Haile Gebreselassie:Politics and Retirement- By Eskinder Nega

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The first time Haile Gebreselassie burst onto the world-title scene was seventeen years ago, somewhere in mid-’93. Success landed him in the spotlight, and commentators were soon noting what they said (alluding to other Ethiopian athletes as well) (more…)

The first time Haile Gebreselassie burst onto the world-title scene was seventeen years ago, somewhere in mid-’93. Success landed him in the spotlight, and commentators were soon noting what they said (alluding to other Ethiopian athletes as well) was a discrepancy between how old he looked and his officially declared age — twenty years. Haile’s response at this stage, when he hardly spoke a word of English, was to simply flash his infectiously winning smile at his detractors. No one yet suspected that in the delicate and diminutive physical bearing of Haile lurked an extraordinary persona that will go on to attain the peak heights of the world’s greatest athletes.

He endured on the world stage for an unprecedented decade and a half; winning Olympic medals and setting a bunch of world records in events spanning from 1500 meters to his personal favorites, the 5000 and 10,000 meters; and to cap it all, in what was supposed to have been the twilight of his career, in that ultimate barometer of stamina, the marathon — for which he still holds the world record time of 2:03:59. (He is the only person on record to have breached the 2:04 barrier.)

The transformation of his personality is no less spectacular. He is effortlessly telegenic. He has always been at perfect ease, with absolutely no trace of self-consciousness, even when multitudes of cameras are focused on him. His quick mastery of the essentials of the English language is testament to his keen intelligence. His symmetry with journalists is the stuff of legends. He does not merely respond to their queries, he converses with them as he would with his long-time friends. His unforced sense of intimacy was also to win millions of hearts around the world. Even his fierce competitors, the Kenyans, could hardly resist his charms.

His transition from rural Ethiopia to the fast-track world of international superstars was perfectly seamless. There was no philandering before finally settling down; no burn-outs from excessive partying; no spend free phases from the avalanche of earnings. He wed his sweetheart early in his success, and went on to shrewdly invest his earnings in extensive business interests — which now include a car dealership (an increasingly lucrative sector); a cinema (which shows only Ethiopian films); real estate (whose value has tripled); and a widely acclaimed resort (where Birtukan Mideksa, an opposition leader who had spent most of the past five years behind bars, and whose release he helped secure, was his VIP guest along with her daughter and mother.)

Haile seemed incapable of doing wrong. But despite an acclaimed moderation in taste and life-style, his ambition was expanding in private. That was to become all too evident when out-of- the blue, and to the particular surprise of Ethiopians, who know him best, he announced his ambition to ascend to the nation’s Presidency. This was not a humble call to serve in the public arena, which would not have surprised anyone, but a sudden and unexplained reach to an exalted position, which surprised everyone.

How and why did this transformation take place?

Perhaps, only Haile could answer this question with certainty. What is obvious, though, is the changed tempo with which his feeler in to politics was received in Ethiopia. While his sensational claim was to receive reasonable play in the international press, it was noted for its oddity by Ethiopians, and then offhandedly dismissed and ignored. Neither opposition groups nor the ruling party expressed serious interest. Meles shrugged it off: “It’s his right,” he said, and moved on.
No doubt this was not the reaction Haile was expecting. By the time he uttered those words, he had long become unused to being ignored. But evidently, the world saw in him no more than an inspiring athlete. He, on the other hand, had taken himself far more seriously and wanted the world to acknowledge him for that. This was palpably turning into an uphill battle. And Haile, living embodiment that he is of the triumph of the mind over body, is barely a quitter. After all, only a patient man could conquer the marathon.

By September 2010 Ethiopia’s politics has seemingly (which is really illusory, by the way) irretrievably turned in favor of the ruling party, the EPRDF. Thus it was more than sheer coincidence that Haile should choose this time to appear at a nationally broadcast Congress of the EPRDF (convention, in the American parlance) and express his sympathies (but circumspectly not explicit support, since this would complicate his ambition. The law stipulates that the President must be a non-party member.)

Haile’s calculation is only too plain. With the obvious implosion of the opposition, the only plausible way to the Presidency, at least in the short run, seems to be through the EPRDF. And apparently, the way to the EPRDF lies through Meles Zenawi. All this is clear within the standard perceptive powers of the average Ethiopian.

And if Haile had maneuvered with an acceptable parameter to fulfill his ambition, he would have been tolerated by the public. But in the court of public opinion, he recklessly — and uncharacteristically — strayed too far when he in effect publicly submitted to the unpopular Meles Zenawi by giving him a highly prized personal gift in the full glare of national television. The nation watched with total shock.(The horrific death of hundreds of unarmed protesters from shots to the head and heart by government sharpshooters is still fresh in the public’s mind.)

A week later, one of Addis’ weeklies, Feteh, queried him about the gift.

“You have awarded PM Meles Zenawi a T-shirt in which you set a world record. Which of his feats earned him this honor?” asked Feteh.

His response was defensive and muddled.

“He (Meles) deserves it. He deserves it for the (achievements) I see. I have given my T–shirts and shorts to other people, too. I must have been waiting for this moment not to have done it to date. If we do not honor our fellow citizens, who will pay tribute to them for us? Let me tell you one thing; we may say many things about the PM in our country, but he is respected like a champion athlete abroad. At G-8 and G-20 meetings, he is bestowed with great respect. Besides, the Bible instructs us to obey our kings,” said Haile of Meles Zenawi, whose party swept 99.6 % of parliamentary seats in an election “that did not meet international standards,” according to European Union election observers.

The fierce public backlash was more than Haile had ever expected in his wildest imagination (as he was to later confess to some people.) And he was suddenly confronted with a new phenomenon: the swift fall from public grace. And he did not know how to handle it. He was embarrassed as well as confused. This is the beleaguered Haile Gebreselassie that limped out of the New York Marathon and emotionally declared his retirement to a shocked world.

Haile is ailing. There is the MRI that shows fluid and tendints in his knee joints. No one is disputing that much. It is, however, in the words of the BBC, “the-spur-of-the-moment” announcement of retirement that has baffled the world. Only last month, he spoke passionately against retiring in an interview with AP. “Why should I retire? Why should I say I will retire in three four years? I still think about doing more,” had said Haile.

When he changed his mind, he gave no time to ponder, to consult with family, friends and business associates — it was a spur of the moment decision. So unlike the old moderate Haile. So like the new controversially Meles-admiring Haile.
Haile did not only suffer from physical ailment in New York. Unseen to the world, but visible to those close to him, he is also ailing emotionally.This explains the erratic decision that has become the subject of the international press. The path to his physical recuperation — if it is indeed possible — is intractably tied to his emotional well-being.

But for his emotional redemption, he must first be convinced that nothing is worth his good conscience — yes, even the Presidency !

  1. Tomy Samburu
    | #1

    Very Stupid so called Ethiopians are making anti-Haile Gebreselase campaign. Shame on you!!!!
    Refugees who run away for their better life in the west must shut up their bad mouth. Leave Haile alone!!!!
    After all What have they done for Ethiopia? Nothing!
    The Student movement and the military Junta and the Woyane “Bandas” are the same. All of them were and are agents and neo facists.
    The so called opposition parties in North America and Europe and the bancrupt old guards like EPRP, Meison; OLF, TPLF, EPLF, etc. are the enemy of the Ethiopian people.
    Long live Haile and the Ethiopian people!!!!!
    Hell with stoogs and anti Ethiopian agents!!!!
    the great
    Pan-Afrcanist and Pan-Ethiopianist!!!
    Mungu barki waToto Africa!!!
    God bless the children of Africa!!
    Down with mercinaries and usless Pseudo-Africans

  2. Ethiopia First
    | #2

    Just mind your business, Tommy. Ours is ours! please don’t interfare with some one’s business. We Ethiopians care about Africa and Africans, but NO African Countries care about Ethiopia. We trained you to be free from colonization.

    Ethiopia First!

  3. Gobena
    | #3

    Leave haile alone. He has given what he can for his country. Thanks Haile I love and respect you.
    The rest is our job.

  4. jegnaw
    | #4

    ሀይሌ የኢትዮጵያ ባንዲራ ጨርቅ በተባለበት በወያኔ ዘመን እንዲሁም የኢትዮጵያ አንድነት አደጋ በወደቀበት ዘመን ሀይሌ በተለያየ ጊዜ ያስገኛቸው ድሎች በ እርሱም ድሎች ህዝቡ እየወጣ የሚጨፍረው አንድም የሱን ደስታ ለመካፈል ሲሆን ሌላው ደግሞ በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ ህዝባችን አንድነትን ወይም እትዮጵያዊነትን የሚሻ መሆኑንና እሱም የሚያኮራን መሆኑን ለመግለጽ ነበር:;ምክንያቱም ነጻ ፍላጎቱን በሰላማዊ ሰልፍ እንኩዋን ለመግለጽ እንዳይችል በሀገር በቀል ቀኝ ገዢዎች እጅ ስር ስለወደቀ እና በፍጹም የማይታሰብ ስለነበር ነው:;ሀይሌ ለ እኛ በወቅቱ አሸንፎ በመጣ ቁጥር እና ወጥተን ሰልፉን በተቀላቀልን ቁጥር የህዝባችንን የልብ ትርታ የምናዳምጥበትም ትልቁ ሀገራዊ መድረካችንም ነበር ::ሀይሌም የዚህ ታላቅ ስብሰባ አንጋፋ መሪያችንም ነበር:;እና ሀይሌም በሀገር ሽማግሌውች ቡድን ውስጥ ገብቶ ተገዶም ሊ ሆን ይችላል::ግን እምቢ አይሆንም ለማለት ለምን ድፍረት አጣ እሺ የሽምግልናው ሂደትየተዛባ መሆኑ እየታወቀ ለምን ድምጹን አጠፋ በምርጫው ወቅት የሞቱት እኮ በጣም ንጹሃን ዜጎች ናቸው ::አንተንም ደስታ ለመጋራት እኮ ከወጣው ወገንህ መካከል በባዶ አንጀቱ ምንም ነገር ሳይቀምስ የወጣ እኮ ይኖራል:;ሀብትና ዝና ሲመጣ ካለው ጋር ለመታየት ለምን መረጥክ::ይም አልበቃ ብሎህ በወያኔ ፓርላማ ቀርበህ ልባችንን አደማሀው::በሰከንድ ሚሊዮን ብር አጣሁ በሰከንድ ሚሊዮን ብር አገኘሁ ብለህ ንግግር ተለማመድክብን::እኛ ግን በሰከንድ ከችማግሌዎቹ ቡድን ወጥተህ ከ ህዝባችን ጋር ትቀላቀላለህ ብለን አስበን ነበር:አሁን ደግሞ ጡረታ ወጣሁ ብለህ ነበር ደግሞ እንደገና ቃልህን ልታጥፍ ነው:;ይሄ እንደሜትር እንጨት መተጣጠፉ ቢበቃህ ይሻላል:;ደግሞም የሻለቃነት ማእረግ አለህ አንተ በሩጫ ብትደርስበትም ይሄንን ማእረግ ለብሰው በወደቁ ለሀገራቸው መስዋእትነት በከፈሉ ውድ የኢትዮጵያውያን ስም በቃልህ እንድትጸና እለምንሃለሁ::ምክንያቱም ከአሁን በሁዋላ ሮጠህ ወርቅም ብታመጣ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ምንም አይጠቅምም:;እባካችሁ ይሄን መል እክት ያነበበባችሁ በስልክም ሆነ በሌላ ዘዴ ለሀይሌ ጆሮ አድርሱልኝ::እስከ አሁን ያደረግከውንታላቅ ተጋድሎ ታላቅ አክብሮት አለኝ ::እኔ በበኩሌ ባለፈው ትዝታህ መኖር መርጫለሁ::እግዚአብሄር የማይታበይ እና የማይታበል መሪም ሆነ ታላቅ ሰው እስኪሰጠንና ለወደፊቱም ትውልድ አር አያ እንዲሆንልን::

  5. Ethiopiawi
    | #5

    A very simple question for the writer of this article.. Who are you? What your accomplishments? What value have you brought to Ethiopians? Are you the one who is telling us we are poor, yet never create any jobs for us? Are you who is crying about freespeech yet ban us when we do so and reject our voice when we march in Addis? Are you the one who says there is no development in Ethiopia, and reject the World Bank, IMF and U.N statistics, and ask us to JUSt trust YOU? Why should we trust you? What have you done to earn our respect aside from writing negative stuff about Ethiopia? We want you bio so there will be a level playingfield for judgment. Otherwise writing all these stuff hiding behind a screen name is the most cowardst act one can do. And that sir is not respected by Ethiopians.

  6. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #6

    Mr. ‘Tomy Samburu’, take a look at your mirror and you ‘ll see who is the stupid one. Your time in Kenya as an Ethiopian refugee (learning of ki-Swahili) does not necessarily make you above Ethiopian affairs. Being Pan-Afrcanist and Pan-Ethiopianist is commendable. However, being that does not make us inconsiderate, or careless of the gross human rights abuse that is taking place in Ethiopia.

    You sound like an angry man/woman at everybody. But since you think doing nothing is preferable, in effect you ‘re okay with the plunder that is taking place, and the killing of innocent Ethiopians doesn’t seem to bother you at all. I wonder how you can think of yourself as pro-Ethiopian, and not the enemy of Ethiopian people when these things don’t bother you. (Unless ofcourse, you are one of them – TPLF thugs.)

    It is in light of these situations, that the writer is probing Haile’s recent rubbing shoulders with the treasonous TPLF leader, the dictator – Meles Zenawi. No wonder, the hate that Most Ethiopians have for the dictator is rubbing off on to Haile. But it is not too late for Haile. He can choose to stand with the people, and not with the murderers.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    What’s your point? He appeared at EPRDF’S meeting, so what? Is that why you start bashing him?

  8. Shame on africans
    | #8

    Mr Tomy , take it easy. leave ethiopians affairs for ethiopians and do your job ion kenya. Our country and our people had done everything to free the other africans from white colonization, at the end of the day ethiopia and it’s children do not have a single friend from other africans , but we have enough white enemies because of you. Saddly enough you go and check every dirty african’s prison house, you will get 100 of ethiopians . It is really shame how haile is went down to the earth and gave a gift for the cannerious enemy of mother ethiopia.meles has killed more than 3,000,000 innocent amharas in different ways. The son of banda deservesa tinny rope like saddam. Shame on you haile. you were ethiopia’s golden son and our hereo. now you became a part and a parcel of ethiopia’s enemies. Mlese’s days are counting down. if you give your t-shirt for street children, God can help you any where. Meles has already thrown your t-shirt in his ass. You berayed ethiopia and ethiopia’e ppl, that is why you lost new york’s marathon.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    @Tomy Samburu
    I do not agree with this inscet comment. It would be great to make your point in a better way.

  10. Seba
    | #10

    Tomy is not Kenyan or any other African but Woyu woyane. He is just Jabbering non-sense becuse his stomcah is full of the Ethiopians blood. And so is Gobena.

    No doubt Haile has good history as far as running. But remember any talent with no ethics and moral values is useless even dangerous. For whatever reason he did it, Haile has made a huge mistake when he associated himself with the killers.

    Thank you!

  11. T. Goshu
    | #11

    Patriotism, heroism and prominance manifest themselves in various forms at a certain period of time. As far as the real/true senses of these terms are concerned, we are takling about a genuine and unwavering contributions and sacrifices for the well-being of the generations to come. I strongly beleive our Athletes have played very,very great role in promoting the image of our country to a certain degree. Isaid a certain degree because our country is still known as a povrty-striken nation that cannot be defended by athletic victories. However, we hope our athlete will continue to do so in regestering a more fantastic victory. The bigest acheiver, Halie G/Selassie desrves great respect as far as his athletic history is concerned.

    However,the very great acievement in athletics cannot give him an unconditional license to give unqualified support to a ruling circle that is determined to stay in power by any means including terrorizing the very innocent people of Ethiopia and destroying the very survival of the nation itself. His involvement in the “council of elders” which severely damaged our great tradtion of “Shemgilina”, and his recent dirty tail -waging political dance at the conference of the rulin party have caused an enormous negative impact on his reputation as an athlete. I do not understand why he volunteered himself to be part of the dirty political game?? I do not want to speculate that he might have been the victim of an exccessive love for earthly wealth, or an ambition to take over one of the palace politics – Grand/Minilk or National Place. Any way , I strongly reject the arguement of my fellow Ethiopians who want to tell us that critisizng or condemning Haile for his wrong behavior is a kind of taboo.

  12. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #12

    I think this hero of ours should be kept off limits to those who are now on his case for one political reason or another. Leave him alone!!!!

  13. Ethio
    | #13

    some of said ‘leave him. How can we leave him , he admire the killer melese? he should be stay away from pltics or support woyane. we Knew Haile won by the name of Ethiopia. let me ask you one Question? if there is no money did halie run? please Haile disassocite from woyane and hodame. mot for Lidetu( kidetu)

  14. ዳግም ከ ጉንቦት ሰባት
    | #14

    who cares? የ ሃይሌ ነገር ወጣ ወጣ እና እንደሸንበቆ ተንከባለለ እንደ ሙቀጫ…በተከበረበት ሃገር በ ውሸት ሽማግሌ ሆኖ ከወያኔ ጋር ተለጥፍዋል ስለዚህ እነ በበኩሌ ህዝብን በይፋ ይቅርታ ካልጠየቀ በቀር ስለዚህ ሰውየ ቁብ የለኝም:: ከወያነም ለይቸ አላየውም የራሱ ጉዳይ ነው::

  15. Werner2010
    | #15

    Shame on you “weregna” Eskinder Nega! Haile is true inspiration a true role model in all aspects of life. He is a hard working, humble and positive person. He is a fair sportsman, and above all, a patriot who made our country and us proud again and again. Now you see an opportunity to attack him, because he had to give up at New York marathon due to knee injury? How low can you people stoop? WEREGNA!!!!

  16. selam
    | #16


  17. It seems unfair
    | #17

    Knowing how the illegitimate, immoral, horrendous criminal and looter Woyane government operates….I cannot even start to imagine the amount of pressure and threat the Ethiopian business men and the world known runner Haile are in by the lawless mafia TPLF group. The cold-blooded killers that have the blood of countless number of Ethiopians can take Haile out in a second and loot everything he has worked hard all his life and the business he has invested in his mother land Ethiopia. Not only Haile, but the rest of non-TPLF Ethiopians are being treated like prisoners of wars and are pressured to make statements in support of tyrant Meles and Co. The single unarmed individual Haile is limited on what he can do and say to tumble the well armed vicious army ….the question is, why aren’t the non-Woyane Ethiopian soldiers turn their guns the tormentors of Ethiopians?

  18. አንበሴ
    | #18

    መታወቅ ያለበት አንድ ነገር አለ:: ኢትዮጵያ ሃገሩን ያከበረ ሕዝቧን ያከበረ ያስከበረ ትናንት ያደረገውን ያልደገመ በአንድ ጀምበር እራሱንም ሆነ ሌላውን ያዋረደ የተዋረደ ብዙ ታይቷል:: ሰለሞን ተካልኝ ዜሮ ዜሮ ዘፍኖ ዜሮ ሆኖ ቀርቷል:: ወያኔዎች የኬጂቢን ዘዴ ተጠቅመው እንደዶሮዋ በመጫኛ ጣሉት:: ይልቁንስ ሌላውም መጠንቀቅ ያሻዋል:: የወያኔዎች አመጣጥ ተቃዋሚ መስለው: እኔ ፖለቲካና ኤሌትሪክ ከሩቁ ነው ብለው ሃገር ተሻሻለ ፎቅ ተሰራ ይሉናል: ፎቁ ስር ዳቦ እንጀራ አጥቶ እዚያው ደርቆ እንዲሞት የተደረገው: እስር ቤት አንድ ጊዜ ብቻ እንዲበላ ያውም ቁራሽ ተሰጥቶት አዳክመው በ ኬጂቢ ዘዴ ታሞ ሞተ የሚባለው ዋ ስንቱ?
    ለዚህች ምስኪን ሃግር ብዙሃን ሃቀኞች እንደተከበሩ ስለሃብት ስለገንዘብ ሳይሉ ሞተውላታል ቆስለውላታል አሁንም እየሞቱላትና እየደሙላት ያሉትን ያህል በቁማቸውም በማያውቁት ሆዳቸው ነገር ገብተው ማፈሪያ የሆኑ ግለሰቦች እንዳሉ አይዘነጋም እየታየም ነው:: በሃይሌ ገብረስላሴም ይሁን በሌላ ዘዴ ወያኔዎች ብዙ ነገር ሊጠቀሙና ሊያታልሉ እንደሚችሉ በብዙ መንገድ እየታየ ያለ ጉዳይ ነው::
    ሃይሌ ሃገራችንን በአለም ስላስጠራ ሲሳሳት ደግሞ ዓአይ ቀጥልበት ግፋበት አይባልም:: ተሳስተሃልና ተው ቢባል ምንም ማለት አይደለም::
    አንድ ነጋዴ የደረሰበትን ግፍ ወዳጃችን ከአዲስ አበባ እንዲህ አውግቶናል::
    ፋሽስት ወያኔዎቻዲሱ ዘዴያቸው; በተለይም የገንዘብ ገቢው ዳጎስ ያለውን በአድራሻው የፋሽስት ወያኔ አባልነት ደብዳቤና ፎርም ይልካሉና ለኔም ደረሰኝና ዓአይ እኔ ፖልቲክስ አልፈልግም የሚል ትህትና አድርጌ መለስኩኝ: ዳሩ ግን ወያኔ ትህትና የት ያውቁና ወንበዴዎችም አይደሉ! ተወው ግዴለም በማለት ምክንያት እየፈጠሩ የገንዘብ ታክስ ቅጣት በየምክንያቱ: የሚንገዱ እቃዎችን ማሰርና መውረስ: ያው የኬጂቢን ዘዴ ተያይዘውታልና ሃይሌም እንግዲህ ከመረቡ እንዲወጣ እንደማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ካጠፋ ይወቀሳል::

    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለአለም ትኑር!!!

    ፋሽስት ወያኔዎች: በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የተከበሩና

  19. Shame on africans
    | #19

    Dear , it seems unfair. As I understand from your statement, haile can do any thing to protect his business from tegre’s maffias, for that reason we should leave him alone. My brother / sister, do we really know ethipia is heading towards desintegeration by those tegere’s crowards? how could you build a huge wealthy on the ship which is heading down to earth because of it’s engine defect?Birtukan was a professional judge with good salary, but when meles tried to put his dirty pressure on her , she left her job because she knows the ethiopia’s people who gave her free education a right to have good service. Prof asrat was aproffessional medical doctor. He did not put his hand one over the other and watch when ethiopians slaughted like animals. He gave his life . So what is exceptional for haile? haile is an athlet. but he should do his share in the struggle against aparthiede system and save ethiopia from further destruction.ADD salt on injury , haile has already started to insult our people. in his interview last time” le lemate sibale botachihun lekeku sibalu enbi yemilu sewoch yasekeugnal, ye ethiopia hizb woyi butetowun awuleko metal alebete woyim kene butetowu menore alebeta” haile said it. but on the other hand when people asked him to take at least one parent less child from street and take care of her or him he said to openly ” I am not NGO” Who gave him free education and free sprot training? the ethiopia people.were the ethiopia people NGO TO GIVE HIM FREE EDUCATION AND TRAINING? Haile gave his T- shirt for genocider meles who has genetically inheritred hatred for Amhara and ethiopiawinet. Haile said ” meles is international recoginized PM . he had meeting with G8 groups? so what? His pervious success in sport should not and will not immunity. He is on the wrong track and he should never assocaite him self with the x- separatists and the current self appointed illegal ” governement apartus. Haile is an athlet , but not a war zone hereo. we should say no for all those who are trying to push our ppl away and join to the criminal maffias group. TPLP is not jsut a separatists group. it was and still it is anti ethiopia elements.

  20. Shame on africans
    | #20

    Tommy, think like human being , but not like monkey .

  21. Excellent
    | #21

    Haile is the only clean investor in the country and his money is a clean money, Nothing is hidden behind Haile’s wealth, this is what I like about him.

    However Haile has done grave mistakes and lack integrity of his personalty when it comes that he is a public figure.
    He seriously insult the Ethiopian people by rewarding a murder, a dictator. This is inconceivable mistake done by Haile. I also doubt his role as a Shimagle, hhe is merely worth no more than a puppet. In addition I think he is only good in business as investors and runner. He would have been more appreciated had he been stayed only to the things he was good at, now he has done all irreversible damages to his own personality unless he ask for excuse.

  22. Zelalemawi
    | #22

    Haile is really a great athlete. He did a lot for his country and the world of athletics. But, one can clearly see that associating himself with woyane one way or the other, will definitely damage his reputation. I have great respect for Haile. I respect his right to support or oppose whatever he wants. He should know, however, that he is living in a country where he can not speak his mind. He can say whatever positive he thinks about woyane, but let him utter something negative about woyane and he will see the consequences. So it is better for him to stay away from politics or if he is involved let him be honest for his conscious and be ready for the consequences.

  23. It seems unfair
    | #23

    My point is that people say anything to save their lives and their family lives when they are threatened. Blame dictator Meles and the TPLF terrorists that are terrorizing over 75 million Ethiopians.

  24. አንበሴ
    | #24

    ፋሽስት ወያኔዎች በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የተከበሩና የተወደዱትን ሁሉ ሰለባቸው ማድረጋቸው አይቀሬ ነውና ተዋርዶ ከመኖር ለነጻነታችን የሚደረገውን ተጋድሎ ቅድሚያ መስጠት ዓላማችን ነው::
    ኃይሌም እራሱን ለማውጣት ቢፍጨረጨርም እንኳ የኬጂቢ ዘዴ በፋሽስት ወያኔዎች ሳይደገስለት አይቀርምና የድላችን ቀን እውነቱን ይናገራል ብለን እናምናለን::

    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለአለም ትኑር!!
    ወንበዴዎች ይውደሙ!!!

  25. Shame on africans
    | #25

    werener2010, ante hodam banda atarefem. ye ethiopia guday anten yemiyagebah ayimeselegnim. banda. weregna ante neh. enkindere yetawoke teru ethiopiawi newu. ante gene merekogna neh.

  26. Mesfin G.
    | #26

    Milions used to love you,now… stay in your resort.

  27. Werner2010
    | #27

    @Shame on…
    Telba binCHaCHa band MuQeCHa. Haile is famous all over the world for his positive attitude, inspiring personality and unique talent. That is the whole difference between Haile and his lazy weregna critiques. It is shocking to see, that this humble person has so many people who envy his success and wish him ill. Anyway, Miqegna atasaTagn, ’cause envy seems to be the Habesha way of acknowledging somebody’s success.

  28. Tomy Samburu
    | #28

    Well done Haile. You must prepare for London. Show the world again what you can. An empty drum makes the bigest sound. So also stingy fools are making big nose. Forget all these bunch of useless beasts. They are jealous. That is it. They have cried wolf. Do not mind them.
    The big quetion is Who is responsible for the misery of the the Ethiopian people?
    Those who were henchmen of Mengistu Haile Mariam and of the present butcher of Addis Mr.Zenawi are the grave diger of the Ethiopian people.
    It is quiet true that ancient Ethiopians till 1974 were the torch bearer of Africa and all black people in the world.
    However, when Ethiopia started to be ruled and destroyed like Uganda and Cenral Africa by wild animals, a handful of barbaric elites who were and are serving their American and European masters, Ethiopia ceased to exist and lost its significance.

    Kenya is giving safty and security to so many thasusend Ethiopian and
    Somali refugiess. Hence you better keep quite.
    The truth of the matter is that those of you who killed innocent Ethiopians are hiding in America and Europe. From there you are making big noise. for example When China is bulidling road in Africa you condemn it. Because your paymasters tell and focre you to promote their geoplotical intersts. You are Judas.
    Above all so many Persons such as Ali Hassen, Abiyu Geleta, Tamirat Layene, etc. etc who have blood in their hands are hiding in North America and Europe. Who is not guilty?
    At all, You do not have any moral standrads to accuse Haile Gebreselase.
    Haile is an African and Ethiopian hero.
    Hand off from Haile the Great!

  29. It seems unfair
    | #29

    #19, 20 &25,
    If you haven’t read it, please do so. This article confirmed exactly what I suspected Haile is going through with the unlawful corrupted TPLF. My heart goes out for Haile and the likes of him who earned their money lawfully without robbing poor Ethiopians.


  30. Selam
    | #30

    How about your screen name?????

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