To Kinjit leaders – The True Disciples of Democracy

July 21st, 2007 Print Print Email Email

In November 2006, I wrote an article indicating that true disciples of democracy should be free. Finally, eight months later you are free. Ethiopians and the international community are rejoicing your release. For the moment we don’t need to know the conditions of your release, because the wider world knows that you committed no crime. What is important for now is your safe exit from the dilapidated prison cells of Kaliti.

All of you suffered on our behalf and on behalf of democracy, human rights and rule of law. The mother of all illegal falsifications was made against you. Melese’s kangaroo court has passed consequential verdicts without an iota of proof and justification. A miscarriage of justice has been done on you and your families. It is time to leave all this behind and move forward. Your captors are slow learners of truth who do not know that truth and dawn shine by the hour, by the day and
by the year. You are the true disciples of democracy, who should have been free yesterday and not today. The Ethiopian people and the international community owe you millions.

You need some space to regurgitate your memoirs. Celebrate your freedom with your loved ones. After that we will talk business. We have of a lot unfinished business. Ethiopians in Ethiopia and around the world await your sustained leadership and cooperation with enthusiasm.

From Merkato to Adigerat, Gondar to Gimbi, Metekel to Ogden, Dessie to Gambella, Bahir Dar to Yabelo, Emdibir to Dirdewa, Illubabor to Asmara, Arbamich to Assela, Jimma to Nekemit, Asseb to Metema, Addis Ababa to Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Greenland all are delight. So welcome back.

The Struggle for freedom and democracy continues

Aie Zi Guo

July 20, 2007

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