Reconciliation and the Future of Ethiopia By Teodros Kiros

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Reconciliation is to living as blood is to the body. We humans are fated to make mistakes, sometimes without knowing and at other times, thinking that we are infallible, we take cavalier measures, with serious consequences. When we fail to admit our mistakes and move on to correct them, our lives, very much like our contingent body, is deprived of lifeblood central to its very existence.

Forgiveness without forgetting, and reconciliation, are potent possibilities of

accommodating our contingent and imperfect natures; and when we can, we must
resort to these measures
The human self is born to make mistakes, and if it attains maturity, then it seeks to correct them by facing the very combatants, against whom it fought, in an environment, free of hate but replete with full understanding.

Seeking reconciliation is the sign of maturity and moral intelligence. We Ethiopians are advised to embody our contingent lives with the spirit of reconciliation, for the sake of our country.

Professor Ghelawdewos’ brilliantly crafted National Reconciliation and National
Development in Ethiopia is a pragmatic outline of how to bring the existing regime and the opposition to the palaver of a democratic dialogue guided by communicative rationality. This article wisely proposes a model of political
behavior worth emulating.

The Ethiopian common Good, which yet has to be articulated, demands of us
Ethiopians to move beyond the corrosive effect of ethnicity and develop policies, which aim at arresting poverty, building infrastructures for the poors of Ethiopia and invite the regime to address these issues head on with the members of the opposition in a sustained round table of dialogue, negotiation and debates.

The time is now. This precious time of resignation must be replaced by the subtle energy of the politics of reconciliation guided by the rationality of the heart, seasoned by experience and graced with hope.

We will do well if we begin with Professor Ghelawedewos’ new paradigm of reconciliation appropriate for the sculpting of a new democratic Ethiopian personality.

  1. Demissi
    | #1

    Since when has the call and the idea of RECONCILIATION became ‘Professor Ghelawedewos’ new paradigm’ ?
    Reconciliation has been the call of the opposition way before Ghelawdios joined the opposition, if he has done it.
    Remember what Woyane’s response was,”ማ ከማ ጋር? የተጣላ ሳይኖር” . In other words, Woyane wants you to first identify the parties that need the reconciliation.Otherwise, there is no need now for ‘Shimiglina’ or wuyiyit.

  2. jibo
    | #2

    Ghelawdewos Araia’s piece is a victor’s peace offering. He basically defines the opposition as being Medrek and those “who are eager to contribute to development”. He accepts the political domination of the Tigrans. Oromos and Amaras kids do not need to dream to be Generals or Prime Ministter. TO Araia it suffices that non Tigreans have enough to eat and should only worry for development that we all know will not come. Compare this to the days of the emporor when Amara students struggled along with others against a repressive regime. With a few exceptions the Tigrean elite is lock step with Meles when its comes power and governance of the country.

  3. Lucy
    | #3

    An Italian invasion forces left ethiopia not by reconcilation but by force. TPLF is mecernarry anti ethiopia’s element. TPLF is the worst enemy of ethiopia, ethiopia’s people and ethiopia’s nationalism. This terrorist group has done everything to weaken ethiopia and expsoe our coutry for it’s historical enemies. Meles and his gang group hate ethiopia because they have genetically inhireted hatred from their parents .

  4. Tesfa
    | #4

    Here you see the Tigrean elits. Doro Bitalim Tirewan?

    Do these people have hearts for those who were murdered by Agazi? Gelawdios Aria is hypocrite. He said nothing when Meles soldier killed children all over the Country.

    Shame on the hypocrites. It is a matter of time. Ethiopians will be librated from home born bandas. Thank you!

  5. Sitta
    | #5

    Look what Gelawudios Araya wrote: direct quote!

    “These hypocrites are loud enough in drumming their comrades-in-arms in the Diaspora that ‘Ethiopian wealth has been and continue to be transferred to Tigray at the expense of Ethiopians’ although deep down in their hearts they know that Bahir Dar, Awassa, and Nazreth equally, if not more, have flourished and have shown economic transformation in recent years. Even if we believe their perception to be true, what these blindfolded politicians seem to have forgotten is that Tigray is also a quintessentially Ethiopian state that must, as a matter of course, share the dividends of the Ethiopian wealth.”

    Is it true? Are Tigrai and other regions of the country benefiting equally since 1991. Wha is wrong with RIgrai. Do the have the vocabuary “Yilignita” in thier culture? How can you make reconcillation when somebody is lying to me what I have seen through my eyes?

    Proff Gelawdios, please come to your sense. Thank you!

  6. Drama
    | #6


  7. Aba Biya Abba Gobbu
    | #7

    Hellow There,

    The people of Ethiopia do not owe the nazi/facist regime in Addis. This bloody facist organization shall never, never be given pardon. It has to pay the highest price för its deeds. It has massacared tens of thousand of innocent unarmed children, old people and ethnic groups which does not belong to theirs. They shall never be förgiven. Have you heard when Jews forgave the nazis. Still they are hunting down the nazis after 60-70 years and hung them. The Ethiopians should do the same, learn from the Jews.

    Do not forget the genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. NO one has the right to forgive these beasts.

    Ethiopia Prevails.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Is this author is oblivious of the effort put forth by KAEUP, and others in the 8-point preconditions for negotiations for fair and free elections and latter on for signing up the the Code of Conduct Agreement
    in the hope of having a free and fair election process to be handled by Election Board as means of peaceful transfer of power to a government elected by the silent majority of Ethiopians. That did not happen. What other reconciliatory process is he talking about between the opposing forces for unity and freedom of individuals and those lined along the faction for ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies uphel by TPLF/eprdf regime and others sustaining it in a long ardous peaceful and/or armed struggle from within Ethiopia.

  9. le voyageur
    | #9

    Ato Tewodros, i don’t want to philosophy on the basic facts of reconciliation like u, at the same time i don’t wanna galloping the horse of emotion like this Lucy.

  10. Abebaw K
    | #10

    Dr Tewodros, You and your colleague, Dr Gelawdios, should talk to Meles Zenawi and convince him to come to the negotiating table. The past 18 years, it is Meles Zenawi, who refused to negotiate, in good faith, with opposion groups. You two know this full well.Opposition Parties in Ethiopia have been participating in those sham elections staged by TPLF to prove to Meles their intentions of peaceful engagement in the political process, in spite of the atrocities committed by the TPLF regime. I think this is forgiveness and magnanimity on the part of opposition parties. Your comments appear to portray opposition parties and their supporters as warmongers. As the saying goes,”It takes two to Tango”, so is reconciliation. Dr Tewodros may have forgotten why CUDP leaders had gave in to the so called Shimagles’ pleas to agree to the reconciliation. These leaders had gone extra distance and asked apology to the “crimes’ they did not commit.TPLF murdered hundreds of innocent Ethiopians and CUDP leaders “apologized” and Meles Zenawi violated the terms of the reconciliation. They did that to give reconciliation a chance. Tplf’s nature does not allow it to go through the path of reconciliation.
    Reconciliation is in the hands of TPLF and its supporters. If there is a willingness for reconciliation on the part of TPLF, it can happen in no time.The statement, ” …Ethiopians to move beyond the corrosive effect of ethnicity…” is misplaced. Ethiopians are vehemently opposed to ethnic politics introduced by TPLF.The struggle is to eliminate this corrosive and backward ethnic politics from the face of Ethiopia.Dr Gelawdewos is an-off-again-on-again political commentator whose position is not clearly known.I have not seen him condemning the cold blood killings of innocent Ethiopians following the 2005 elections and the detention of thousands of Ethiopians. His indifference comes when foreign individuals, like Anna Gomez and others, were/are speaking out loud against TPLF’s brutalities. To come back again and lecture us the about the importance of reconciliation is a complete nonsense. Reconciliation is in the culture of Ethiopians, but we could not achieve it owing to the savage nature of TPLF ruling junta. “..the politics of reconciliation guided by rationality of the heart…” is Dr Tewodros’ comment. Do you realy expect ” rationality of the heart” from Meles Zenawi or you just simply said it for the sake of saying it? Please let us not waste our time by suggestion some ideas which we don’t really mean it. This reconciliation mantra has been there for a long time and causing a lot of nausea to people like me. We are demandin for Human Rights and dignity and this does not come through “reconciliation”. That what I believe and the solution is for melese Zenawi to respect the rights if the citizen. This will bring an end to the decades old crises.

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