Seattle Awarded Birtukan: Ethiopian of the Millennium – Muluneh Yohannes

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The event achieved a double victory. The love and respect for Birtukan was overflowing. It assured that her sacrifice is not in vain. The fruit of her struggle is ripe. All members of the opposition were present. Supporters of Andinet, AEUP/MEAD, the Oromo party support groups, Arena Tigray representatives, Gasha Ethiopians, Hibret, Media groups Including Ethiomedia, ESAT, Andinet TV, Nigist Radio were in attendance. The call of the night from many participants is the need to come together and defeat the enemy. Attendees decided to create an Ethiopian forum inclusive of all opposition parties and civic groups. An elderly man framed the night as “The model of the New Ethiopia is created tonight, and that is the Spirit of Birtukan”.

Some twenty percent of the attendees were female. The event is organized only in three days. The turnout and the overflowing love for Birtukan is a proof of the the promising road ahead of us. An inclusive Ethiopia where the rule of law and equality is guaranteed. The event denied the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia that their divide and rule policy is loosing ground. They did not take away the love and respect of the Ethiopian people away from Birtukan. It was proven by Ethiopians in the Ferensay Legacion of Addis Ababa, it is repeated in Seattle and it will continue wherever Ethiopians live.

For your unreserved commitment for our country, your love to our people and your sacrifice for the Unity, Freedom and Betterment of the Ethiopian People; we humbly present this certificate of appreciation. You are a true star that shines once in millennia, therefore, you are our choice of PERSON OF THE MILLENNIUM.

With love,

From Ethiopians living in and Around the City of Seattle.

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