The Propaganda of High-Growth and the State of Economic Data in Ethiopia. – By Huriso Gemechu

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According to the latest economic information out of Ethiopia, the country is enjoying robust and unprecedented economic progress with reported GDP of US $72.2 billion, GDP per person of $872 and annual real GDP growth rate of 8-percent in 2009. Furthermore, on September 16, 2010, addressing the 8th organizational conference of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EFRDF),the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi claimed, “Ethiopia has registered remarkable economic growth for the first time in the history of the country over the past seven years,” and asserted: “…. the rapid economic growth registered over the past seven consecutive years is the direct result of the development policy implemented under the leadership of the EPRDF” .

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  1. idiot dictator
    | #1

    GDP per person $872. Hold on people i’m gonna laugh my ass off first. Aha hahahahahahaha. 872 my butt. Well school is until 10th grade in Ethiopia which is equivalent to 5th grade developed country education (that is even an overstatement), meles and his dummy cronies can tell that to the one’s they miseducate or to the duriyes they work with. GDP calculated from building roads to the use of few woyane exploiters and to alamouhdi gang doesn’t add up a dime to the regular ethiopian. The buildings that are constructed by bribing buisnessmen, that now most of it is out of business or foreclosed, doesn’t add a penny to the ethiopian people. Obviously the imports grossly outweigh the exports, so there is negative growth in gdp there. Ayen yawetu dedeb leboch.

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