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I remember reading a week or so ago one concerned Ethiopian’s protest directed to some web sites (unnamed there but mainly ECADF, Ethio Media, Ethiopian review) who otherwise claim to be very much critical of the ruling Weyane (TPLF/EPRDF) but still post the despicable Weyane flag as the flag of Ethiopia. Ethio Media even goes far to present trafficked women and prostitution ads under the cover of meeting singles ads. This shame even goes far in some web sites with ads calling for Meet Ethiopian Single Women. Shame! Shame! Shame!

We should remember that our Ethiopian flag is our unifying symbol. When we look to it flown high above the landscape in times of trouble such as now the flag remind us that Ethiopia will go on. We feel unity towards one another knowing that we are part of the same country whose forefathers and mothers stood and sacrificed their life in unison flying this flag. As it did to them, the flag makes all of us feel like part of one family. It is a symbol of our pride, freedom, unity and hope. It is the first most precious national symbol to fight for and safeguard.

I know some web sites do need money but this should not push them to sell out their principles and advertize the anti national flag of Meles Zenawi. Add to this the sad fact that web sites are so sectarian all over. Some web sites will not ever post very valuable and informative articles just because they do not like the writer or his political affiliations. Some omit very popular sites from their Link pages. If we cannot show some tolerance and broad mindedness here at the level of web sites how can anyone believe our loud claim that we stand for democracy in Ethiopia? I have also learned from reliable sources that such web sites also refuse decent rebuttals to articles they had otherwise posted in their sites. Where is the debate? Where is the search for enlightenment?

I call upon the mentioned web sites to remove the Weyane flag from their pages or else face the boycott that they had been calling for against the horrible Meles Zenawi regime.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Dear Concerned Ethiopian,
    Probably you don’t know that it is out of their control. The ads are not controlled by the webmasters. Where ever there is traffic the ads show up. The ads are not mainly to introduce the woyane flag, but to advertise like here on your right side, phone cards and other staff. Thus, I don’t blame the website masters. I blame us for not encouraging them and supporting them financially and we want them to run the websites. How?

  2. Adanech
    | #2

    The ‘Woyane’ flag appears literally on all Ethiopian web sites embedded in adverts. The people who run, I bielve, do not have rights to select what will be adverised and what symbols or words are present in the advers. That right may belong only to the owners of the servers. So, your criticism is mis directed. Just concentrate on what is posted by the people who write news and articles. If you want to protest the exhibiting of the ‘hambasha’ flag, you may do one or both of the following:
    1 – Write a protest letter to the businesses who advertise using the flag, or the people who you believe are involved in trafficking women (report to authorities)
    2- If they don’t listen to you, the do not patronise their businesses or services.
    This I hope is the right thing to do.
    Lets leave the bloggers alone. They are doing a great and patriotic service

  3. IT-GUY
    | #3

    Nice concern, but!! here is a little detail that we need to know!
    These ads are dynamically generated by Google and the websites have a limited control over this ads. The way it works even depends on the Geographic location and the browsing behavior of the specific user and many other factors. The ad you see can be completely different from the ad that I see. For example at this moment on AbugidaInfo I am looking at an ad from ZOOSK (which is a dating site) while you may be looking at another ad.You can make further research on how this thing works yourself if you are interested .
    My point ….”We can’t blame them..blame the technology..or blame Google”


  4. aha!
    | #4

    Good observation. I noticed that also. That sends a subliminal message to those engaged in peacefull struggle for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with liberal democracy to reinstate a federal republic of the original states with various demographies under one untainted Flag one language and one Nation, indivisible by ethnicity, under God, liberty and jistice for all.

  5. Sara
    | #5

    I never noticed such adds on Ethiomedia before but even though adds are generated by Google adds dynamically, the owners can control what they don’t want to advertise on their website.

  6. Waaqoo
    | #6

    Who knows, may be this so called medias are over-run by TPLF thugs. We know that TPLF is incubating new generation of cadres and spreading all over the globe to confuse the resourceful Diapora. Specially, churches, political parties, media outlets and civic organizations are the main targets.
    A friend of mine in Japan told me that Ethiopian community in Japan which was an appendage of TPLF has been brought down by a new non profit association called Adey Abeba one year ago. Since then Woyane has been out of the field. Few days ago Woyane’s ECJ born again by sacrificing its clandestine spies posing as anti-TPLF would be refugees. Since Adey Abeba defied the TPLF embassy and there is no way for TPLF to confuse the people, cadres who had been thought as genuine refugee unmask themselves and come to the fore to save the defunct ECJ-TPLF.
    My friend told me that the the way the US Diaspora exposing TPLF people who demonstrated in the name of Nile is a good lesson for Japan too. He promissed me to let the world know who is who in Japan. It looks like the TPLF cadres has left with no option to hide themselves anymore, because their turf is no more secured.
    My friend told me that Adey Abeba is a very strong non profit association which is a bone in the throat of TPLF. He welcomed the daring of TPLF spies to bring themselves to light, otherwise who would have been causing devastating effect in clandestine activities. He said now the ball is in our field. No TPLF will survive in fake refugee clothing.
    My hats of to Adey abeba and Ethiopians in Japan!
    Waaqoo the Harlem

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