A letter to “Ethiopian Soccer Federation of North America”

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Like most Ethiopians, I am outraged by your decision to disinvite Mrs. Birtukan as guest of honor. What is most offending is the justification given for the disinvitation” -free of politics”. It is a puzzle when this comes from the very people that habitually bow at the knee s of Al Amoudi who loudly said that he would absolutely scarify himself to the cause of TPLF not just once but in multiple occasions. Then, who is more politician? Al Amoudi who works day and night for a tribal Junta party that massacres our people using bullets, hunger and diseases as weapons OR Birtukan who scarified her youth life, he child, mother, friends, in general, her flesh and her spirit for the sake of justice, freedom and betterment of the Ethiopian people including you, the hypocrites. Tell me who is more political! Al Amoudi who lobbies the western diplomats to cover up Meles Zanawi’s crimes or the poor Birtukan who experienced physical and mental tortcher more than Mandela experienced. Tell us who is more political! The gluttonous Al Amoudi who buys your flesh and soul with a pile of dollars or the Poor Birtukan who uses just her brain, conscience and good will to liberate you from being forever slaves”.

Remember! This dark era of the country laid by TPLF and Al Amoudi will pass. No doubt in due time those TPLF tugs who embarrassed and split our nation in to pieces will pass away. And so will you. However, the stupid and arrogant invitation reversal will never. I am sure you will be ashamed of yourself in the near future. If you die tomorrow, your children will be ashamed of you for ever! George Bush the father voted against the sanction exerted on apartheid to release Nelson Mandela. You voted against recognition of Birtukan Midkesa. This comparison makes you even worse because George Bush was not African nor black. Putting Ethiopian at the beginning of the name of your organization, you brutally defy recognizing the most dedicated Ethiopian human rights fighter, Birtukan. As you bark eating Al Amoud’s Firfari, Birtukan is not just a politician. She is a conscientious human being who could not tolerate the suffering of our people and decided to fight for human rights, justice and freedom.

Those of you who voted for the poor Birtukan resisting the pressure of TPLF and the Billionaire Alamudi are sharing the Misery of Ethiopia. Thank you for recognizing the brutal killings, imprisonment and torture of your fellow Ethiopians. I assure you! You are printed in our hearts and history. Thank you for sharing the anguish of Ethiopia. As the relationship between apartheid and South African people was not mere politics, the relationship between AL Amoudi supported (remember Al Amoudi offered even his life for TPLF) TPLF and the Ethiopian people is not just politics. It is relationship that threatens humanity and dignity that Birtukan Midkesa fights for and suffered from! Ignore Al Amoudi and TPLF slaves, we humbly invite you Birtukan! Welcome!

Sisay Kebede (Ssk@gmail.com)

  1. Beka
    | #1

    That is why diaspora politics hated by people. you do even know what you are talking about. the federation is non political, non religious. so It should stay neutral postion to unite all ethiopian together. Play your politics on yor website or in radio not in such organization. Alamudi is a supporter of EPRDF but not political leader. do not compare Birtukan to Alamudi. what if they invite Meles zenawi or other EPRDF leaders as A guest do you agree with that? I am sure you will kill yourself if it happens. This country is not under your leadership, it is under USA administration. do not forget that. you can not lead or tell ethiopians what they need to do. You and the so called eritreareview.com propagating hating proganda to peaceful ethiopian community in USA.
    I been always against EPRDF but now I decided not to support diaspora politics.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    BEKA why lied? you are always TPLF supporter and that is why you are screaming like this. wosha bebelabet yechohal ye TPLF wosha !!!!

  3. Gayim
    | #3

    You don’t need an excuse better than money to support the EPRDF. Go Ahead and side with Woyane.
    On this issue while I agree with ESFNA to pick whomever it wants to be its honorary guest, I totally disagree about the way they did it and the excuse the gave.
    I know for a fact Professor Asrat WoldeMariam , leader of the All Amhara Movemnt Party, was named an honorary guest by ESFNA.
    What need to be done now is for others like us to take up the issue and bring Birtukan here to the ESFNA event. This way, ESFNA will not be accused of succumbing to EPRDF pressure, and the rest of us will get what we wanted – see Birtukan honored – without going to the extreme of boycotting, and or splitting ESFNA.

  4. Wond
    | #4

    I guess the author of this article is so emotional and just expressed what he felt without realizing the fact and collecting data. he would have backed from writing this article, if had a chance to visit the ESFNA web site. I personally recommend the author to look who the sponsors are for ESFNA. The first two in the list are: 1. Ethiopian Airlines 2. Sheraton Addis. Of course the third had also some similarity if you go and think deeper 3. Western Union. But what amazes me was those sponsors did not in the past tried to get favored by ESFNA. I hope you know who I mean by those sponsors. Unless one is dummy it is clear. Those sponsors without enforcing their own interest were trying to promote a neutral and cultural atmosphere that is free of politics. Hey Author! then what do you think? Think!!!

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    Who are you trying to fool? Woyanes like you never support Ethiopians and never will. Only woyanes like you are the only ones who are against Birtukan. Please enlighten us: what group of Ethiopians are against Birtukan and what is your proof? Ante leba wishetam ketafi!!!
    Your master Meles has given orders thousands and thousands of Ethiopians to be thrown in prison, tortured, killed, given our precious land to outsiders, has given every inch of our port to Eritrea with additional gift of a billion dollars of Ethiopian money to his cousin Issayas, Meles, Azeb and their buddies have looted Ethiopians and have become the wealthiest people in the world…the crimes of TPLF is endless. Beka, your kinds are known to be liars, cheaters, robbers and most of all heartless people. Not any more buddy! No sane Ethiopian believe your propaganda and manipulations any longer.

    The rest of Ethiopians recognize, acknowledge, appreciate and honor Birtukan for her scarifies. She needs to be invited as a guest of honor and Ethiopians must pay a special tribute promoting Birtukan as a symbol of our struggle. If it weren’t for the Ethiopian Diaspora, the ice-cold-blooded Meles could have killed Birtukan as he had done to countless number of Ethiopians who are not known by millions of Ethiopians.

  6. Molla
    | #6

    Call me Woyane or Hodam but I don’t see the relevance of bringing Alamudin with Birtucan and comparing them in here. Alamouding is a business man who happens to support EPRDF just like the write happened to support the opposition. So what I can’t understand is why the writer can support any one but when it comes to Alamoudin it is different? Why can’t Alamoudin support any political party just like anyone in Ethiopia? Are you saying, any one who supports EPRDF can’t be a gust of honour?

    Beside, Alamoudin isn’t a politician while Birtukan is and it is contrary to the policies of the ESFNA to invite a politician. Alamoudin isn’t even invited as a guess any way, so I just don’t get what the writer is trying to say. Birtukan’s invitation might inspire the writer but there are many who will not be inspired by it at all (I get it, you are going to call them Woyan and Hodams). So invite Birtukan, and then you loos some people from the government supporters and invite an Authority from the Ethiopian government, then you loss opposition supporters. So the one time organization that helps bring all Ethiopians from different groups including political beliefs will become a political organization. I understand what the writer wants to see is just that but others may differ.

    We the Diaspora are real experts turning every good thing we have into political organizations, just like we did to many churches and community organizations. And now we are trying our best to turn ESFNA into what we do best turning into. Finally we will not have any organization left to come together under as Ethiopians. Sometimes I feel sorry for the Diaspora.

  7. Fool
    | #7

    Desperate eritrea , your days are counted. Waiting for the next so called war, which will be your end of existence like the dinosaurs…
    Such poor attempt comes only from poor and miserable people, ofcourse eritrea !

  8. Ethiopia
    | #8

    The sad thing about Ethiopians is as long as we don’t get what we want the rest is leba and killer. Sisay Kebede, I like to think you have half a brain to allow you spew all this hate. From reading your articl you sound like a bitter sad man who needs help and I will try to help you by opening the rest of your brain so you can think right. Is Ethiopian politics good? not even by far. Is the PM and the TPLF tugs as you put them the best thing for Ethiopia? No. But one thing you Sisay and the rest of small brains are missing is. We all got out in Mengistu time and we sit here in the comfort of USA and open our mouth like a child and ignorant we are. Can you truly believe what in fielt you are saying? I like to think you don’t but from reading one too many idiot articles I had to write this to make you understand your ignorant ways.

    As you and your idiot followers see the country has never ever progressed like it did with this government or as you put them TPLF tugs. This TPLF tugs allowed a lot of companies to become prosperous. The other thing you idiots keep forgetting is Ethiopia is a poor country. You guys talk about Ethiopia like it’s the richest country. Weak up my friend we are the poorest in the world. So that should tell you as poor as Ethiopia is the country is as safe and orderly. As poor as the country is it should not be any better than Somalia my friend. But your little brain wont allow you to see it that way. You and your ignorant Buddy’s should say thank you to the TPLF tugs as you put it. Hope this will open up your closed minded, balege, kift afe, denkoro. And one thing about Al-Amoudi, I know you and your friend will be sucking his toe if he comes to your area so please drive your cab and shut the F up.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    This has to be seized somewhere.No matter what, at every causes unfortunately; EPRDF and the EPRDF tugs seen winning. That is I mostly recognize. What has to be done, I think let’s check all the surounding so that it will help us to descern who is whom. If for every reason the most issued and the least won there are something wrong with the most. Again the poison keeps poisoning to the limit possibly can, How we(the majority) still couldn’t find the winning route yet?
    I mean, even to invite Birtukan become an issue in the Ethiopian Community? There is something wrong. Better to do with the ESFNA what ever you call it. Let them enjoy it then….

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Anonymous belet me honeh new? enetewelachew???? le enema?? le TPLF woshoch?? go and fool your frineds from dedebit!!

  11. Dubale
    | #11

    Molla = Fool = Barking on behalf of the killer woayne and Almudi is your job. keep doing it.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    If you really want to see what idiot looks like look in the mirror. Tyrant Mengestu was hated by all Ethiopians, and so is tyrant Meles except the few minority money hungry, brainwashed, ethic-less and cold-hearted TPLF. Let me tell you something once and for all: Don’t flatter yourselves and assume that, the only group of people who ate dictator Meles are only Eritreans. Get this— 80 MILLION ETHIOPIANS HATE YOUR MASTER CRIMINAL MININSTER MELESE!!!! The majority Ethiopians don’t care for your cousin Esayase, Esayase and Melese are two sides of the same coin. But at this point, I strongly believe Ethiopians like Esayase better than Melese. Esayase hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians all his life and fought all his life to separate from Ethiopia and with all the blessings of his blood evil cousin Melese and a gift of a billion dollar of Ethiopian tax payer money, there he went. In return, Esayse left Ethiopia with one of the most cold-hearted person in the world called Melese.

    You idiots are out of your freaking mind trying to compare Birtukan to Almoudi! You just don’t get it and never will, because you have been brainwashed and cannot think for yourselves.

  13. ቻአንቾ
    | #13

    ለነገሩ አማሪካ እና እግርካስ አብረው አይሂዱም::ብርቱካን ከሁሉም ነገር ትበልታለች :: ግን በእግርካስ ሰም የሌባ መንጋ የተሰበሰበበት ማሀበር የትም አያደርስም ::ቀስ ዕያላችሁ የሌባ ጉርፑን ማጽዳት ነው::በርቱ ወገኖች::

  14. Drama
    | #14


  15. Alem
    | #15

    be selam jemero be teb yemicheres miserable society are Ethiopians. For how long are we going to be like this. ESFNA is the only organization that we have. All those members couldn’t solve this simple problem. It is our culture that we don’t listen to each other. We need force or distruction. It is embarassing to hear what happened in the 25 years old organization.The reason why Ethiopia is poor is because the country is always a beginner for everything we go 3 steps to the front and 2 steps back wards. The same thing hapnens here too. So sad

  16. Girma Ayalew
    | #16

    Dear friends, the tournament is funded by 750 soccer players who spend the hall week at the field just play soccer for free if we have to pay them there will be no TOURNAMENT. They have over 100 Executive comm. board members and volunteers all those are working for free. This federation have saved young Ethiopians from bad activities. The federation have send to Ethiopia 3 representative and $100.000. (One hundred) that is not all, Let as look the good part of the federation. Birtukan is our hero then what about all the political group why not organize and invite her. Let the politician do this and let ESFNA do the soccer.

  17. Anonymous
    | #17

    Girma Ayalew,
    To begin with, I am shocked to find out from you that the soccer players don’t get paid. What you and the rest of us thought was just soccer, is not after all about “soccer”—The soccer game Ethiopians get together to watch every year is now discovered that the association is badly corrupted by TPLF and their wealthy friend Ala-Moudi. The truth is coming out as we speak with the help of Ethiopian Review editor Elias Kifle. Birtukan–the honorable human being that never committed a crime, looted , mistreated, tortured, or killed Ethiopians shouldn’t have spent 1 minute locked in a cold cell, let alone two years. The symbol of Ethiopian struggle our hero–Birtukan deserve to be a guest of honor, and ESFNA has no good enough reason to oppose the invitation of Birtukan that has scarify her life for her country and her fellow Ethiopians.

  18. dereje
    | #18

    You never understand and you will never be.
    Listen ESFANA should be out of politics,the sport club should not intertain burtukan because in the club there are EPRDF supporters too
    so why burtukan medeksa?,if they want they can invite her to street rally
    in DC or where ever,

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    You are at the wrong address, you need to go to your usual place and spit-out your vomit at nazret.com

  20. Ted
    | #20

    What is your problem? Can’t you just write what you feel without insulting someone who wanted to express his opinion? We are trying to have a respectful society so that everyone exercises his/her rights, not be like our leaders, ‘comprende’!

    | #21

    Who cares about a bunch of guys who are stealing money from fools who come to an event to get a wife or a husband. They deserve to be fooled….by idiots who worship any one who show them some money. Few in ESFNA are cluless about what a non profit organization means….they need to go back to elementary school……

    Birtukan and all patriotic Ethiopians should not attend any kind of event by ESFNA…..They should BOYCOTT ESFNA and creat 2 or 3 other organizations that could compete to win the desire of Ethiopians in the Diaspora and at home…..TPLF servants (Hodams) and tribal idiots can stick with Almoudi (their Arab master) for ever.

  22. Fassil A
    | #22

    What happened to journalistic integrity and checking the facts first? Isn’t it journalism 101 to double check before you report. Is Elais of ER (Eritrian Review) qualified to report on anything Ethiopian? Why is it Every time ESFNA’s name is mentioned it is automatically associated with Al Amoudi? Because we accepted a donation two times in our 28 years existence? Both times when the tournament was in DC. How is his donation different than what he gives to the Ethiopian athletes who represent their country on the world stage? How about the constant name calling of the officers who volunteer their time to serve this organization? We’re being called everything under the sun.By the way do people know ESFNA gave a booth for “Free Birtukan” movement at our San Jose tournament last July while she was still in jail?

    People this is the only viable organization we have and let’s not fall into the trap that the enemies of unity are setting up for us. I’m proud to be associated with ESFNA because our motto is ” Bringing All Ethiopians Together” and for at least one week every year we’re doing that.

    Thank you,
    Fassil – Abebe
    ESFNA, PR Officer

  23. You cannot fool me!
    | #23

    I don’t know who you are…may be you are one of those corrupted ones who pocketed some of the money… may be not. But, as a PR Officer of ESFNA, your job is to make ESFNA look like a reputable organization…so, I take what you say with a grain of salt.
    What saddens me the most is, ESFNA played with Ethiopians emotions, and knowing there are more Ethiopian thieves out there and ready to loot Ethiopians at any given moment. Beware Ethiopians! Don’t be used and abused by a group of people who are acting like mafia gangsters! Don’t give your hard earned money away!

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