A Day of infamy at Columbia University – By Advocacy for Ethiopia (AFE) & Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy (EACA)

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For the past 20 years, the Ethiopian people have suffered from repressive political governance and a socioeconomic architecture that has enabled a minority-ethnic based leftist political party, the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front, to dominate the national economy by merging ethnicity, party and state. PDF

  1. She Is Ethiopia
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    ATTN: Dear Democratic President Meles,

    I hope you will read this someday. Perhaps a miracle which happen and your democratic attitude will change.

    Democracy is not election to screen the votes of a nation with the filter of your own opinion. Democracy is not taking what other’s for yours, for your own survival. Democracy is not choking the voices so that no harsh word could aggrieve your ears. Democracy is not ruling a totalitarian regime under the name of a Republic. Democracy is not that minority chains majority. Democracy is not describing the sacred things as your own and charging anyone who says anything against you with heresy. Democracy is not being a caring foster for other countries’ people and being an unkind stepmother for your own nation. Democracy is not to play with words and to invert the truth and still discourse on freedom of speech. Democracy is not that whatever we say is not democratic and whatever you say is democratic.

    Democracy is what my brothers and sisters requested for and you shed their blood because of it. But still we haven’t given up on our dream…As Farbod Khoshtinat of Iran says that

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