Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of July 20, 2007

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July 20, 2007

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  1. | #1

    enkan des alachu des alen sletaserut ye kinijit leandenet abaloch ye tesemang desta wesen yelewem mknyatu ye weyane esrbet yalayew new ingi yayew sew betam hadegenga new

  2. | #2

    shbel belainen ye kebere selamta akrublun betam ewedew alehu

  3. Marouch abera
    | #3

    Hey Shambel, what happened to your masinko?


  4. Zelalem
    | #4

    Shambel Ye-hager Lijj, Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! You are one TRUE Ethiopian, Koftana Gondere! Hey, do you miss Ye-Abekyelesh Yimer Tejj?? I do!

  5. Alex
    | #5

    Congera Abugida!!!
    I’m so happy those intelectual poltician’s free;. I wish for them and there family good life as well they come bring for those Ethiopian’s freedom ;free speech and free write to explain there opinion.
    God Bless the true Ethiopian poltician’s[Kinijit]

  6. Mimi
    | #6

    Congra the abugida guys! It is great to see the Ethiopian peaceful sturggle start to pay off! You the abugida guys have been a very important role in our march to unity and democracy!

  7. dawit beneberu
    | #7

    i did not know it before . but sudenly I am very happy. when I come across abougida any way i will see it alwayes ‘ afetichea ‘ now i am living in khartum my profeasion is hand craftes man but i was an artist the film was the grand father it is talken about or besed on hiv i was an actor . and i wanted to know more about it the tv programes and if it is possible i will partcepat . thank you I LOVE ETHIOPIA i have long story ( biography ) bay bay

  8. dawit beneberu
    | #8

    yes it is the steap from the biging of the ethiopian alphetical order of latters from ha hu and le lu…. and ua geeze hu kaeye ….and also go to’abugida’ it is not also the end of the alphabet .it is the breage to go ‘ melekete ‘ wengeale, dawit it has it is owen steap to know and to get good knowlage and to get success from ethiopian wise and intelectual teachers from YENETA when i come to my pont my ‘ abougida ‘ leason was prepred in ethiopian big prison( negative of heaven ) i have been a long time in ethiopian prison for the past more than ten years with out any tangeabel evedance by the couse of may be killer BUT I AM NOT . BIBILE SAYED THAT IN THE TEN COMANDEMENT ‘S DO NOT KILL SO I AM NOT KILLEWR I KNOW WHO AM I .I AM FREE FROM GUILTY CONCISENES . i have no words to express my internal feelings about the lowyer about the juagees and the low and also the prison life every one know me in the big jeal ‘ dawit beneberu ‘ when i speak now i am very happy. God gave me this chance to say this i am very very inocent indivdual and polite but the police and the cort acuse me and spend my alot of time in jeal with out doing crime even thouh i am free at the last and this time i was very dimoralased . but the good comes from bad and thebad comes from good. life makes me strong mandela and gandie and some others big mans give me the pateance to get the winning. let me ask the ethiopian lower 1)is their cort in ethiopia ? 2) is their lower in ethiopia 3) is their protestetores in ethiopia 4) and is their low in ethiopia . i donot tink so if you say yes you are not in ethiopia .may be any one wanted to know about it i am free to discouse about it from any angel i do not want to lie any one i need the truth the police not work this couse the victme have no power to follow the couse the couse was police asked me at one place and in the house you killed father and mother and trid to kill two women and stolen lotes of thinges the crime was happend the criminal was done it but i steal do know noting but it was patetic it was the passion for me prison life and my families my vilagers my schoolmeat my teacher my frinds my relatives my every thing in my lfe my father did when i am in prison thier are so meny couse happed in my life when i am in p rison i was the membore of the prisoners one day one of the prisoner makes some mistakes whichis it is not allowed to do in prison and in ethiopion civel code to do homosexuality then all the prisoner are hate the man and when they are panishing him he is die then the prison adiminstrators asked the member of all comite of the prisoner and i was one of the comite but i was not at the place but with 22 meambers of the comite police acuced me and also i am free at last you know the case of murdrer no garantey that is also the problem i will keep it up

  9. dawit beneberu
    | #9

    where is it ?

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