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I am for national reconciliation. I am for dialogue. Whatever authority I have, I will use it to that end. I hope people will support me,” said, the noble lady from myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Unencumbered by bitterness, matured by suffering, energized by rationality in concert with practicality, and anchored on the love of her people, this mature

politician has fully internalized the power of dialogue, and the potency of conversation in the heat of a national crisis.

There is a lesson for us Ethiopians, a historic people who have fought wars, tolerated famines, and must surely be willing to give dialogue a chance to bring us together and triumph over the corrosive effect of ethnic and counter

The decisive advise of Dr. Ghelawdewos must encourage us all to enter into the deep recesses of our rational hearts and invite the prevailing regime to come to the roundtable of dialogue and aim at establishing a concentric circle of themes that we must address to save our nation.

I appeal to us Ethiopian to establish forums of national reconciliation globally and invite and encourage Ethiopians to discuss the future of our nation. All views including the viability of armed resistance can and must be freely discussed in the agora of the free market of ideas.

The official opposition members and the silent Ethiopian majority ought to come to these forums and discuss anything that would move our beloved Ethiopia forward in an atmosphere of freedom without domination.

At the end the leaders of the opposition must invite the Prime Minister to participate in the reconciliation movement.

The time is now. Reconciliation is long and life is short.

  1. Shimelis
    | #1

    How can we reconcil with Gelaudios Araya while he is telling us Bahrdar, Nazeriet and Awassa are better benefitted than Tigrai under the barbaric rule of Woyane? Mulich yale kihidet like the mother of falshood, Zenawi.

    Reconcilation comes from truth and regret, not falsehood and henious acts. How can we reconcile with people who are killing children? How can we reconcil with supporters of those killers like Gelaudios Araya?

  2. Yinegal Belachew
    | #2

    Dear Tewodros Kiros, I am not naturally pessimist, but believe me Meles Zenawi will never bend to any negotiation; he would rather die than accept any deal. He is a devoted ignorant and naturally spoiled creature who cannot understand what is good and bad except following his own caprices.
    However, I appreciate your intention through which you expressed your good wish to our country in such a way that Ethiopia would come out of her agonizing chronic problems if all feuding parties could come to the epicenter and discuss the national issue in a peaceful and win-win manner, like other parties of the ‘civilized’ world do.

  3. annonymous
    | #3

    Why should a man that controls 99.6% control of the national assembly agree to negotiate? Meles has betrayed CUD in 2006. It is therefore foolish to think that Meles is a credible person. The timing is also bad. It is intended to disarm the democratic movement in the Diaspora.
    If Meles was a man of peace, he would have resolved his conflict with Medrek.

  4. Ambasel
    | #4

    What kind of reconciliation are you talking about? With people committing extra ordinary crime against the people of Ethiopia and the very existence of our sovereign country (Ethiopia).

    The people you are supporting (Woyannes) are pushing the proud nation of Ethiopia to the verge of extreme poverty never had seen in the history of man kind; they are selling our huge fertile lands for peoples said to be inverters from all over the world and Sudan; they are looting the domestic wealth of the nation and huge amount of money flown from international community for the last 20 years and they built far more sophisticated cities in Tigray and accumulated the rest in foreign banks in the name of themselves and families. During Woyane regime life in Ethiopia is totally a nightmare scenario.

    So do you know feel frightened when the ICC director Dr———- speak out the truth.

    Weather you believe it or not you and your families will pay the price. the decades of misery of the Ethiopian nation will cost the lives of many TIGRIANS.

    Just wait for any eventuality.


  5. aha!
    | #5

    The struggle for unity, territorial integrity. sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal and /or social democracy is on and continuing in a peaceful and/or armed struggle. The need is not reconcilliation with the a regime that did not see any cause for reconcilliation and or/negotiations to induce free and fair election. the need is for all teletafi parties and loyalist opposition parties and their supporters to do soul searching and abandon ethnic and secessionist poloticis and/or policies for Ethiopianism and Ethiopian national interests and/or national agenda and unite over the common goals and strategies for the above mentioned goals to get rid of the multi-layer, hierachical political model of TPLF/eprdf regime and its mirror images to freedom and liberty of of the silent majority of Ethiopians. This the only pragmatic and scientific problem solving formula/model for Ethiopia for Ethiopia to advance in the 21st Century, but not a patch work of reconcilliation even the agressor agrees to seat in a table for negotiations and reconcilliation. Enough of this vague philosophy of reconcilliationwhen there are tens of thousands of political supporters in concentration camps.

  6. koster
    | #6

    Saddam Hussien, Mengistu and all other dictators did not reconciled with what they consider their “enemies”. They will only eliminate their enemies or they will be eliminated. It is very unfortunate but that is the real character of tyrant whether he is “friendly tyrant” like Meles or tyrant like Mengistu or Saddam Hussien.

  7. peace
    | #7

    I have no idea somehow people like the author of this article try to ridicule us.What a nonsense notion to tell people to invite the murder for reconciliation.
    No where in the world at this moment of history exist a killer who is massacring its own country people. In fact I wouldn’t say his Ethiopian as he never claimed to be Ethiopian.
    I know his is from Ethiopian in flesh but not his spirit.

  8. Werner2010
    | #8

    For a successful reconciliation, one should accept that others may have other convictions than one’s own, and not always assume that you have “the silent majority” behind you. A couple of months ago in Europe some opposition thugs have tried to hinder us from entering a conference hall, and they were shouting threats and insults at us. Most of us were just Ethiopian and other professionals that were interested in investing and working in Ethiopia. The gathering was chaired by the Ethiopian ambassador in that country, and the topic was investment opportunities in Ethiopia.
    How can you imagine reconciliation with these people who are so sure of having the monopoly of truth over everything? Rosa Luxemburg had once said: “Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.” Ethiopians (government supporters and opposition alike) seem to be unable of tolerating dissent, and this shows great deficiency of democratic culture.
    Look at what Ato Yinegal wrote above about the Prime Minister: “a devoted ignorant and naturally spoiled creature who cannot understand what is good and bad…” Why should anyone care to negotiate or reconcile, when you start out calling him “ignorant” and “creature”!?

  9. Yinegal Belachew
    | #9

    OH! Werner2010, I am afraid if I am quoted properly here above in your comment. That is my view, not of the writer of the article nor other Ethiopians who shout for negotiation with this stupid vampire who has come to this country under the flesh of human beings for his satanic goals of dismantling ETHIOPIA and thereby suck every material opportunity and political & diplomatic advantages as well. It is I, Yinegal, who ‘started’ or would prefer to call this tyrant ‘ignorant’ and ‘spoiled creature’, not anyone or everyone as you tried to mean, though impliedly. I therefore I beg your pardon to adjust things accordingly, have you got me Mr or Ms Werner2010? With an utmost respect.

  10. Lucy
    | #10

    werner. our were there to fill your big belly with charge. There is no single filed for any geninue investor in ethiopia. In the first place there is no ethiopia’s embassay any where. they are TPLF’s speaking tools. As we see from it’s name “TPLF” was a seapratist group who sold food aid and caused for the death of 1m innocent ethiopians in tegray. meles and his gang group must be eradicated from the face of the earth by force. We have seen so many negiotation tnx to folk efrem and other idiots.

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