The dark days of November 2005-NEWS RELEASE

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It was 5 years ago on November 1, 2005, that the ruling Tigrean People Liberation Front (Woyanne) under the leadership of Meles Zenawi unleashed a new form of terror on the people of Ethiopia. The repercussion of the terror campaign is still felt in throughout Ethiopia and around the world where ever Ethiopians reside.

Following the May 5, 2005, elections, before the votes were counted, Meles declared victory and suspended his own constitution, stripping the people of Ethiopia the right to free speech, and other basic civil rights.

When the Ethiopians peacefully protested the regime’s actions, Meles responded by giving a shot-to-kill order to his death squads. Meles Zenawi’s forces gunned down hundreds of unarmed citizens, rounded up over 40,000 young Ethiopians and sent them to detention camps in remote parts of the country. Meles also ordered the shutting down of independent newspapers and the arrest of their staff. November 2005 was one of the darkest moments in Ethiopia’s history.

Ethiopians around the world remember the November 2005 massacre, the victims of the TPLF regime for the past 20 years by honoring the martyrs who paid the ultimate and by also resolving to intensify the struggle for freedom and democracy against the anti-Ethiopia minority ethnic dictatorship Meles Zenawi.

In Washington DC, there will be a public meeting on November 7.

Place: Washington Marriott Hotel located on 22nd and M Street NW, Washington DC.
Date/Time: Sunday, November 7, 2010, at 2 PM

In this month of November events will also be held in Denmark (Nov. 6), Stockholm (Nov. 6), Oslo (Nov. 6), Charlotte, NC (Nov. 6), Washington DC (Nov. 7), Denver, CO. (Nov. 7), Dallas, TX (Nov. 7), Seattle, WA, (Nov. 7), London, UK (Nov. 7), Las Vegas , NV (Nov. 10), Seoul, South Korea (Nov. 11), Vancouver, Canada, (Nov. 14), Melbourne, Australia (Nov. 14), Chicago, IL (Nov. 20), Cologne, Germany (Nov. 20).

The Washington DC event will also be broadcast live via video and teleconference

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