Protest Against Zenawi’s Invitation to Columbia

September 22nd, 2010 Print Print Email Email

Zenawi’s Supporters are overwhelmed by the Opposition protestors. Protestors chant “Death to Meles” Please watch the video. (more…)

Zenawi’s Supporters are overwhelmed by the Opposition protestors. Protestors chant “Death to Meles” Please watch the video.

Protest against dictator zenawi from Abugida Info on Vimeo.

Photo by Tewodros Mekibib

  1. selam situn
    | #1

    Good job, lets keep up the spirit of solidarity

  2. Dilachew Nega
    | #2

    Wonderful Job!
    You did a great work posting these pictures for those of who are not able to take part in the event.
    I hope rest of the world will understand what this bucher has done to us.
    This is a good lesson to all organiser in the future.
    I wish you all a great time.
    We all are with you.

  3. Tariku mezgebu
    | #3

    we have to show our solidarity with the Ethiopian oppressed people by way of demonstrating against the fascist Melese zenawi where ever and when ever encountered him .This is an opportune time for us in the people’s camp to lock horns now and in future to fight this genocidal woyanes dictatorial and big time Mafiosos to the last ditch until woyane crumbled in the face of the Ethiopian people once and for all.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    good job!

  5. Aklile Mezemir
    | #5

    God Bless you my fellow Ethiopians!
    Let’s keep up the fight for democracy by all means.

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    Wow! I am so proud of my Ethiopian brothers and Sisters who stood against the dictator of Ethiopia. Thank you for being the voice for the voiceless Ethiopians who are being terrorized in Ethiopia under the dictatorship of Meles. Thank you for representing all of us who couldn’t be there in person. You have done something to be proud of and hold your heads up. The supporters of the murderer of thousands of people and the looter of the country’s wealth, should be ashamed and humiliated not to show their faces. These idiots wants us to be impressed by Bole Air Port, some roads and buildings and forget everything about the freedom of speech denial, the human abuse all over Ethiopia, the thousands of Ethiopians who are locked up in prison, the thousands of Ethiopians that have been killed all around Ethiopia, the fertile land that given dirty cheap to foreigners. Some of the supporters of Meles must be uninformed village idiots that are impressed by a few buildings, and the few greedy people that have benefited the looted money. It is better to be poor and free without high-rise buildings and fancy airports, than living with no rights at all and be afraid all the time from being arrested and killed by my government, and live in the most unhappy miserable place with a dictator knowing that he hates and loot the people.

  7. ምቹ
    | #7

    ውድና የተከበራችሁ ተሳታፊዎች መቸም ቢሆን አገራችን ተቆርቋሪና ተጨናቂ ልጆችን አጥታ አታውቅም ነገር ግን ጊዚው እያዘነበለ ቅል ድንጋይን መስበር መቻሉ አልፎ አልፎ ይከሰታል።ይህም ወቅታዊ ነው፤ እግዚር ሁላችሁንም ይጠብቅ።ሁሉም ዚጋ ኮርቶባችኋልና በርቱ።

  8. አንበሴ
    | #8

    እናንት ኢትዮጵያውያን ፋሽስቱን ምላስ ዜናዊንና የፋሽስቱን ምላስ ፈላጊ ዜጎችን በማውገዝ ያደረጋችሁት ሰላማዊ ጦርነት አንድነታችሁን ማንነታችሁንና ኢትዮጵያዊነታችሁን እያሳያችሁና እያጠናከራችሁ ስለሆነ ትግላችሁ የትም ወድቆ አይቀርም:: ዋናው ነገር ከብረት የጠነከረ የምንጊዜም ጽናታችሁ ነው::
    በአጠገባችሁ ያሉትን ሆዳም ማፈሪያ ዜጎችን ያለምንም ይሉኝታ እያጋለጣችሁ ማሳወቅ ለትግላችን መንገድ ጥራት ወሳኝነት: ከምንም ነገር በላይ ጠቃሚነት አለው::

    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለአለም ትኑር!!!

  9. Dilachew Nega
    | #9


    Those of you who attended the rally have made a history.
    We Ethiopian’s are proud of you.
    We believe now that we have people who stood for justice any wehre in the world

    Tamagn you are a great mobilizer and motivator.
    You are a hero for your country fellow men and women.
    I wish you all the best in your future endeavor.

  10. bliss
    | #10

    Brilliant! We Ethiopian also need to emphasis where we are living. We should show more of U.S flags as well as Ethiopia’s because we wouldn’t have this protest if it wasn’t for U.S. In addition, we really need to communicate, be really in touch with prominent Americans that would support Ethiopia towards democracy. The U.S and U.K have more influence in our country therefore, we need to get out communication across.

    Over all, I am proud of all those who participated and as Ethio. proverb says, “dir biabir, anbessa yasir” other protests have been really weak. This time it is strong and needs to be much stronger, organized. Imagine what we can do..

    Kudos! also where are the women?

  11. mote le apartide tiegre regime
    | #11

    God Bless my brothers and sisters for standing up for the voiceless Ethiopians. I am in tears, so emotional to see them fighting for our cause. you are my Heroes. Priceless.

  12. regimu wegenachehu
    | #12

    hello mr. prime minster melese zenawi u didn’t told me when u came to the US if i had known this, i would ask u to bring me some SHIRO and BERBERE. Men i missed it.tell me before u go back home so that i can send u some dollars to my is good!!.

    | #13

    Dear brothers and sisters , all Ethiopians,
    I want to share something with you in the hopes that you will do something about it. You don’t have to be from a specific tribe to want to save a fellow ethiopian So I hope you will take this message to heart, whether you are from Norh South east or West. We are all one and suffer together.

    I’ve just come back from Ethiopia and i have to say, very sadyly that a terrible thing is happening in Amhara region. I habe a few relatives there from my father’s side and went to visit. what can I say? The people are living miserably. In one are a I visited, it seemed that the entire village was sick. Everybody, young, old, better off or poor- was so ill that I was shocked. Then I started seeing things on the internet.

    This controversial report :

    States that Amhara are dying off because of an HIV rate mych higher than the national average. Okay fine. But why the lower birth rate? Well, i found out. Women in the villages were being given an illegal form of birth control that makes them permanently barren and if a few give birth then their children have serious handicaps and diseases.

    Nevermind the imprisonment and the beatings from Gojam to gonder and of course in North Shoa- everywhere Amharas are being specifically targeted by the meles Zenawi regime. Why? I don’t know, I guess they see Amharas as to pro-untity or pro Ethiopia..or as a large population as a threat to them.

    former US ambassador Donald Levine stated on Aljazeera that he believed that a genocide was taking place against Amharas by the Zenawi government!

    The USA and the EU are somewhat involved in this as well, becasue they feel that ethiopia’s resources would be easier to take if Ethiopia were broken up and they fear that as 30percent of the population and as very firmly pro EthiopiN UNITY , THE AMHARAS AND ALL OTHER UNITY LOVING ETHIOPIANS LIKE YE DEBUB HIZBOCH would be problem for them. So they are allowing and even helping meles Zenawi to kill us. Right now, it is very difficult to get politicalasylum in the US or Eu as an Amhara- the west wants all Amharas to remain in Ethiopia and to be silently killed by MelesZenawi’s govt. Please know that America and Europe do NOT want the unity of Ethiopia and that is why they are helping meles.

    What should we do?
    call your relatives in the countyr side, ask if they feel ill, sk if they are being given medicine by the government clincis and is that mediicine making them feel worse not better?
    Check the internet for reports- last year a meningitis outbreak wiped out many entire village in Amhara killil before the govt. finally asked for a donation of medicine.

    Please take this seriously. if you are Amhara and you want to invest in Ethiopia, look around first,. be very careful. Don’t invest all your money at one time- there is ahigh chance the government will try to take your land, money, business away from you…so start with half of your planned investment. Please don’t take my word for all of this. Check, ask people you know you can trust, find out and make your own decision.
    I just want you to be careful and please try to find out more about what is going on.

  14. mote le apartide tiegre regime
    | #14

    i heard about a similar thing as what IMPORTANT is saying. a silent genocide is being waged against the amharas and an open genocide against oromos. amharas and oromos unite and fight the fascist tiegre outlaw. put aside your differences for now. forget about this free oromia shit for now. what good is free oromia to you after you all are slaughtered by the ethnic junta..

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