you

  5. senterege
    | #5

    ESAT Yet New yalew
    We cannot get it. Any answer from your end
    From Addis Ababa

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