The Mother of All Crises – by Yinegal Belachew

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Are you unsure of your role in life? Do you feel like you don’t know the ‘real you’? If you answer ‘yes’ to the previous questions, you may be experiencing an identity crisis. According to Erikson, an identity crisis is a time of intensive analysis and exploration of different ways of looking at oneself. Erikson’s interest in identity began in childhood. Raised Jewish, Erikson appeared very Scandinavian and often felt that he was an outsider of both groups. …(

“Identity crisis is the failure to achieve ego identity during adolescence”. The term was coined by the psychologist Erik Erikson. The stage in which identity crisis may occur is called the Identity Cohesion versus Role Confusion stage. During this stage of adolescence, we are faced with physical growth, sexual maturation, and integrating our ideas of ourselves and about what others think of us. We form our self-image and endure the task of resolving the crisis of our basic ego identity. Successful resolution of the crisis depends on one’s progress through previous developmental stages, centering on issues such as trust, autonomy, and initiative.

Those who emerge from this stage with a strong sense of identity are well equipped to face adulthood with confidence and certainty. “Those who fail to achieve a cohesive identity-who experience an identity crisis-will exhibit a confusion of roles,” not knowing who they are, where they belong, or where they want to go. This sort of unresolved crisis leaves individuals struggling to “find themselves.” They may go on to seek a negative identity, which may involve crime or drugs or the inability to make defining choices about the future. (
… the identity crisis is not restricted to adolescence and the emergence into adulthood. It can occur at any time, and many people label the midlife crisis as a crisis of identity. Some people find their values, choices, or paths inappropriate after major life changes like a divorce. Furthermore, nations and communities can suffer these crises too as they grow or respond to major changes. How a culture identifies itself and what it wants and holds dear can be part of a national identity crisis that may take a while to resolve and may be somewhat constantly in flux.( (emphasis added)
Dear readers,
Have you ever questioned yourselves as where we Ethiopians are heading in terms of the title I am trying to write about now? Hasn’t it worried you when you happen to see a great number of Ethiopians nowadays, in or out of the country, trying to change their identity and thereby suffering a lot due to the fact that they are smashed or sandwiched between uncompromisingly opposite identities? Have you ever noticed clashes of identities within an individual during which the old identity fails to accept the new, and the new one would refuse to percolate into the mind of its new ‘client’ and thereby the psychological conflict leads the victim to take negative reactions? Have you ever observed Ato ‘Ambachew’ painstakingly parroting the accent of the Americans while communicating in English in a bid to cover his Gojame accent of this same language? Have you noticed W/t Tiringo of the Gonder province meticulously pasting her body a white paint and changing the color of her hair into blonde just to look like her American and European ‘counterparts’? Have you ever seen the way most youngsters act in clothing themselves after watching some movies dumped to Ethiopia from the ‘civilized world’? Have you observed the void-ness of few contemporary political and religious leaders? The Pope in jeans, the priest in suits, the Prime Minister in an artificial body complexion, etc? Have you noticed that almost every guest of the Amharic Shows or any TV or radio programs speaks neither Amharic nor English, but just an
amorphous pidgin or a sort of Creole which is confounding and nearly not understandable especially by the majority of the peasantry? Have you observed people when they refuse to be interviewed in English, apparently for the reason that they don’t have good command in that language, but when they are let to speak in the language they know, they wrongly, for example misplacing an adverb for an adjective or a noun for a verb, use English in an intention to declare that they are from the group of the ‘intellectuals’? Do you feel how a big number of us, Ethiopians, are getting off the right track? Where are we heading to? Where will this crisis take us all? Where has that biblical saying gone? Doesn’t the Bible say, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?”( Jeremiah 13:23) What would have Jeremiah written now had he been given a second chance to rewrite his part of the contribution to the Old Testament? May I help him? “Depending on the cruelty and immoral leadership of the kings they are given, Ethiopians can change their skin and may be tempted to keep silence when shrewd politicians use any divisive means for the sustenance of their power, but unlike them, a leopard can never change its spots for ever.”(Yinegal 0:00)
Dear Ethiopians all over the world,
Please give me your slightest attention and ‘listen’ to me awhile.
Truth be told, we are absolutely immersed in a slough of national and spiritual decadence, mis or dis-thanks to the current leaders of the Woyanne who are themselves suffering from identity crisis from the time they were born. In some instances, this crisis, like, for example, the case of Meles Zenawi, goes back to their parents and grandparents. We all know that the father of PM Meles was suffering from an ostracism imposed by the people of that time at his locality. According to some traditional historians, it is that psychological scar of Asres’ family, which was impregnated into the infant Meles by his father that has become an impetus to what he is vigorously doing to his optimal capacity in order to take revenge on Ethiopia and her people. As a matter of bad luck, since the time the reins of the government and the scepter of the papacy had gone into the hands of Meles and his kinsman Abba Gebremedhin, aka Abba Paulos, respectively, the country along with the majority of the population have been crying in all walks of their life in the past twenty years or so. This historic curse that has been manifested through Meles and his handpicked cronies has imposed an enormous destruction the country’s post history has never witnessed in a recorded manner. The destruction is multifaceted and deep-rooted. To my dismay, and may be to the dismay of many other Ethiopians, the over all depravity this system has inflicted upon Ethiopia doesn’t seem to have any way out within an imaginable span of time unless there is some sort of miraculous intervention, be it from above or from below. I would like to bounce a question I was asked by Elias Kifle of the Ethiopian Review:
His question: What other option do you suggest? How long are we going to keep complaining about what Woyanne does and actually do some thing about it?
His question puzzled me a lot and I couldn’t give him an outright answer off hand. And hence I simply gave him this short reply: This is difficult question.
Try your best to forward anything as an answer to this outstandingly tough question.
To come to the crisis issue, when we see especially the young people everywhere, they look neither Ethiopians nor the identity they wishfully claim to have. It is a pity that Ethiopia is producing such citizens that are without definite identity. This crisis is I think the most dangerous one and must be the biggest cavern in which all other crises are hatched and dispensed free of charge especially to poor nations like that of ours so that they will never attain any form of prosperity and remain beggars everlastingly, praying for the existence of wheat donations from the USA and Canada. A person who is struck by identity crisis is nothing but a stooge of all cruel and negative forces which do not
hesitate to commit any crime or evil that men on earth could possibly do. We are living witnesses in this regard. And I don’t think, unless the leaders of the so called civilized world come to their conscience and make reconciliation with God, whom they claim to trust in Him, fictitiously though, we will ever be emancipated from their burdens of which Meles is one. He is one of the whips the ‘civilized’ world has to lash the poor countries and make them a tool of comparison between their technological advancements and our backwardness as well as use them as a scarecrow to frighten their people in case they happen to revolt. Our planet is amazing, eh?
Meles Zenawi escorted by his Eritrean and Tigrian compatriots along with some gluttonous gullibles from other nationalities launched the Great Campaign of destroying Ethiopia in his childhood. That age of his, about 19 or so, was basically hardly enough to enable him to mobilize people to liberate a country from the shackles of the then dictatorial regime. Most of us guess that unless certain extraterrestrial negative energy had prompted Meles and his friends in the start of their liberation movement in the mid ‘70s, which took various names until finally the acronym ‘TPLF’ was endorsed, those children whose motto was and still is destroying Ethiopia couldn’t possibly have the power to topple the Ethiopian government(s) which had and will always have mass support more significantly than any political system which is supposed to be alien to the soil and the people of the country by and large, when and if such holistic systems come into being, in fact. Especially after the Woyanne’s ethnocentric political divide and rule system was put in place under the Ethiopian sky, everything became corrupted like a virus does corrupt documents in our PCs. As a matter of chance, a document in our PC, which may become corrupted by a virus, could easily be retrieved by an IT technician so long as he is equipped with the necessary expertise. But when we come to the viruses of Ethiopia, the Woyannes, to date, it seems that no antivirus has been developed that could clean or in the worst scenario delete these most dangerous germs or viruses before they totally deface our country from the surface of the earth. These viruses are rather widening their attack in the outside world and nearly controlling what they want through their hypnotizing agent, that agent being the MONEY they loot or plunder from the quasi empty treasury of the poorest Sub-Saharan nation. And it is wonderful when we see these ruffians being welcomed in a glamorous way while going abroad to participate in the so called G- prefixed or other global conferences; as it they are elected by people; as if they are democrats; as if they are not ‘sitting’ on the throne for over 20 years which in terms of ‘terms’ in those years about five presidents could have served their country had the case been, for example, in the US. This is the world we live in any how. If Mr. Cat is in harmony with Emperor Lion, it can be the king of all Tigers and Tigers have no right to disobey His Excellency Mr. Cat, for his rule has won the blessing of Chief the Honorable King of King Animals, His Majesty Emperor Lion. George Orwell has stated everything in his prophetic books which should be enshrined in the hearts of all oppressed people of the world.
Where is justice then? Where is democracy? Where is fairness? Where is the phrase, ‘In God we trust’? Ah! I guess the western powers should clean their house before the wrath of God will have visited them, in any way He may be pleased. Frankly speaking, of all the countries on this relatively small and criminal planet, it is ETHIOPIA that has been hurt most by the conspiracy of the western bloc, not only today but also from time immemorial. We are not idiots; neither are we foolish; we know everything what has been going on to demolish this historically rich country. And at the end of the day, we beautifully know that no one will be benefited out of the destruction of this country. We know that Ethiopia was one of the four nations in the world which were beacons of ancient civilization in the time wherein the US itself had not been conceived even in the minds of the Anglo-Saxons and other Europeans. And we know that there is time for history to redo and undo what has been done and redone in the past as has been the same for centuries. There is time to cry as there is time also to make merry; there is time to plant as there is time to uproot; the Book has it all already. Though it seems, there is nothing new. Yesterday will come tomorrow, as today was
yesterday. But let’s all know this that to misuse the opportunity we have at our disposal is the gravest mistake we can ever do in our lifespan.
Well, let’s come to the crisis stuff. Meles Zenawi is out rightly a victim of identity crisis. I hope he knows it perfectly. He doesn’t want to call even the term ‘ETHIOPIA’ unless he is forced to do so in some critical occasions. When he does, he calls this name in a hostile and emotionally gloomy manner in a bid to achieving certain strategic advantages that help him control the attention of some foolish people who don’t know or don’t want to know his real who-ness.
Some years back, he used to say he was Yemeni. Actually, it goes without saying that he doesn’t hesitate to claim any identity as far as it helps him attain certain benefits. He can go to the extent of saying, “I am an angel who am here to redeem the people of the world from the American corporatocracy,” if he deems to be saying this is vitally important for any material or other profit. We know well Meles and he also knows us, Ethiopians. He has never said ‘I am Ethiopian.’ And the populace understands that he is neither Ethiopian nor Eritrean, though subconsciously he may identify himself with his own creation of the new Eritrea. Practically, this man belongs to none. And as a matter of fact, we cannot call a person with an identity they deny openly. He is “Ethiopian” as long as he is at Arat Kilo in Menelik’s Palace. It is because of his identity crisis that:
A. He will never and ever leave the Palace without being forced by any form of resistance including but not solely dependent upon arm struggle. And the so called national elections don’t work out to chase him out of the cave he is hiding, for he doesn’t have any country to live and quite certainly he will fight to the last breath. He is simply a villain or scoundrel who does everything to live only the day at his disposal. He doesn’t want to bother about tomorrow. His motto is ‘let tomorrow bother about itself.’ If a demonized person doesn’t have anything to worry about other than the accomplishment of their devilish mission, it is the responsibility of the subjects under suppression to get rid of that draconic creature which is surviving feeding on their flesh and blood.
B. He is not sympathetic of Ethiopia and Ethiopians wherever they live whatever problems they encounter and to whatever degree they suffer, as long as his throne is maintained at any cost. Apparently, now Meles is spending almost the lion’s share of the national income of the country, which could otherwise be invested to alleviate poverty and minimize unemployment to a certain degree, to keep him safe and sustain his atrocious regime known for taking brutal measures upon the people he claims to be ‘his’. A sort of historical irony is on the scene in Ethiopia the legacy of which will horrifyingly be remembered by the future generations.
C. He is selling out the arable land of the country to foreigners at any price they delineate or offer, for he is not sure how much time he has left to stay in power. He is always ready to give any territorial land to whomever demands. In this regard, it is a public secret that the Sudan has taken her share of the pie and hopefully others will follow suit to have theirs. As long as Meles is in power, countries like Benin and Burkina Faso or Tunisia and South Africa or even the Solomon Islands and Seychelles can also submit their demand of Ethiopian territory and they will be given. The bible of Meles says, “Ask any size of land from Ethiopia while I am in power, you’ll be bestowed.” Laughable part of Planet Earth led by laughable offspring of cursed ancestors!
D. As mentioned earlier, he has changed his color to something abnormal to his natural facial and body appearances in a bid to ascertain that his skin is not as black as that of the majority of Ethiopians. By doing so, his hidden intention is sending a message that he is not Ethiopian as such. We can verify this by comparing his modest chocolate color before he became the Emperor with what he looks like now due to an agglomeration of cosmetics on his anatomically crooked physical fixture.
E. He has been and will always remain to be the major enemy of Ethiopia. He kills her citizens indefinitely especially if he is afraid of certain sections of the population would rise against him any time. He always feels threatened and lives in a state of psychological inebriety for fear of
the consequence of what he does on a regular basis to impoverish the people and debase the country. His fear of the unknown has made him psychopathic and due to that he is forced to lead restless life with the help of tranquilizers which could be depressant or stimulant as the case may be. The effects of those tranquilizers are also felt in the daily life of the country and the people alike in such a way that many exotically far fetched decrees, fiats, directives, circulars, new rules and regulations, etc. are issued or declared to make citizens shrinking to the level of pondering what to eat next, leave alone thinking democracy and other luxuries. Leaders like Meles and Id Amin or Bokassa never sleep in peace (i.e., peace in their own context) unless they get maximum satisfaction out of the suffering from the uproar of the subjects under their hellish rule.
F. Meles knows that he cannot survive without the reign of terror in the country and that is an indicative of the fact that he is suffering from the aforesaid identity crisis, though some other nationalistic leaders share this poor quality of governance to attain some ill motivated advantages such as staying in power for a longer period of time through state of emergency rules. As a matter of fact, a leader who loves his people never tries to take advantage of the agony of the people of his country.
What about the rest of us? Are we free of this pandemic?
Go to Bole Road in Addis. You will see empty people trying vainly to be like the ‘Ferenjis’, in everything: the way they are donned; the manner they walk and talk; the names they give to their business firms or kindergartens or schools or colleges or what have you. I wonder when a Habesha man gives a name to their college, ‘Colorado Dynamic College of Medicines.’ Imagine the setting and the name of the institution. Imagine to what extent it is enslavement if a parent gives an admonition to his children not to speak in vernacular languages other than English. There are countless absurdities nowadays in Ethiopia which indicate that we are against our culture and tradition. If you purposely perambulate in Addis, you will see many funny things that don’t have any Ethiopian fragrance and tell the myopic shallowness of individuals who do have but don’t know that they have and hence suffer a lot in an imaginary world of their own creation that doesn’t satisfy their whims and never belongs to their level of consciousness either.
Dear Readers,
We are nearly lost almost in everything, thanks to the leadership of Napoleonic Comrade Meles Zenawi. I cannot guess how many years we need to bring about normalcy and come to our own Ethiopian-ness, suppose we secure our liberation, say, tomorrow by any miracle and get freed from the fetters of these amoral beings, I mean our so called leaders who are devoid of any human element. They can crow about now, that they have carried out their plan of diminishing Ethiopia into a jail of more than 80 million people under the patronage Hermann Cohen and his successors.
As my final point, please have a look at the following advertisement which I copied it from one flyer.
FOR US BY US ¾U”Muƒ Ñ>²? Å`d;M
What do you understand of this advert? In my case, almost nothing! The ones who wrote this advert could use either of the languages instead of mixing up both meaninglessly. What do they mean? Does it mean that they are expressing their level of education and their good command of both languages in a single sentence? Does it mean that they are ‘short’ of words in Amharic to mean ‘ —¨< K—¨< ¾U”Muƒ Ñ>²? Å`d;M’? What kind of advanced artistic contribution could one expect from such a seemingly nonentity? When we observe many instances, especially the young generation is pitiably attracted by and submerged into the quagmire of imitation, unnecessarily though, and as a result they are exposed to lead an artificial life that has willy-nilly been imported
from the so called developed world. Understandably, we are invaded by all the spears of western paraphernalia through films and magazines that could purposely be spread by the Woyanne’s government to cull the national spirit of the young generation and leave the country without anyone to takeover in the long run. Whether you believe it or not the empirical situation in the country is verily disheartening and alarming.
The crisis we face in terms of finance or anything like that may go off some day and the overall consequence is not that much devastative. But how can you remove the identity crisis after it has once taken place among the cream part of the society? Could there be any rehabilitation centre that can accommodate millions of people who have gone off course morally, religiously, and most of all those who have lost their traces of genuine Ethiopian nationality? What is the solution? How can we stop this disease before it corrodes and breaks all the fibers we have had in common as Ethiopians???????????????????????????????????
I know question marks never help! But Let the Almighty interfere amongst us and let Him do what is best to us, possibly within a short period of time before we all are gone for good.
God Bless Ethiopia!

  1. Chelmo Aykerm
    | #1

    fantastic piece of writing that tells the reality of the current ethiopia.the problems mentioned here in this article are our headaches for the last good number of decades. It is difficult to deal this problems nowadays. Any how lets try to do our best in tesching our children not to abandon their history and their identity.

  2. ted
    | #2

    We are all doomed. we have never been so low in our self-esteem that we mimick everything foreign in our daily lives. I call this a slow but tragic death of a great culture that once was the envy of many in the world.

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