“ Disinviting Birtukan “ – What next? by Tadesse Admassu, Toronto

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Esfana’s executive commitee’s decision to turn down voice of the majority of Board members is the hottest issue our compatriots in the diaspora appear to be currently engaged with. It is not that unexpected from the very nature of those at the helm of Esfana that Birtukan is disinvited, What Esfana executive leadership stands for has never been in conformity to the needs and aspiration s of the Ethiopian people That is one fundamental difference Birtukan has exhibited all along her golden youth life. As a charismatic leader, she has won the hearts and minds of the entire Ethiopian population.. There has never been a single politician , in our moden times , so much adored and highly reputed like Bitrtukan.

As a household name, home and abroad alike, Birtukan has increasingly earned the reputation of a future champion of peace , justice and democracy . Birtukan, the citrus fruit each household likes to peel , squeeze and sip, has proven herself as the darling daughter and sister of the cross section of the Ethiopian population.. Her enemies are just the few in power and the beneficiaries of this very corrupt political dynasty of the duo; Meles and hs wife. Unlike the duo , Birtukan is best known for her bravery, indispensibility, rationality, tenacity, , unwavering principle , kindness, affectionate and national glamour ( B.I.R.T.U.K.A.N)

As a shining political star with international celebrity status , politicians and parlameterians of most countries have debated her jail and denounced the regime and called for her immediate release. The entire period Meles put her to jail , Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both brought to worlds attention that she is a prisoner of conscience suffering in the hands of most notorious regime in the face of this world She was the undisputed political prisoner whose jail was orchestrated by Meles and chronies to dismantle and annihilate any popular opposition voice. It is proven again and again that Meles could not afford similar loss this tme and his political strategy was to leave opposition in dissarray by incarcerating the most credible rallying political leader.

Why have Esfan’s executives failed to recognize Birtukan’ s position as both a national and international figure? Esfana is more about the business venture than the soccer tournament or cultural activities. If their dream is about earning millions of dollars , well , they have to potentially attract a larger crowd to host cities.. It makes business sense that the larger the crowd will bring in more ticket sales to the arena and vendors can equally capitalize on such big turn outs. Esfana’s executives appear to be blinded with hand outs from the Sheik and privilages at Sheraton Addis. Forget the cheque from the Sheik. With genuine governance practices, Esfana could generate millions of revenue from attracting more spectators and businesses alike. Introduce and implement a stricter code of conduct and dismantle the Sheraton Addis privilages those corrupt executives are enjoying from auctioning Esfanas well laid out missions.

Esfana’s executives failed to recognize that inviting Birtukan would pull up their rock bottom reputation. When individual clubs are considering regional federations and tourbaments, Esfana must think twice before it is even late. The public is in favour of local neighborly states tournaments and the future of Esfana
appears in jeopardy. It must reorganize itself and take immediate corrective measures to guarantee its future survival. In addition, inviting Birtukan will definitely heal the wounds polarizing the governing body and also upgrade its profile as our most viable cultural movement in North America.

It is just a simple fact that recognizing a star who has earned the love and respect of millions is a straregic move for the success of any event. It is a move to ally with the millions who adore her. It is a strategy to attract tens of thousands to the tournament. More vendors will be interested to take part as they see it as a great opportunity to sell more and maximize revenue. Again, ticket sales to matches will obviously grow in relation to the greater crowd coming from all corners of the world as piligrims to this annual event. Who the guest of honour equally matters for any vendor or a family or group destined to socialize in the once long acclaimed annual event

Finally, I appeal to club leaders and members of Esfana’s board to come up with a a joint action plan to expose the corrupt governance practices and rekindle the spirit of the cultural movement embracing every Ethiopian in North America. . Stand up and challenge those opportunists who live in hand out cheques from the Sheikh This is aid money woyanes are looting from Ethiopians starving to death. The Sheikh is just the conduit to such gross embezzlment in return to generous kick backs in major industries. He continues to serve as a clearing house where woyanes or their other agents cannot reach out directly for tactical or other reasons.

I challenge the organizers at the host city Atlanta and all Ethiopians in North America to express your frustration against Esfana’s leadeship gang and hold them responsible for the unfortunate outcome that boycot is imminent. The future of ESFANA is at stake . No one wants the “Dedebit” gang wholly controlling the leadership of ESFANA. Who knows what is cooking? ESFANA might join the business empires of MIDROC or EFFORT. Should we wait and see until Esfana registers as North American wing of Dedebit sport club ? Not at all.

Act now and save ESFANA. Let’s meet and greet our darling; BIRTUKAN , the brave ,indispensible ,rational, tenacious, unwavering, kind, affectionate and nationalist shining star at the forth coming Atlanta event

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