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The following letter was sent to Ethiopian Review today by Robert Hornsby, Director of Media Relations, Columbia University:

From: Robert Hornsby

to: Elias Kifle

The longstanding editorial policy of the World Leaders Forum website has been to provide only the basic factual information about the name of speakers, their bios, date of events and, if provided, the title of remarks. The background information that was posted by staff about the Forum involving the Prime Minister of Ethiopia was obtained from the government’s Mission and was not properly cited as such. We regret that error.

It is not the policy of the World Leaders Forum to take editorial positions of the type inadvertently suggested by this unattributed text and, as is the case with all guest speakers on Columbia’s campus, Prime Minister Zenawi’s invitation to speak at Columbia does not constitute endorsement of his views or his nation’s policies.

Prime Minister Zenawi’s remarks will be followed by an open question and answer period with students and members of our university community. Because we insist that such an open exchange be part of World Leaders Forum events, foreign leaders visiting the University often are confronted with probing questions that they may not face in their home countries. Providing such a forum for debate of controversial ideas and issues is central to the University’s free speech values, its educational mission, and its role as a global center of learning.

Robert Hornsby
Director of Media Relations
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Columbia University in the City of New York
Rm. 402 Low Library, Mail code 4321
535 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027

p: 212-854-9752; f: 212-678-5573

  1. tufa
    | #1

    Dear Ethiopians & friends of Ethiopians abroad,

    If you have the chance to be part of this meeting please ask killer Zenawi how he scored 99.6 % vote, I think that forum will not be the same for Zenawi to reply back undesciplined words like he did for the past 20 years in Ethiopian parliament. Hope Teshome Toga will not be there to interrupt people opinion. So Zenawi will face many logical questionnes against the crimes he has made in Ethiopia,

  2. Anbese
    | #2

    Dear Ethiopian living arround the Columbiya University, Standby for strong Demonstration against the Fascist MEles Zenawi and also against the Columbiya University.

    Long Live Ethiopia!!!

  3. Drama
    | #3

    Essential to education and free speech my butt. They can be educated about Meles w/o his appearance at the University. This is another laim excuse from the genocidal collaborators. How in the hail can you call an ethnic extrimist to Colombia University? Where is the ethics of the IV league schools?????? The US as usual, losing respect, slowly but surely.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    I think comments should be brought forward (or be posted) after the speach or presentation of the guest speaker is made, in all fairness. and those who feel passionate can pose their questions through their network of coleagues in the auditorium ( I am sure there are many of them)

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