Ethiopia: The End of Apartheid is Coming. ‘Be on the Right Side of History’

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by Teshome Debalke August 20th, 2010

The rogue regime’s Prime Minster recently threw the usual economy growth figure and his willingness to negotiation with the oppositions. It was good try for ethically vacant and morally bankrupt apartheid regime. No one is impressed except those who he spins at a figure tip for a variety of their corrupt petty interests. What Ethiopians are demanding is the end of Apartheid Economy and the people’s government to come not to negotiate with a defunct regime. It should not require much intelligence to figure that out by now.

The inflated economic growth he planed to achieve in the next five years that will produce enough food to end the country’s dependency on foreign food aid and to export surplus is not new deception used for the last 20 years. This time he must have too much fate on his Arab and Indians investors who came-up with a magic formula. In a year or so when they start sending the grain they produce to their respective countries on a dollar per acre land he handed them he is going to comeback and tells us he exported the surplus after he feed the people. Who is going to fact check in one-man regime?

The rogue regime and supporters do not seem to understand a black Apartheid system is no different than a white Apartheid. They also do not seem to appreciate economic growth of an Apartheid system does not amount to any thing to the people.

He sounds intelligence enough to understand the complex issues when he spews his bogus argument against liberal democracy and free market for his Revolutionary Democracy and Apartheid economy. But all of a sudden he looks clueless when he is told-no mater how much your growth or no growth figure may be the Apartheid system does not result in any thing but misery. Those who benefit must also understand their temporary insanity to accumulate blood money is not legitimate wealth they earned but stolen. He knows it, they know it so everybody else.

The regime new call to negotiate with any opposition including Ginbot 7 (G7) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) also sounds as if he is still bargaining on a sack of grain on the lives of the people. What seems to elude his delusional mind is he has a rap-sheet as long as The Nile River and hardly has any creditability to be taken seriously. As the Chairman of Ginbot 7-Dr. Berhanu Nega puts it ‘there will be no negotiation with a pathological liar’. Rightly so, it is universally accepted the regime and its disciples can not be rehabilitated as proven for the last 20 years.

What is left to negotiate anyways? To legitimize the election result, to continue the Apartheid system, to endorse the regime’s corruption, to overlook the tramp-on and the elimination of independent Media and civic society, to leave the shadow corrupt investors intact, to praise the land grab as a legitimate investment…, where would one start even if there is an honest negotiator of the Apartheid regime?

The whole sham has absolutely noting to do with the economy or the governance, but to throw us off from the real question to sustain the corrupt Apartheid regime. His first ploy is to reroute us from his regime’s illegitimacy into something else because of damage freedom fighters are inflecting and the international community pounding him for his brazen 99.6% win that made them look fools. The second strategy is to marginalize the feared oppositions from the people by sounding he is an innocent regime who love to negotiate in front of the media while he sent his assassins when no one is watching. The third strategy and probably most important, to give comfort for his corrupt partners that he is in full control to continue doing their usual corrupt business and to reassure his ‘foreign’ investors the deal he made with them in the back room is still on. Apparently, the word is out many of his corrupt supporters who made a fortune in the last 20 years are worried enough to bell out sending their families and loots overseas, according to insiders.

Suppose the economy grow by double, triple, quadruple… digit or more as he wished; what does that has to do with the Apartheid system in place? Is that supposed to mean what is good for Woyane is good enough for the people?

A lesson from the historical summary account of the Apartheid system of South Africa might help Melse and his deceptive/duped followers may help refresh their memory:

In the 1960s South Africa had economic growth second only to that of Japan. Trade with Western countries grew, and investors from the United States, France and Britain rushed in to get a piece of the action. Resistance among blacks had been crushed. Since 1964, Mandela, leader of the African Nation Congress, had been in prison on Robben Island just off the coast from Cape Town, and it appeared that South Africa’s security forces could handle any resistance to apartheid. But in the seventies this rosy picture for South Africa’s whites began to fade. It went on to say…

To win the hearts and minds of blacks and also to ward off movements in the United States and Europe against apartheid, a new constitution was created. Black homelands were declared nation-states and pass laws were abolished…

The anti-apartheid movements in the United States and Europe were gaining support for boycotts against South Africa, for the withdrawal of U.S. firms from South Africa and for the release of Mandela. South Africa was becoming an outlaw in the world community of nations. Investing in South Africa by Americans and others was coming to an end.

In January 1985, Botha addressed the government’s House of Assembly and stated that the government was willing to release Mandela on condition that Mandela pledge opposition to acts of violence to further political objectives.

Mandela’s reply was read in public by one of his allies — his first words distributed publicly since his sentence to prison twenty-one years before. Mandela described violence as the responsibility of the apartheid regime and said that with democracy there would be no need for violence. The crowd listening to the reading of his speech erupted in cheers and chants, and Mandela was elevated as the leader of South Africa’s blacks.

Botha’s effort to win hearts and minds failed. If anything, those other than the white minority were encouraged to seek more than what was offered by Botha’s reforms. Doing otherwise, many believed, would make them dupes. The campaign to overthrow apartheid escalated, with African National Congress leaders in exile calling for consumer boycotts, rent strikes and people’s war to make townships ungovernable. Violence increased, and rage was vented on black policemen and township officials regarded as government stooges…

The similarity is telling, and then what is the Revolutionary Democracy Apartheid regime’s Prime Minster telling us, or not telling us? I guess, like the last SA Apartheid leader Botha’s efforts, Melse is saying to win the heart and mind of the people by trickle-down economics to feed the people three times a day in their own killi should give him legitimacy. Is that the best the rogue regime can do-growing the economy double digit by substituting western investors with Middle East and Asian investor? What is next? Dispatch the elders so that he can negotiate a better prison condition for Bertukan-Mandela in order to continue his Apartheid regime?

Absurd as it may sound; I am not one of those who blame a perverted leader like Melse but his followers. If he has no followers who feed on the Apartheid system he will probably end-up in a mental institution or penitentiary, but unfortunately there are sick followers who live off the blood of Ethiopians.

They claim the economy is growing rapidly, that is in direct proportion to their bank account. They claim there are plenty of investment opportunities, that is also in direct proportion with what they cash out of it. They argue “seeing is believing”,as if they can see or hear. They even claim inflation is the result of farmers making too much money and buying up all the foods, I am not kidding. The last time they came out to demonstrate In Washington they made it look like the Nile was flowing from Egypt to Ethiopia. They got too sensitized in telling lies they are willing to alter nature and live-off lies and deceits alone.

Do a test on your own, add-up all the numbers invested on one thing or another for a period on their propaganda media and you will find out there is more investment in Ethiopia than China. Caution: they would not tell you what Woyane’s shadow businesses are investing, that is a private matter that does not concern Ethiopians.

There is a one-man online media called Ben-Page operated by Binyam Kebede believed to operate out of Canada. He is a master of piling-up the numbers and making it look like Canada’s Economy than Ethiopia. He also makes it look like the country’s economy is owned by the famous Saudi investor Alamudi. There is another barefaced Woyane’s media called Aiga Forum that strive to slowdown the freedom movement. Their mission is as simple as diverting the issues to sustain Apartheid.

It is understandable the supports of Woyane are in a no-way-out situation trapped by their own corruption and crimes of many kind that sustained the regime in the last 20 years. They are hoping the struggle for freedom will disappear by their half hearted treat and diversion and are willing to commit more crimes than they already did. That is what corruption does to the soul of humans to blind them in believing their very survival depends on committing more crimes. The regime supplies them with all the ammunition they need to make sure they continue their crime.

Something is going haywire with the Woyane Apartheid system that was built on sand. The greed is so much so it is like scavengers running loss after a natural catastrophe. Those who sensed the rotten system is going to collapse are cashing out and running. Dubai is the preferred destination for big time crooks. Asia and South Africa is another destination for the official crooks. The grand crooks are stashing every where from London, Rome, Brussels, New York, Denver, Columbus, San Diego, and Seattle and all the way to Toronto.

The rogue regime is desperate, it even set-up a budget to bribe its way-out to sustain the Apartheid system. The news is out it is targeting the Diaspora with a combination of bribe and treat. Those who were swindled to build houses on regime’s owned land are told to submit their fingerprints as it was planned to blackmail and isolate them from the struggle. The new targets are the sitting-ducks Diasporas who are told to come and invest in the ‘booming’ economy to be used to cover up for regime, until they are tossed.

We should expect from the rouge regime cadres overseas who are pressured to act for the privilege they get from Apartheid system. The airheads will make many wrong moves by breaking the laws of the countries that afforded them to live in peace and freedom. They should know committing more crimes to preserve the Apartheid system has far more consequences for those who think it is safe to coddle with the rogue regime for petty theft and corruption. It is not only crime against the citizens of the countries they live but conspiracy to commit crime on behalf of foreign government that will cost them their ill gained wealth as well as their freedom. Many of the rogue regime supporters already broke the law many times over.

Let no one say I was not warned; it is time to be on the ‘Right Side of History’. Beyond that, it is time to tell the truth and forgo the ill gotten blood money on the back of Ethiopians and join the March 4 Freedom.

Apartheid must end now and democracy must prevail, any one in the way is public enemy!

  1. dawit
    | #1

    “Apartheid must end now and democracy must prevail, any one in the way is public enemy!”
    Is this the same thing as “Abiyot lejochuwan tibelalech”? or the several similar derg styled slogans?

  2. BS
    | #2

    Yikes! This guy wrote for the sake of writing.

  3. Challa
    | #3

    That is the truth man;
    It seems late, but the time is definately coming.

    The Apartheid regime would collapse! I am ready to be at the front; not kidding; better die standing than live kneeling

    | #4

    Teshome Debalke, thank you for your outstanding article!

    As for “dawit” and “BS”, I say, when you earn “blood money” snatched from millions of dying children and you are beneficieres, it is reasonable that you deffend your master.It is like the saying in owr country – “Wusha bebelabet yichohal”.You are in a sinking Apartide like tyranny boat.It is better for you to jump out and save your future!

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    ምን ሆናችሁ ዳዊትና ቢስ, ነካ አረጋቹህ እንዴ ጽሁፉ ፈስ እንዳለበት አጥላላችሁት;; አይዣቹሁ ሌባ ካለሆናቹሁ ካልገደላችሁና ሰላይ ካለሆናችሁ አትስጉ;; ዘርኛው ወያኔ ክሆናችሁ ግን ብትደበቁ ይሻላችኋል

    ጽሁፊ ብዙ ቁም ነገር ይዟል መልካሙንም ድክመቱንም መወያየቱ አይሻልም; አኔን ያስተማረኝ ወያኔን እነደአፓርታይድ ማየቱ አውናማ አለው:: ወያኔ ዘረኛ ነው የኢኮኖሚ ዘረፋው የክልል አመሰራረቱ አንስተኛ ቢሄረሰብ ሞኖፖሊው ሁሉ እንደአፓርታይድ ነው::

    ወያኔ ካልሆናቹህ እንዴት አታዩትም?

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    …show us to fight…we are just crying….And even for the doctor you mentioned…pls tell him to show us for full time struggle for Ethio and not in words like the weyanes in practice.Then we will support u for real.Dont tell us ,show us.

  7. ewnetu
    | #7

    that is it. it is time to call a spade a spade . The article tells exactly what kind of system has been in place in Ethiopia for the last 20 years. however, he is still modest to call the culprits by name. let me do it for him. The damn tigres are the whites of the woyane apartheid regime and the rest of Ethiopians are the victimized blacks of this evil regime. 95% of Ethiopians are know it very well. most speak about it behind closed doors for different reasons. Those in Ethiopia do not say it because of fear of retribution. In Ethiopia, It is acceptable to denounce the victims who are the rest of Ethiopians than the thieves who have some connection to this dusty, no good arid land called tigrai. The people in this region have nothing to call it their own. Either they have to beg or rob to live. They have always injured Ethiopia and Ethiopians by colluding with foreign enemies or working against the wishes of the Ethiopian people. some of those in diaspora have their selfish reasons while others are simply naive to admit the truth. Ato. gizachew of andenet has opened up the can when he equates the future of Ethiopian opposition struggle to that of black south Africans who fought apartheid. Yes, let us call a spade a spade. let us fight this racist regime and its goons who will never get satisfied sucking the blood of Ethiopians.

  8. kentu
    | #8

    meles has a new and latest weapon ,to trap a bird make small food then when she is relax hunt and kill .nowadays meles call all opposition party to negotiate.If you want in amharic telat astegto new(ተላት አስተግቶ ነው መምታት)if you want be rich go ethiopia, then after you invest your money you lose it any time with out any reason by gang government that is why expert ask you about location or political stability. I hope those who want invest thing twice

  9. Solomon
    | #9

    I totaly agree with the writer Ato Teshome Debalke. It is one of the best and accurate discreption of the Meles regim and his followers. Accurate analysis help us to figure out the solution.

    Keep it up Ato Teshome! Think of your self as a man with a small candel in the dark field. You would enlight your area, I do the same, fellow Ethiopians do the same and all the sadden we over came the evil Meles’s darkness in Ethiopia.

  10. Stand up for your right
    | #10

    I think the white aparthiede system in southren africa is far better than TPLF’s aparthiede system in ethiopia.The white aparthiedors had built south africa, no one had lootted and hidden billions of dollars in the foreign banks , no single leader of south africa had taken billions of dollars from foreign banks as TPLF’ gangisters have been doin
    for the last 35 years. can you immagine meles and sebhat’s gangisters group sold 3o,ooo tones of sand for 1m dollars when millions of ethiopians died from hunger in tegeray.ethiopians must stand together to free ethiopia and it ppl from these lawless lootters and bandits.

  11. ጎርፉ
    | #11

    BS You are really a Bull Shit. The writer has a good understanding of socioeconomic situation that is happening right now in Ethiopia. Meles in his speech used to put tigray as a separate country. He used to say “if the Ethiopian situation supports the tigray revolution we will go to get rid of the dergue”, “if not we will go for total liberation of tigray.” Tigray is liberated and became a burden to the other Ethiopian parts.” For 20 years little tigray manage to drag back the Ethiopian nation 4 or 5 generation. Before tigray used to mock at Mnyilk, callin him “Emye Mnyil.” With same mouth they barfed they sold out the country beyond belief. What do you think we shoul call them:- “emye meles”, “emye gebru”. I for my self don’t give them that kind of pride. It will be appropariate to call them “shumbash meres” “muntaz gebru” “muntaz amberebr” or what ever his name is. I called him by his eprp name.He was one of the member of those lampun groups while he was in eprp.

  12. aha!
    | #12

    Amen to all the narratives. Prophesies and predictions want be accomplished without adhering to the the common goals for unity, territorial integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with liberal but not revoltionary democracy of soverign country and sovereign citizens with private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia, fostering private enterprize, rather than EFFORT enterpise of eploitation as well as political and economical strangle hold of the country by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises is no different than economomy run by an external occuppying force. It appears like a free enterprse for for TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and democracy for TPLF and TPLF affilated cadres and supporters. Those supporters fall into the catagories: hard core TPLF members, teletafi parties, loyalist opposition party supporters, individuals implicated with the current regime seeking the lesser of two evils, individuals, who put their interest ahead of national interest, and hard core supporters of TPLF/eprdf regime, seeking the lesser of two evils along with Security, Agazi, Federal Police and Military forces are the forces to be reckoned with as the upkeep of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies written in the constitution that the author labels as an apartheid regime of divide and rule, with boundries set by languages instead of the original provinces, endorsing “Ethnic Federalism” instead of “State Ferderalism”, which would bring Eritrea into the new set up by the freewill of the oppressed silent majority of Eritreans and the silent majority of Ethiopians of the the motherland Ethiopia, a beacon for the freedom of Africans, and a beacon for 21st centrury democratic country in Africa. These vision would not be achieved by none others than the parties standing for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and and Ethiopians with liberal and/or Social democracy.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    I agree solomon and stand up for your right.The two TPLFs jumped the gun before the say a word, no see evil hear none. I found it interesting the way Tesohme put it. Where is all Woyanes stolen money going? the two Woyane BSs should tell us if they are not ashemed of it.

    The new law should help track them down.

  14. Asamenew
    | #14

    I agree, the two Woyanes jumped the gun, see no evil hear none. I found it interesting the way he framed it. Where is all Woyanes puting the money they steal? can they be track down? A friend told me they use family names to stash it but not hard to find out. I want to know how we can find out. Any suggestion?

    The new law should help track them down.

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