Let’s celebrate the sacrifices Lady Liberty Birtukan Mideksa made for the people of Ethiopia.

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  1. Messret Kassa.
    | #1

    Brirtukan Mediksa our king.The frst time like this women from Ethiopia.She is the bast from 85.000000 pepole.I like har

  2. Sasbew
    | #2

    Since when is Burtukan American. As far as I know the blue and red Obama image is meant to show American hope. Can any one explain?

  3. Assefa thanks god
    | #3

    our hero Britukan always we are stand with you

  4. tesema
    | #4

    realy she is our hop,hop,hopin hop and aga

  5. tesema
    | #5

    realy she is our hop,hop,hop hop and again hop

  6. tesema
    | #6

    ለውነት ብለሺ ለሐቅ ለሕዝብ ለወገን ለታሪክ ዕውነታ
    ተንገውላታሺ በቸነፈር በግርፋት በውርደት ማቅ በዘር ጣጣ
    ቅድሚያ ሰተሺ ለሀገር ፍቅር ለወገን ክብር ለዘላለም ህልውና

  7. tesema
    | #7

    የገዥ እናት ሙታ ከታችና ከላይ ሲወረድ ሲወጣ አገልጋይ ቀሳውሥት
    ገዡም በጣም አዝኖ ትክዝ ብሎ ቁሟል ከመቅደስ ፊትለፊት
    ቁጥጥር ለማድረግ ከሚመቸው ቦታ የሥራ አካሂዱን ክብር ለናት ፍታት
    የሰራውንና ያለበትን ሀጢያት እያሰላሰለ በሕሊና ሲቃኝ ሀዘኑ ተሰምቶት
    ያዘነ ሰውና የከፋው ይመስላል ካጠገቡ ቆሞ ላየው ሁኒታውን
    ምንም እንኳ ዱሮ ክብርና ፍቅር የለገሳት ባይሆን እናት ተብይዋን
    ይህ በንዲህ እንዳለ ግና በንጥልጥሉ ሳይፈጸም ቀብር
    አዲሰ ወሪ መጣ በጣም የከበደ ዕውነት የማይመስል ጉዳዩን ለማመን
    ገዡ በሰራቸው ሀጢያትና ግፎች ሲኖር በዝች ምድር
    የናት ሞት ብቻውን ይሂ አይበቃ ብሎ ሚስቱንም ወሰዳት በረከተ እግዛብሂር

  8. Dereje Fort McMurray Ca
    | #8

    God bles Ethiopia. You are the best leader for Ethiopia.I know you are
    the best for evrybody.

  9. kaleb Asrat
    | #9

    Britukan is the first,the youngest,great poletical oppositin leader in Africa.

  10. kaleb Asrat
    | #10

    Britukan is the first, the youngest,women in africa who is the Leader of great opositin party.

  11. kaleb Asrat
    | #11

    Britukan is the first and the youngest women in Africa who is a great poletical leader.

  12. kaleb Asrat
  13. kaleb Asrat
    | #13

    Britukan is the first youngest womken in AFreica who is the great poletical leader.

  14. gebremariam
    | #14

    i thanks God who helps you during the prisen and the rest of your life please make your self with him politics is the game.

  15. Marta Iyassu
    | #15

    Britukan is the first Ethiopian lady fight for her right.I wishe every body stand up for there right so, Ethiopia will be one nation

  16. Melku Yefiru
    | #16

    Ms.Birtukan is a born leader of new generation of Ethiopia.She is some one who does not afraid to give her life for the Ethiopian people.That was the reason why she has served four years in deplorable kality jail.
    It is time for our people to support her in her political aspiration.

  17. Kaleb Asrat
    | #17

    Birtukan is the first and the youngest great poletical leader in Ethiopia.

  18. kaleb Asrat
    | #18

    Birtukan is the symkbol of sterangth ,curage and hope for millions of opperesed womens in AFrica.

    | #19

    tanks bertokan and family

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    burte the orchid of ethiopia .ethioians respects and salute you.

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