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Meskerm 1, 2003 ( Happy Ethiopia’s New Year!)!

Title: Making Knowledge Commons between Ethiopia’s ‘Abroad and Home’

“Strengthen Knowledge, Research and Training for Ethiopia, Now!”

Nesglobal Motto

On Meskerm 1, 2003 (September 11, 2010), the ‘Network of Ethiopian Scholars-Global’ brings to the public the Ethiopian e-Journal for Research and Innovation Foresight (Ee-JRIF) as one of the electronics vehicles for the circulation and mobility of Ethiopia’s global higher education, knowledge, research, training and publishing activities by connecting seamlessly the past, present and future from both inside and outside of the country. The objective is to bring the New Generation into active communication work done on science, technology, engineering, social and human sciences on any aspect of Ethiopian life, society, economy and people to be known, exchanged and distributed with predictability and high quality to raise the general standard of education of all Ethiopians wherever they are now. Such a communication and networking will contribute to the development and transformation of the country. (

There have been different types of communications between home and abroad. The one that has dominated the relationship has been communication through politics. Whilst all forms of communication must be encouraged, there is also a need to frame specific arenas of communication such as creating spaces for the arts, the sciences, sports, culture and other activities (with good quality.)

NESGLOBAL believes there are huge gains in exchanging, circulating and activating knowledge, higher education, research, training and publishing activities that reach all Ethiopians through the mobilisation of e- activities and services.

Nesglobal wishes to harness the power of new technologies to contribute to the research, knowledge and higher education capability building of Ethiopia.

Nesglobal ( will serve as a node of a Global Ethiopian Higher Education, Research and Knowledge Observatory.

The aim is to reach all Ethiopians and bring out the best they can offer by communicating knowledge and research in a network that allows them to know the work they do in isolation and break that barrier to form new and creative self-organising communities of intellect and moral intelligence without borders by emerging as communities or networks of excellence, thinking and commitment.

With knowledge, the quality, productivity, capability of each Ethiopian will be stronger. When each becomes strong, the Ethiopian ‘we’ becomes even stronger. Ethiopia’s outside the country is also the Ethiopian home’s own’ nearest abroad.’ There is a great need for the ‘near abroad’ to become even nearer by exchanging and communicating talents, skills and knowledge using creatively e-techniques. Together Ethiopians will learn to solve the current Ethiopia’s serious education problems with a culture of knowledge, research and education with largeness of mind, understanding and toleration. They can learn to address the real problem of the people, the country and the nation. Older and younger generations will interact through knowledge and sharpen their capabilities and moral power. Now, Ethiopians reside scattered around the globe, and with this phenomenon comes an opportunity and challenge. There is also an Ethiopian knowledge on the move scattered across borders and continents. Ethiopia’s key challenge of the 21st century is how to tap the knowledge, research and education to wean the new generation of bright, committed and dedicated Ethiopians. What nesglobal hopes is to translate into practice knowledge, research, training and supervisory bond between home and abroad. It is not a one way street, where those outside the country send ‘knowledge remittance’ and not just finance and money. What is needed is a double flow on the foundation of an Ethiopian knowledge commons that interlinks the home and abroad.

We have opened this knowledge, research, and publishing e-services so that Ethiopians can increase the quality, capability and utility in creating new linkages that will enable them to make a big difference to themselves and their own homeland.

We will publish works written by Ethiopians as e-books. Ethiopia’s first e-Journal on Research, and Innovation Foresight (Ee-JRIF) was already published on Prominent Ethiopian scientists around the world have joined the editorial board and help run this journal by helping to focus on the relevant problems and challenges Ethiopia faces today. The first issue was on agriculture, the second issue will be on education and the third on health, etc… The e-resources have documented scientific work related to Ethiopia that will be like a library for Ethiopians to use. Both the e-resources and the e-journal will help Ethiopians to network, contribute to the country and get to know their works. The emergent learner will reach the senior learner and together the people, the country and the nation will benefit. The new generation will have the access also to be stronger bearers of knowledge, creative learning and innovation.

We feel proud and privileged to run the (NESGLOBAL) network with a number of dedicated Ethiopians globally for the last few years. It is with humility and joy that we offer this gift to the people, country and nation we love on the day of Ethiopia’s New Year from to the abroad!

From Meskerm 1, 2003 to years and years to come, just like the country’s epic record of resistance history and spirit of national independence, NESGLOBAL will encourage Ethiopia to emerge as Africa’s most exemplary nation for knowledge, research and higher education capability.

Forward with e-knowledge, e-research and e-publishing and e–training and e-education for Ethiopia’s development, and real structural transformation. The strategic heart for visioning the future with foresight and intelligence is the productive power of education, research and knowledge. Ethiopia has vast opportunity to combine its history of resistance with a new history of knowledge!

Happy Ethiopian New Year!

Inqutatash! Eid Mubarak!


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