The “Pardon Board” decides – EMF

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Source from KIL told EMF that the pardon board sent its final decision to the president office few hours ago. According to the source, the pardon board accepted the release of Kaliti prisoners. (more…)

Source from KIL told EMF that the pardon board sent its final decision to the president office few hours ago. According to the source, the pardon board accepted the release of Kaliti prisoners.Now, the president is expected to sign the document today or tomorrow. KIL was negotiating and working with Mediators/Ambassador Yamamato for the last six months on the bases of releasing of prisoners. Some European countries and United States Foreign Department has promised KIL (Kinijit International Leadership) to accept these leaders as “State Official delegates” when they come to Europe or United States in the future.

  1. Zeleykun
    | #1

    i support all.

  2. | #2

    I support the release of CUD leaders without any preconditions.

  3. aymere
    | #3

    before you judge someone I seroiusly advise you to go back to school to improve your weak english.Don’t even dare the journalist who dedicate their lives to give information for ethiopian abroad and inside Ethiopia. So Please don’t be like weyanes.

  4. Melkamu
    | #4

    Its so easy to know the moron woyanes like Mulu…., just her second word is so civilized, he/she better go to barn and get a forrage, that is where he/she belongs to the wild animals

  5. kakoch
    | #5

    In what ever case our leaders will be released and the struggle will continue to be free our country specially from Hodam bandas and kehadi woyanies.

    Kinijit nefes new!!
    Ethiopia will prevail!!!

  6. MUNA
    | #6

    yefelegew bihon Ethiopia ye woyane malagecha atihonim tiglu yiketilal.

  7. j.p.h
    | #7

    In some web sits the discussions on the title
    “Ethiopian President’s” preparation to pardon
    the elected leaders goes as follows:

    “You made me laugh”
    “The 300lbs wheelchair-bound president”.

    Don’t miss the funny poem!
    Please read below:

    Crime “President”
    Good to have some body in this difficult time
    In history of the land you are special one
    Your body is perfect with “Metabolic syndrome”
    Ethiopia has got one to trust, relay upon
    Man of year, no question for every citizen.

    There you have the word “truth”
    very strong opponent
    Advising you wisely -” not to live just to eat”
    But“to eat just to live-” not to become too fat
    And acquire“heart attack”‘stroke” or maybe gout
    You should properly think about the land’s fate
    Otherwise leave the throne
    don’t be an instrument

    Ethiopia in misery can you cope with the task?
    Or you fill your belly when the enemies attack?
    Your children’s blood flowing-
    can’t you see or just think?
    The Oromo Killings,the Amhara murder
    or the people of Anuak
    Even Tigray killings or murder in a Bank
    “Mr. Crime president” opportunist and fake
    Repent your sins and leave-
    better be a good monk.

    Elected true leaders suffering in prison
    Infested by disease inhuman condition
    Accused of “genocide” and laughable “treason”
    For they seek justice, truth-
    for the entire nation
    Even you, your master, who swim in blood ocean
    Honorable they are release them without pain

    “Mr. Crime president”
    let me ask you please this
    What have you done to solve-
    the Addis massacres?
    The hunger of millions the world condemns?
    Corruption and health care-
    the deadly disease AIDS?
    Are you there on the post-
    to just receive commands?
    Or represent a country and million Ethiopians?
    You didn’t proved it Sir-
    don’t decide things for us.

    You went to America to thank authorities,
    The Missouri’s success in humanitarian aids,
    For they made difference-
    in the lives of millions,
    The task you failed promote-
    as president’s duties
    Springfield Missouri welcoming the highness
    Be aware “president” of all the “Habeshas”
    They have prepared for you-
    big slogans for”HODAMS”

    (Anonymous Ethiopian 07/03/2007)

  8. Tesfa
    | #8

    Dear All!



  9. Endale
    | #9

    Amen Tesfa!!!

  10. | #10

    We need to struggle to the end for the release of the elected leaders.

    Well said, but how about if the cunning foxes take away all what Ethiopia possesses including oil and gases from under her legs while she stands straight with hands spread up to the heavens?

    That is also how colonialists subjugated Africa and enslaved the continent for centuries.

  11. sol
    | #11

    OK what is next?……….

  12. | #12

    Standing and keep praying with our both hands strechthed high up in to the heavens may never liberate us from a devious cunning occupying dictator. O f course the prayers may confort our soul and provide psychological healing power which by itself is excellent.

    But the real liberation and freedom from criminal human rights’ violating dictatorship needs practically tightening our belts and folding our sleeves and fighting back in unity within divesity. Less than that, we will only remain marginalized targets of games and gaming chess board tokens to be played with endlessely.
    That is bad to the bones.

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