“Judge not, that yet be not judged” – By Netsanet Zegeye

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When I was wandering in search of a title to my today’s article, this biblical saying clicked in my mind, and I hope it will convey my pieces of ideas to be treated here below.

But before I delve into my stream of consciousness to have my say, unrestrainedly as usual, with respect to the current turmoil prevailing in our country, I shall take this opportunity to express my heartfelt felicitation in connection with the release of Ms Bertukan Mideksa from the den of hyenas. Thanks God along with concomitant catalytic national and global factors, our Lady Liberty, an appropriate phrase she really deserves, is finally out of the narrowest dungeon and has joined the biggest or the widest jail of some 80 million people planet Earth has ever seen in her recorded history. I have impatiently been waiting this opportunity of expressing my happiness for the last few days, but I had to wait until the time that the plethora of letters and articles get dwindling so that mine wouldn’t be out of the templates without being even noticed due to the influx. Yes, truly speaking, I have to admit the intrinsic behaviour of people’s selfishness when it comes to their ego. Half truth and half kidding.

The Bible says, “Judge not, that ye not be judged.” In Amharic, “አትፍረድ ይፈረድብሀል”. To my knowledge and understanding of life, of all the things in this world, judging others must be the simplest thing. When I personally try to examine this ill-practice of people in our world, I say to myself, “Oh! The very fact that it all is downhill to judge upon others must have something to do with our ignorance to know ourselves or miscalculating the risk especially when a time of reciprocity comes, a time in which we are expected to give judgment upon ourselves.” Frankly speaking, most of us don’t seem to heed about what the situation would look like if we were in the shoes of the people against whom we judge, because judging is the simplest thing that doesn’t seem to have a risk or any expense, at least for the time being. In the time of Jesus, people brought a lady who allegedly caught her committing adultery to test Him and asked Him to pass a decision so that she could be stoned to death as per the Hammurabi code of the time, according to the bible. You know what happened. In the time of King David, a certain sage/prophet came to King David and allegorically told him that ‘a man who has 100 sheep snatched the only sheep of another person. The snatcher has now 101 sheep, while that poor fellow remained without any sheep. Your Excellency, King David, what would you decide if these two plaintiff and defendant come to you in need of your sound judgment?’ The King didn’t hesitate to pass on his judgment and said, ‘I would automatically chase the one who has taken away the sheep from the poor out of my territory.’ And you know this story of Orion and his wife who was misappropriated by King David. Biblical and other episodes go on in this manner. The main thing is to take lessons from them and try to adjust ourselves likewise. Truly speaking, judging is highly sensitive and needs much more knowledge and lifelong experience, because we cannot bring back a dead person to life, once dead, dead forever. We live only with the regret if we unfortunately make mistakes in judging. By the same token, if we once pass our judgment erroneously, we can hardly reverse it before it results harmful consequences, be it physical, psychological, mental or a combination of these in our sisters and brothers.

Understandably, these days, the talk of Ethiopians in all over the world is the release of Ms Bertukan. This hot issue has different facets. The major ones are those of the two blocs: The Ethiopians and the Anti-Ethiopians. Undoubtedly, both categories have their own subdivisions

Which are based on the vicinity of the magnitude of factions to or from the epicentre of both major blocs. Had it not been my aim not to treat here now, I would have mentioned the role of the subdivision known as ‘opportunists’, which is an agglomeration of people who are extremely dangerous and devoid of their own thinking faculty, in fact. Such dishonest people are like a eucalyptus tree which flutters with the current of air. They don’t have their own stand; they are with you today but not tomorrow, depending on what you are today and/or what you will have tomorrow.

Those who claim to be Ethiopians are by now in a state of exultation due to the fact that our token of real Ethiopianism is out of the jail. The Anti-Ethiopians group is also in happiness for its ‘victory’ over the Ethiopians bloc in such a manner that it has used a sort of archaic and barbaric hypnotic means to get Bertukan rehearsed the mantra she was forced to say, without her volition, on ETV quite understandably under all duress the Devil could provide them with. This poorly engineered and technically failed means of attempting to humiliate Ethiopians was designed just in an insincere intention to debase her, through her the entire struggle of the opposition. But what this gangsters’ banditry group didn’t understand was the reality that we Ethiopians wanted her released by all means minimally including the childish way they foolishly manifested last time. Look, how a person with sane mind thinks that Bertukn would say,“የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብና መንግስት በማታለሌ… ህዝብን እና መንግስትን ይቅርታ እጠይቃለሁ።” [For I deceived the people and the government of Ethiopia, I ‘humbly ask for their pardon’.] This piece of writing which could be the composition of Shimelis Kemal or Bereket Simon, or maybe that of HE Meles Zenawi, never meets even the minimum standard of beginner farce and tale writer. It simply shows the intelligent quotient (IQ) of these riffraff people of this ethnocentric tyrant system and from this farcical piece of writing we can understand that these little kids of Mr. Lucifer have an IQ of a pig or a hyena whose motto of living is simply filling their tummy at any cost. Our flower, the torch of our inevitable freedom, Ms. Bertukan Mideksa is hence intended to be the prey of these vultures the bellies of whom are elastic and never get satisfied in all senses. Surprisingly, the addictions of these Mafiosi are numberless. They never get satisfied even if they lie forever; they never get depleted even though they eat and drink secular [forever, up until the end time and beyond]; they never get gratified even if they imprison and/or kill innocent citizens everlastingly; as the saying has it that, ‘revenge is sweet’, they never get pleased even though they take revenge incessantly all the way to their old age and yonder; all in all they never get satisfied even after they have done every evil that men could possibly do.

In light of the above, it is not surprising that they forced Berukan to say whatever she has said. As many have tried to justify the release of Bertukan, by all means under the Sun, the rest is very simple. Let her recuperate and get rehabilitated before engaging in any political activities. She is like a person that has come from the space who needs some stay in quarantine until the person gets acclimatized the current weather, albeit the situation in which Bertu was in is by no means comparable to anything else in its cruelty and mishandling. In Amharic we have a saying, “ጅብ ከሚበላህ በልተከው ተቀደስ።” It literally means, [Eat the hyena before it eats you and then after get rechristened. (We say this because eating hyenas is religiously forbidden.)] In this regard, it is totally absurd to say anything negative about the way Bertu has freed herself from the death row she has been waiting like Professor Asrat W/yes of the renowned Ethiopian who had systematically been killed by the Woyanne Regime after purposely being deprived of the right for proper medication and timely treatment. Unless we are astute, in a diehard way we can never achieve anything. And we don’t have to forget that “አታሞ በሰው እጅ ታምር ሲይዝዋት ታደናግር።”, which roughly means, ‘a drum has pleasing sound when others play it, but a bit hoarse when you play with it.’

Berukan has played with the ‘drum’ for 41 months altogether. She needs to get some rest now. Any game becomes enjoyable when we play it in turns like a relay sport; otherwise, it is hectic or monotonous and only one or few individuals may be harmed most often. While she was suffering at Kaliti, though many citizens psychologically suffered in sympathy with her, almost all of us has been enjoying life at our homes. We now can witness that due to the suffering she went through, she has proven herself that she is indispensable to her country, Ethiopia and she must be rewarded for the sacrifice she paid precariously.

In the time of her release, she once again exposed the Woyanne’s Burmese and N. Korean system of suppressive and oppressive rule for the second time since her second arrest. First, she was arrested for the simple reason that she said a word or two concerning the so called contentious pardon, which couldn’t really deserve all that cacophony as such. I personally believe that if she had eluded that controversial question and answer in Sweden which served as an immediate cause for her re-arrest, they could have minted another one as long as they get her menacing for the then upcoming election which they “won” it nearly 100% after competing with none. Therefore, to me, it was not the words she uttered in the Scandinavians which had victimized her; rather, it was the KINIJIT Spirit she inculcated among the people of Ethiopia especially the youth that made her pay great sacrifice. And this intrinsic behaviour of the Woyanne Regime that it is always ready to somehow mould any casus belli, to be employed whenever is necessary and it doesn’t matter whether it is convincing or not, towards foiling any potential danger to its ethnocentric regime is exposed once again by the second arrest of this immaculate young lady. Second, the level of consciousness of the people in the Woyanne’s Regime is unquestionably ferreted out for the zillionth time that their level of thinking is pitiably low to the extent of an animal that can’t naturally differentiate between good and bad. The combination of these psychological terms, namely, paranoiac and megalomaniac nature of the people in the government of Woyannes must have led them to do anything they wish so long as they expect some temporary relief out of the mess they do every time. Had it not been the case, they wouldn’t have forcibly and barbarically hypnotized and benumbed Bertukan to say those words which do represent neither her nor the struggle she stands for. But, we cannot help, this is the Woyanne’s Regime after all and we know it in and out. This young lady of liberty has proven to the world, hence, that this regime is full of vulgar and mindless people who cannot even calculate the backlash they would be confronting with.

As I suggested earlier, the time ahead must not be used to exacerbate our internal problems in the Ethiopians bloc. If we go on contradicting one another, it means we are getting into the trap the Woyannes have laid to dismantle us. We have enough number of problems of our own. We shouldn’t be bending to the infiltration of the regime, lest we remain wasting our time and other resources due to the internal squabble. Let’s all know the intention of the Woyanne’s Regime. They want us to be divided based on our ethnicity to which we never had a say to choose one amongst others. They want us to be nonexistent so that they can loot and destroy the country without any one to check their plunder. They want us to quarrel every time and as a result the time of our freedom remains afar like a mirage in a desert. To this end, they use any means available at their disposal. And they don’t have even any moral discretion that might enable them to select humane means from the inhumane ones; they use literally every means as long as it benefits them to elongate the life span of their brutal regime. It is, therefore, our duty to devise any viable means of struggle to challenge their method of waging the all out war declared upon us, Ethiopians, and save the country before the total destruction designed by the historical enemies of the country becomes eminent.

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    Interesting read and well put. But, I am afraid the distraction of our country has already started long before Melese and Azeb moved to the palace.
    I urge all Ethiopians that can read Amharic to read this well written open letter to Azeb Mesfen.
    I laughed and cried at the same time. A must read:


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