Congratulations Sir Bob Geldof!!!” By “Tizibtu”

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Profuse apologies not for the truth but for ‘semantic jargon ‘on behalf of the BBC and millions of Ethiopians who perished whilst millions of dollars/pounds begged on their names is spent on purchasing and arming one of the most unforgiving and cruel gruella-mafia groups headed by Meles Zenaw of Ethiopia who is still killing millions of citizens today.

Unreserved apologies on behalf of 80 million Ethiopians who are still suffering in the hands of the TPLF’s mercenary regime who ‘outsmart you and western co.’ has been in the realm of power over the last twenty years and heading to be rulers for life slaving and degrading the nation.

Please also accept very generous apologies on behalf of the whole world for exposing the human misery and ‘aid money being weaponsed’ apparently that ‘you were ignorant of it’ and of course the trouble that this new knowledge may have caused to the celebrity, status, the Geldof brand image.

Congratulations! for a great job and emphatic victory for winning the ‘semantic and procedural battle’ over the cause to the death of millions of Ethiopians.

Only God knows what it must have taken to mobilise such a battle, lobby, diplomatic spin, dining and wining over the last nine months which forced such a giant corporation, the BBC, to swallow its pride and more importantly the truth to offer you such far reaching apologies from the bottom of their ‘seat’.

Unbelievable! What was in actually fact reported in March 2010 was a meticulously researched and investigated report by Mr. Martin Plaut that the only truth BBC has broadcasted over so many years thanks to the brave and professional journalist. This report has shed light on a quarter of a century big scandal, but on-going criminal state reality, the anguish and plight of Ethiopians committed by their government which can only be described as ‘state sponsored terrorism’ whilst enjoying the unquestionable support, encouragement, aid from the western governments and agencies treated as an ally and partner.

It was of course very stupid and naive of us to imagine that your ‘knighthood and celebrity, ‘highness’, compassionate great man of integrity might have deployed all your resources at your disposal to investigate this matter as countless evidence and reports were flooding following on the report some directed to yourself, including human witnesses.

Yah!, we were just foolish to think that you would use your mighty power, authority, influence, charisma, networks and willpower to search for the truth and bring the traitors to justice.

NO! NO! that has perhaps been known all along what matters was ‘the war against semantic, procedure and jargon’ not the untold story and victims of Ethiopian people.

What a success! What a purpose! We heard that the Meles regime has victoriously claimed his due apologies to be extended to his gruella groups and his current state terror machine operators.

It is sad, very sad all this big news, says very little about the millions of victims who are subjected to murder, life imprisonment, starvation, intimidation, fear in a daily basis.

As far as the TPLF regime headed by Meles is concerned this is a congratulatory tap on the shoulder and will continue his business as usual. After all his state run enterprise, Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) generates more than the country’s GDP and aid money is a reliable cash cow.

Only a few weeks ago Human Right Watch (HRW) has exposed with evidence that the regime in Ethiopia is abusing donors’ aid money. Please refer to the web links at the end of this article.
However, the regime is not worried about this at all; it must have known/relied on something that the rest of us are just learning. This episode can only further encourage and embolden the sadist regime to continue its old tricks and criminal deeds. The sad saga continues.

United Ethiopians prevail and put an end to our misery!

By “Tizibtu”

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