Columbia University Protest Organizers issue the New York Manifesto

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Following the successful demonstration staged against the visit of the Ethiopian dictator to Columbia University, the organizers of the protest from New York, D.C. area, and other north-eastern states issued the attached Manifesto.

In the coming few days and weeks, there will be extensive discussion on each of the three items constituting the Manifesto. We encourage all pro-democracy individuals and groups to participate in the discussions using all available forums and media, including the popular Websites, radio, focus groups, etc.


September 24, 2010
The New York Manifesto
WHEREAS, On September 22, 2010, Ethiopians in the Diaspora staged an extraordinarily successful demonstration against the invitation of Meles Zenawi to Columbia University in the City of New York; and

WHEREAS, in the days leading to the said demonstration, there was a manifestation of unsurpassed unity among the democratic forces; and

WHEREAS, This unity was further galvanized by the 99.6% victory blatantly declared by the Dictator in the sham election of May of 2010, his continued violation of human rights, his untamed embezzlement of the country’s resources, and his remorseless use of land and jobs as means of subjugation; and

WHEREAS, There is a clear recognition of the need to maintain the momentum exhibited by the democratic forces in the Diaspora.

THEREFORE, The coordinators of the protest from the North Eastern part of the United States met immediately after the successful demonstration, and issued the following declaration, hereafter referred to as

The New York Manifesto

1. Henceforth, the FOCUS of the struggle by ALL individuals and groups of Ethiopian origin shall be solely on the liberation of Ethiopia from the TPLF tyranny.

2. The immediate launch of a capacity building initiative, with full transparency and accountability, shall be a critical component of the struggle to remove the dictatorship of Meles Zenawi and his ethno-centric party.

3. In the short term, meaningful, realistic and achievable goals shall be formulated and implemented to further motivate, rally and engage the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora.

Organizers from New York, Virginia, DC, Maryland, and other north-eastern states.

  1. Kane
    | #1


    Yehagere Sewoche Betam Akorachihugn!!! Ebakachihu Lewodefitum Bertu.

    If there is going to be a pivotal time to be remembered in the future to the accelerating downfall of Meles’ credibility in the eye of the world at large, this is it. This demonstration against his appearance in Columbia University, NY is going to be remembered as one that pure-Ethiopians (Nitsuhe Ye Ethiopia Lejoch) have stood up together against the dictator and all what he stands for and told the truth about him to all watching and especially to his willfully ignorant westerner enablers.

    He was shamed and embarrassed in front of his western cheerleaders. That must have hurt, Meles, and you the few paid TPLF bands who were counter demonstrating masquerading as Ethiopians.

    You have done your country and your people great service. You have reminded the world what Meles really is, a despot. You have shown his western enablers what they are doing to our country through this evil puppet is not unnoticed by the rest of Ethiopians. I am so proud of you. BRAVO!

    I, an Ethiopian, who wishes always well and better for my country, endorse the NY manifesto wholeheartedly. Continue doing good deeds like this one for your country and its unfortunate citizens and the rest of us will follow in your footsteps.

    I would also like to thank you all of you who have been vigorously and persistently writing your disapproval, dismay and disbeliefs of the dictator’s appearance at this great institution, to Columbia and its president, editors of news organizations and letting all of us know about this travesty. Special big hollers to the amazing Professor Al Mariam, the brave Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega, organizers of different democratic groups and all of you who have been keeping us informed of events.


  2. mattias
    | #2

    Dear and Dears,
    really i am proud all of you. even if Meles killd the Ethiopian peoples, we will never and ever silence and see it as a good. so we fight for freedome and democracy the time is not far it is our hand to make Meles and his friends go down. Really i would love when i was there but not, but in sprite i was there to protest him. Yes indeed, we will remove him

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