Birtukan has won twice !!!! – By Giday G

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First of all, I would like to congratulate all Ethiopians who pushed to the limit to make Burtukan Mideksa free. We all are happy that she is back to her house to show the love of mother to her daughter and to help her aged mother. (more…)

First of all, I would like to congratulate all Ethiopians who pushed to the limit to make Burtukan Mideksa free. We all are happy that she is back to her house to show the love of mother to her daughter and to help her aged mother. Ethiopians in home and in abroad fought hard for the release of Burtukan and they also deserve applaud for the success. As all peace, justice and freedom lover people know it well; Burtukan Mideksa is a prisoner of conscience. Because of her firm stand for justice and freedom of speech, she became among thousands of Ethiopians who are victim of the tyranny regime.

I would expect that some people might be a little bit worried about the fate of Burtukan and raising suggestions about the way forward for her political struggle. I would say that let us give her a break and digest what was going in the country and in her party, UDJ. I am happy that she gave a press conference saying that she needs some time to react on different questions that all her supporters and opponents have in mind. However, in the mean time, I would like to urge Burtukan to collect information from unbiased sources and make her own decision about the direction to take in her future struggle for freedom and justice. I hope that she would stay firm to achieve for what she has sacrificed her life for.

However, I would like to say two things why I said she has won the tyrant twice. First, she won by refusing to back down for the dictators. They asked her to take back her words but instead she wrote all her opinions about the process of all CUD’s higher officials release form Kality on ‘Kale’ admitting that all of them including her asked a pardon. By refusing them to further explain about the issue, she showed this dictator as she would not afraid them. As a result, she was thrown into Kaliti jail. She was jailed not because of what she did (not) say but because she was the hope for the country: to unite the country, to give freedom, equality and justice for that country that did not have in history. However, by standing firm to what she believe in, she managed to expose how the tyranny regime is governing the people, the level of freedom of speech in the country, how much the dictators are above law and even how much they show disrespect to the constitution they developed and to the people as usual.

Second, by signing the ‘pardon request’ which is obviously written by the regime, she has showed the typical character of the regime to the world. These characters are inhumanity, cruelty and disrespectful to the nation and any kind of rules of law. Anyone who knows the injustice system in the country can understand as Burtukan never write suck kind of stupid things in the ‘pardon’ letter. But, by signing on that ‘pardon request form’, she has exposed their brutality to the rest of the world and ignites the fight for a freedom and justice.

While giving some time for Burtukan to think about her next political move, we should be able to show our full respect and support for what she has done in the past. In addition, we should not forget that there are thousands of innocent people in Ethiopian jails that are being tortured because of their race and/or political ideology. We should keep on fighting for those voiceless brothers and sisters in prison.

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  1. ዮሃንስ ሞገስ
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    ጐድ ጆብ

  2. ዮሃንስ ሞገስ
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    Thank you guys for the information!!! Happy to see her back to the game

  3. taneku
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    Home English News Ethiopia says captured 75 Eritrean “terrorists”
    Ethiopia says captured 75 Eritrean “terrorists”
    Sunday, 03 October 2010 22:43
    By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

    October 1, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopia today said it arrested 75 Eritrea-trained ‘‘terrorists’’ who were planning to carry out attacks during the country’s New Year and Eid holidays.

    The captured “terrorists” were allegedly trained and armed by the Eritrean government. Ethiopia said they had departed from Eritrea in six groups, crossed the red sea and then traversed Ethiopian borders from Somaliland.

    The alleged militants have been taken into custody in Ethiopia’s Somali region by federal and regional security forces. Sudan Tribune has learned that they were captured with their weapons. Some of them are said to have died during the long journey to Ethiopian borders.

    Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a war during 1998-2000 over territorial disputes. The war killed nearly 70,000 people. The two neighbors continuously trade accusations of arming and supporting each others’ rebels.


    Ethiopia once again last Wednesday accused Eritrea of continuing to undermine efforts to restore peace and stability in neighboring Somalia by arming Islamist insurgents fighting against the transitional government there, urging the UN’s Security Council to enforce existing sanctions against Eritrea.

    Eritrea continues to stand accused of supporting Somali Islamist insurgents who are alleged to have links with Al-Qaeda. Last September, the UN’s Security Council instigated sanctions against Eritrea. Those sanctions include an arms embargo, a freeze on bank assets and travel bans on political and military leaders of the country. The US government has labeled Eritrea “a threat to the international peace.” Eritrea strongly denies accusations of supporting Somali insurgents.

    But according to Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin, the sanctions have not prevented Eritrea from continuing to destabilize Somalia.

    “Despite the sanctions, Eritrea is still the principal architect of the complicated situation in Somalia by training, arming and nurturing the extremist elements such as Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam who are causing havoc in the country today,” Mesfin said in his address before the UN’s General Assembly on Wednesday.

    “The time, therefore, is long overdue for the Security Council to take resolute action and see to it that its decisions are complied with if we are to maintain the integrity of the decisions of our organizations,” Mesfin added.

    Two days ago during the 65th meeting of the UN’s General Assembly, Eritrea accused Ethiopia of failing to comply with the ruling of an international commission that demarcated the borders between the two countries after their 1998-2000 war.

    Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Saleh accused the UN continuing to ignore the situation in borderlands.

    “Ethiopia’s illegal occupation and the United Nations silence, which means the continuation of the conflict, is exacting a heavy price on the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia and complicating the regional situation,” he said.


  4. Anonymous
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    we love you respect,you Birtukan whatever u said by weyane forced you will be our priminster soon

  5. minilik II
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    Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Amajjii 30, 2010) Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo Godina Bahaa Amajjii 21 bara 2010 waraana Wayyaanee maqaa sakatta’aan bobbafamee ummata nagaa hiraarsaa ture Godina Harargee Lixaa Ona Daaroo Labuu, bakka Burqituu je’amtutti haleeluudhaan 3 ajjeesee kanneen biro 4 ol madeessuu ajajni WBO godina bahaa beeysisee jira.

    Gootichi WBO haleellaa isaa itti fufuun guyyuma kana Godina Harargee Lixaa bakka Fullaa Gaangee je’amtutti loltoota wayyaanee haleelee 3 yeroo ajjeessu 5 ol madeesseera. Lola kana irratti meeshaalen waraana fi biro diina irraa booji’amuun dantaa QBOf oolfamus ajajni WBO Godina Bahaa hubachiisee jira.

    Loltoonni wayyaanee haleellaa WBO irraa lubbuun hafan baqatanii gargara akka faca’anis beekun dandahamee jira.

    Dhiheenya kanas WBOn Godina Bahaa Harargee Lixaa fi Baalee keessa sossohu tarkaanfii loltoota wayyaanee irratti fudhateen kasaaraa guddaa oggaa irraan gahu ajajaa humna miliishaa tokkos booji’uun ni yaadatama.


  6. Anonymous
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    thanks brother God bless Ethiopia!

  7. Alex
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    congradulation our hero get freed what ever she said to panished and forced mussel of Meles we love her so much morethan 1997ec she is the only one hero and patirotisum like meyisaw Theowdros

  8. getachew
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    I am impressed by the young people in Addis rallying and welcoming this courageous leader showing Melese and his fat head follwers It is Birtukan and the people of Ethiopia who are the Winners. Ethiopia will prevail and those that are riding on the back of ethiopia will fall and Ethiopia will be a land of freedom.

  9. koster
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    It is well written and is an indication that not all Tigreans are criminals like Meles, Azeb and co.

  10. Anonymous
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    I don’t know good enough words to express my self how I feel about the most trustworthy person Birtukan, all I can say is, she is the hero and an incredible human being that put her life on the line for the sake of Ethiopia and her fellow Ethiopians. God bless you, my dear Birtukan, you are better than a lot of brave men.

    Taneku, #3, Esayas is the main reason why Ethiopia end up with the most demonic, callous, relentless person like Meles. The two blood related monstrous cousins were determined to divide, destroy and dismantle Ethiopia by every means no one ever imagined. They came up with fiction history of Ethiopia and able brainwashed quiet a few Ethiopians in so many different ways and created EPRDF party for their evil purpose and hundreds of thousands of young smart Ethiopians lives were scarified specially in the Amhara regions. And they created OLF and ONLF on the other side. The two vengeful cousins have succeeded with some of their evil plans…the separation of Eritrea, the stolen land from Gondar and Wollo, dividing Ethiopians by ethnic groups, killing, robbing Ethiopia, throwing thousands of Ethiopians in prison, giving the land of Ethiopia to foreigners and so on. Now, the two self-centered individuals are butting heads to end up with the final plan to be the leader of the two combined provinces of Eritrea and Tigrea.
    I doubt very much Esayas has send Eritrean terrorists to Ethiopia to start a war, knowing that Eritrea is in a bad financial shape. I believe it is a planted war plan by non other than Meles, that is itching to start a war with Eritrea with in two or three years. I have a strong feeling that war with Eritrea is imminent.

    Minilik II#5, I would like to know what you have to say, would you please translate it in English or Amharic. Thanks.

    Koster #9, what you said is also true for all Amharas.

  11. ፍቅርተ ተሰማ
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    በታመ ደስይላለ እንካን ለቢት አበካሽ አሚን!!!

  12. kentu
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    In one big city people were talking about unusual news the news was in city zoo one sheep and a lion they are leaving peacefull for a year so the people of the city they went to make sure by thier own eyes and they conferm it . Finally they are eager to now and how, so they ask the ranger(guard) and the ranger told them the lion is real stay more than a year peacefully but the sheep change every day. Now we come back to the real history, meles make a reshafil his ministers but he is there for good but i am going to ask him one qestion when did you change your ground, air, police, security force!the answer is ovioce two lions they cant stay togather becouse they have both sharp teeth.

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