A letter to “Ethiopian Soccer Federation of North America”

October 23rd, 2010 Print Print Email Email

Like most Ethiopians, I am outraged by your decision to disinvite Mrs. Birtukan as guest of honor. What is most offending is the justification given for the disinvitation” -free of politics”. It is a puzzle when this comes from the very people that habitually bow at the knee s of Al Amoudi who loudly said that he would absolutely scarify himself to the cause of TPLF not just once but in multiple occasions. Then, who is more politician? Al Amoudi who works day and night for a tribal Junta party that massacres our people using bullets, hunger and diseases as weapons OR Birtukan who scarified her youth life, he child, mother, friends, in general, her flesh and her spirit for the sake of justice, freedom and betterment of the Ethiopian people including you, the hypocrites. Tell me who is more political! Al Amoudi who lobbies the western diplomats to cover up Meles Zanawi’s crimes or the poor Birtukan who experienced physical and mental tortcher more than Mandela experienced. Tell us who is more political! The gluttonous Al Amoudi who buys your flesh and soul with a pile of dollars or the Poor Birtukan who uses just her brain, conscience and good will to liberate you from being forever slaves”.

Remember! This dark era of the country laid by TPLF and Al Amoudi will pass. No doubt in due time those TPLF tugs who embarrassed and split our nation in to pieces will pass away. And so will you. However, the stupid and arrogant invitation reversal will never. I am sure you will be ashamed of yourself in the near future. If you die tomorrow, your children will be ashamed of you for ever! George Bush the father voted against the sanction exerted on apartheid to release Nelson Mandela. You voted against recognition of Birtukan Midkesa. This comparison makes you even worse because George Bush was not African nor black. Putting Ethiopian at the beginning of the name of your organization, you brutally defy recognizing the most dedicated Ethiopian human rights fighter, Birtukan. As you bark eating Al Amoud’s Firfari, Birtukan is not just a politician. She is a conscientious human being who could not tolerate the suffering of our people and decided to fight for human rights, justice and freedom.

Those of you who voted for the poor Birtukan resisting the pressure of TPLF and the Billionaire Alamudi are sharing the Misery of Ethiopia. Thank you for recognizing the brutal killings, imprisonment and torture of your fellow Ethiopians. I assure you! You are printed in our hearts and history. Thank you for sharing the anguish of Ethiopia. As the relationship between apartheid and South African people was not mere politics, the relationship between AL Amoudi supported (remember Al Amoudi offered even his life for TPLF) TPLF and the Ethiopian people is not just politics. It is relationship that threatens humanity and dignity that Birtukan Midkesa fights for and suffered from! Ignore Al Amoudi and TPLF slaves, we humbly invite you Birtukan! Welcome!

Sisay Kebede (Ssk@gmail.com)

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